How long does it take for BSIS to respond to a CA applicant?

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Paul in La Mesa, California

31 months ago

I have a petty theft misdemeanor that is 3 years old; it was expunged 6 months ago. I mailed in my application yesterday. ( 10/23/2012) - I also didn't lie on the application.

How long did it take for you to get a response from BSIS?
Will a conviction slow it down?

BSIS in Sacramento, California

31 months ago

Two things. If you mailed the application instead of using he online application it can take several weeks. All past convictions are reviewed on an applicant by applicant basis and are viewed in their own context. That review can also slow down the process.

Contact us on our Facebook page at and we will see if we can locate your application to possibly speed up the process.

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