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Updated 3 days ago

"Child Protective Specialists" Job Interview Questions. - 702 Replies

Hi I interview for a CPS position a few days ago and was wondering how long it would take before hearing something back. I did very well on the...


Updated 14 days ago

Failed the LMSW exam 3-times. I am stuck! - 738 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lauren Nel in West Columbia, South Carolina"]HI laura, I posted a few questions I created to help others understand ways of dissecting...


Updated 14 days ago

Leaving the field - 560 Replies

$62 an hour is still pretty good and even if your overhead is a third of that, you're still doing well. I noticed when I went through a family...


Updated 14 days ago

Is social work a bad idea? - 11 Replies

I AGREE 100% I worked as an ABA therapist for 2 years and I was burnt out fairly quickly. I'm now pursuing a career as a chef. Anything but social...


Updated 20 days ago

Social Work in South Africa - 622 Replies

Hi, I am a first year student at UNISA so I would like to know if its possible that I can get hired as a social work,and if so how? please reply on...


Finish up social work MSW or switch to Respiratory Therapy?

Im 30/yr old male and living in NYC. Im currently finishing up the associates for Human services. im planning to get my Bachelors and masters in...

Jury 14

Updated 1 month ago

So scared about finding a decent job after graduation - 1 Reply

A Masters? Well, good luck to you. Your best bet is to try NJ (I hear it's better there). Or you may have to move south!


Updated 1 month ago

Best place in the US for a social worker to live? - 397 Replies

Thank you clawsnlegs for replying. I have contacted the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners as this is where my family and I are intending on moving...


Child Protective Specialist List 4317

Hello, I received a letter in the mail saying that I am number 75 on Child Protective Specialist List 4317. I took this test in June 2014 I...

Danielle Lynee

Social Work vs Marriage and Family Therapy vs Occupational Therapy?

I am interested in hearing from anyone who works or has worked in these fields. I am a career changer who was a librarian for 8 years. (I have a...


Updated 1 month ago

Career transition from social work field - 376 Replies

[QUOTE who="Pam in Arlington Heights, Illinois"]I am confused. So, if an LCSW after they spend two years as an LSW/MSW can work as a counselor, then...


Updated 2 months ago

other career fields similar to social work? - 33 Replies

I have been in Social Work for about 10 years and I feel burned out. I love working with clients but by the time I come home in the evening I am...

MSW Student Intern

Student Internahip in the Houston Metropolitan Area

I am a full-time case manager for an agency that provides residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities. I am also currently in...


Updated 2 months ago

becoming a social worker in ny - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="kaitlyn in West Babylon, New York"]I want to become a Social worker. But I am having trouble with my next steps. I currently have an...


Updated 2 months ago

International Social Work suggestions? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Claire in Birmingham, United Kingdom"]Hi Matt, I noticed you posted on here over a year ago. I am also interested in doing international...


Updated 2 months ago

Social Work Abroad with US Degree - 134 Replies

Hi Megan I'm currently studying in my first yr. did you ever fulfill your dream? As that is also my goal.. Although LCSW still doesn't exist over...


Updated 2 months ago

Best steps to get a state job? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Myleswally in Hartford, Connecticut"]Hi all, My name is Myles and have probably one of the biggest mysterious questions that answer,...


Updated 3 months ago

How to train as a social worker - 37 Replies

I have an MSW and it was a tough degree to get considering I worked full time and have a family. Working and interning was TOUGH but I made it. I...


Updated 3 months ago

Contract position doing home studies for adoption agency? - 1 Reply

Hi, did you end up taking this position? I'm interested in finding something like this near me but haven't come across any open positions. Interested...


thinking of working in England and wondering if my LMSW will transfer

Hi all, I am originally from England but grew up in the US. I have a LMSW over here and I am planning on moving back to England, Merseyside area in...


Any canadian social workers working in Massachusetts???

I would love to hear your experience!! Planning to make the move and having a hard time finding a job!


Where can I find courses for e-therapy?

Does anyone know where I can find CEU courses related to e-therapy? I am interested in exploring the tele-mental health field as a possible...


Updated 3 months ago

Prospective Social Worker - 1 Reply

It's going to depend on the licensing laws in your state. However, you will most likely require a BSW degree in order to be licensed at the...


Updated 5 months ago

looking to switch out of social work - 7 Replies

Hi, I just graduated with my Master's in social work back in May and shortly after relocated with my husband to San Francisco from Memphis. I have...

Deb Thompson

Updated 5 months ago

Moving to the US from the UK... - 1 Reply

I am sorry that I don't have an answer to your question but wanted to say I wish I could just swap places with you! I am an American social worker...


Updated 5 months ago

LBSW Exam - 3 Replies

looking for social work job in WELLNESS/. LMSW Any leads? I would really appreciate it.

On the MSW boat in Studio City, California

Updated 6 months ago

thoughts on Social Work PhD degrees - 236 Replies

Hi everyone, I am currently finishing up a MS in Human Services. I am planning on going to school again to get my MSW and become a LCSW, but I...

Sonia Anthony in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

Social Work in America - 68 Replies

I have a BSW with 10 years experience in Australia. I've easily located agencies to assist in working in the UK that help with getting your visa and...

lmc in Torrington, Connecticut

school social worker

Hi all, I currently work as a clinician in a group home for adolescent males on the autism spectrum with PTSD. I am looking to switch up my career...

deedee1124 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 months ago

Clueless where to start after graduation... - 1 Reply

Hello, I will be graduating with my MSW next May (I'm two years through a 3 year program) and I will have a specialization in child and family...

puzzled in Newton, North Carolina

Updated 7 months ago

What should I major in? - 4 Replies

I am currently going to a community college but I want to become a social worker and help others. I plan to transfer to a four year university in...

MSW in May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

Finding a job in USA - 2 Replies

Dear everyone, how are you guys going...I'm a Singaporean Indian currently finishing up my MSW degree in Australia and was wondering whether I could...

MSW in May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

MSW graduate - Seeking a job that provides livable income - 2 Replies

Greetings all, I am a MSW graduate, and have worked in the field making around $30,000. I found it very difficult to survive on that income. My...

MSW in May 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

MSW and gaining experience - 1 Reply

What's the best way to gain experience in social work? I have a BA degree and would like to apply to some MSW programs. I have zero experience. I...

EndlessJoy in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

please help - 1 Reply

can anyone suggest something to me. I feel so lost and am in tears. Please if you have suggestions let me know. As of now my family is holding...

puzzled in Newton, North Carolina


I am a new graduate of an MSW program. I have been on several interview (approx.4) They all have said they have had more qualified candidates. It... in South Africa

Updated 7 months ago

registering with saccp - 2 Replies

mi name is thakane, i live in Lesotho, i graduated in the 2008 from the university of Lesotho. i have since worked with the gov of Lesotho so i now...

Virginia in Long Beach, California

Updated 8 months ago

Does North Carolina have comity with California for LCSW? - 1 Reply

I have a California LCSW and I just moved to Chapel Hill. On the website for the Board in NC, it says they do it case by case. Any recent folks... in North Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 8 months ago

Are there ANY good careers in social work anymore? - 1 Reply

Social work has always been my dream, but I haven't read many good things about it anymore. My ultimate goal was always to get a Master's Degree so...

j in Rosemead, California

Updated 8 months ago

SWK - 1 Reply

I am a social worker who has a DUI from the past, but it is presenting a barrier in locating employment, any suggestions? I have obtained a...

recentBSWgrad in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 8 months ago

Jobs in the field with only a BSW - 5 Replies

Hello, I want to go into the field of Social Work, however I'm curious as to the opportunities available for those with only a BSW. One thing I...

reneegavin in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

School trying to persuade me to go for Degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services

Is anyone familiar with this degree? I am assuming it is just another title for social work, which means I would have to get a Master's degree in...

MilaBab in Piscataway, New Jersey

Updated 9 months ago

Should I continue with graduate school to get my MSW? - 5 Replies

I'm graduating in May, but the applications for graduate school is due around January. My field of interest is in geriatrics. Should I continue on...

Pukka in Bronx, New York

Seeking clinical supervision

I am an LMSW and hold an Integrated Mental Health Addictions Treatment Training certification with 10+ years experience in the mental health/social...

MAB in Roselle, Illinois

how to apply to out of state social work jobs?

I currently work as an in home counselor in Chicago. I am in the process of getting my LCSW (I started in February) however i plan on moving to Los...

MAB in Roselle, Illinois

Social work jobs in California

I currently work as an in home counselor in Chicago. I am in the process of getting my LCSW (I started in February) however i plan on moving to Los...

Lello in New York

Updated 9 months ago

Timeline to apply for the LCSW - 4 Replies

I have graduated and got my MSW in early 2011 and it's been already more than three years since then. I started to work right after graduation in...

parul in Delhi, India

Updated 9 months ago

B.S.W in USA after a degree in psychology? - 4 Replies

Hey everyone, I am getting my psychology undergrad degree this year from the UK. However, I am hoping to go into Social work in the future, and...

Jen in Zachary, Louisiana

Updated 9 months ago

Stressed new graduate lookig for a social work job - 344 Replies

Does anyone else feel that when you are just starting out every potential employer wants you to have experience? The problem is that you can't gain... in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 9 months ago

Obtaining a LCSW - 1 Reply

I am working on getting into the Army National Guard as a social worker however o need to get my LCSW or LISW. I live I Washington state and have my...

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