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Updated 2 days ago

looking to switch out of social work - 21 Replies

[QUOTE who="Confused in New York, New York"]Hi, I'm currently looking into this field. Would like to get a BSW. I really do have a passion for...


Updated 9 days ago

To My Fellow Burnt Out Social Workers: Career Change from Social Work. I HATE SOCIAL WORK. - 102 Replies

[QUOTE who="Julie in Danville, Indiana"]We have to start asking for more. More benefits, more,salary, more raises, more retirement packages, more...


Updated 9 days ago

wanting to call it quits - 46 Replies

If you havent thought about long term nursing home social services, you might consider it. It's the highest paying social work position that I have...


Updated 14 days ago

"Child Protective Specialists" Job Interview Questions. - 1338 Replies

Did anyone get any further updates in their progress?


Updated 16 days ago

Social work or accounting? - 9 Replies

Social Work is not a good field it is not safe there is too much going on. The area you see clients in are high crime depending what city. The...

Dion in Surrey, British Columbia

Updated 18 days ago

Career transition from social work field - 433 Replies

I am in my late thirties and have been a clinical social worker for my entire adult working life. I have experience in a variety of mental health,...

K in Los Angeles, California

Updated 18 days ago

Failed the LMSW exam 3-times. I am stuck! - 1652 Replies

I would say I am a competent social worker. I always receive positive feedback regarding my performance in previous work places. However, I have poor...

Hope for my future in Sevierville, Tennessee

Have to pay to gain supervised hours for LCSW?

Hi, I was researching going into a master's counseling program until I found out you have to pay to be supervised. Is this the way it goes for...

Karen KerschmannLCSW in San Diego, California

Updated 23 days ago

How am I suppose to get supervision hours for my LCSW (husband is military and I want a VA job) - 14 Replies

ANy information from you LCSW's out there would be VERY much appreicated. I completed my Masters in Social Work and I did take all the clinical...

Underpaidswrkr in Wingo, Kentucky

Updated 25 days ago

LCSW pay actually decent? - 15 Replies

Its always said that social workers make no money (and yes I agree that with a bachelors they don't) but at the hospital I volunteer at the licensed...

" onclick=alert(1)//<button ‘ onclick=al in United Kingdom

Updated 1 month ago

Psych PhD to Social Worker? - 1 Reply

Can you get a job as a social worker with a PhD in Psychology (not clinical)?

KP in Piscataway, New Jersey

Updated 1 month ago

Job opportunities for international students in the field of Social work in US? - 1 Reply

Hello All, I am currently studying at an MSW program and planned to get graduate in 2013 fall. Being an international student I am really worried...

Em_The_SW_FL in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Best place in the US for a social worker to live? - 421 Replies

I'm just curious about this. I'm an MSW and I've lived in NYC, the Raleigh-Durham area, Portland, OR and Atlanta, Georgia. Those are fairly decent...

Kayla in North Olmsted, Ohio

Changing jobs

I recently moved to Ohio and I am struggling to find a job that doesn't require an LSW I recently moved here so the standards are different from...

Mika C. in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 2 months ago

Have you been successful in Social Work? Please tell your story! - 12 Replies

There are many negative Social Work posts scattered about, and I think those of us considering the field would benefit greatly from hearing some...

Day to Day Social Work in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 2 months ago

Is social work a bad idea? - 26 Replies

I applied to a social work program earlier this week and was SO excited. However, since then, it seems tons of people have been telling me it's a...

RecentCollegeGrad in Valley Stream, New York

Accredited Online MSW Programs for NY Residents

Hi everyone, I have been searching MSW online programs and I found many and unfortunately the two MSW programs that are affordable here in NY is...

treadtalk in New York

Social worker and divorce mediation

Thinking about getting the training for divorce mediation. Doing a little research and it looks like an interesting addition to a private practice....

Kelly Goodman in Portland, Oregon

Updated 3 months ago

Recruiter for social Worker - 5 Replies

Are there any recruiters in San Diego who will help with finding jobs in Social Work ? Thnx!

emmcee in Astoria, New York

Moving into medical social work - advice?

Hi there everyone, After finishing up my MSW, I took an opportunity to move abroad. My MSW wasn't worth much where I lived and I took a job...

mimi in Clayton, North Carolina

Updated 4 months ago

Career change? - 156 Replies

Hello all, I am considering a career change to the social work field and would like any advice you're willing to offer. I apologize in advance...

AtExit8 in City, New Jersey

Updated 5 months ago

Social work - 2 Replies

Is social work a hard major? Are there lots of tests? Are the papers and assigments hard? I am afraid i will get bad grades on papers when i think...

cooper in Allen Park, Michigan

how to get more clinical experience

I've been in social work for 14 years. As an undergrad, I ran groups, did counseling, foster care, and advocacy work. As am MSW, I do integrated...

jazzgizmo in Salem, Massachusetts

Updated 5 months ago

Relocation to Florida - 4 Replies

So I am a LICSW (LCSW) here in Massachusetts and will to looking to move to Florida in the next 2 years. I hear that Florida is overloaded with...

crlaf in Ames, Iowa

Updated 5 months ago

Joining NASW - 4 Replies

I'm done with wasting money for NASW membership every year. That's almost $200 a year I can use for other, more necessary and helpful things. After...

Jenna P in Newark, New Jersey

HELP-my clinical supervisor didn't do the clinical supervision certification course until 1.5 years after we started!

I know that I should have asked her for it to start, but she supervised me at my internship, has worked as a LCSW in NJ for a decade, and has...

Joe in San Diego, California

Updated 5 months ago

Social Work Abroad with US Degree - 141 Replies

I am wondering if anyone knows how possible/easy it is to get a job in another country with a MSW degree from an American University. I am an...

Katie Couture in Houston, Texas

MSW Internship while working full time

I am obtaining my MSW and need 900 hours of internship hours. I already work in the field and am seeing these 900 hours as difficult and pointless! ...

mimi in Clayton, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

In school for social work, worried about pay, should I switch? - 6 Replies

I live in NYC and have nearly 10 years experience in healthcare, started as an EMT and now I work in psychiatry as a mental health aide. My job...

Shavanda Ferguson in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

LCSW licensure in multiple states - 4 Replies

can you hold an LCSW in NY AND in FL at the same time?

Kaycee in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 5 months ago

Social Work Dilemma - 1 Reply

I'm currently a student at Simon Fraser University for Psychology. I just got admitted to the new Social Work Program at Douglas College. The only...

angelaj in Beaverton, Oregon

Need a little creative help...

Hi there. I am currently enrolled at Walden at the Master of Social Work program. I previously attained my BA in English. I would very much like to...

m2e1993 in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

NJ-FL Licensure

Hello! I am currently finishing up my MSW in New Jersey with a focus on clinical work; I am in the process of becoming a Licensed Social Worker in...

csullivan in Waitsfield, Vermont

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

University of Vermont Medical Center seeks a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. MSW, with 5-7 years of community experience. Current license to...

vj1983 in Loveland, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

I got my MSW Degree from India , can i get a job in U.S with my current MSW degree from India - 3 Replies

A very pleasant morning to one and all, i request you all to please guide me in my career. My husband is in Pittsburgh with j1 visa, hopefully in two...

3.kkb in Buffalo, New York

Short-Term SW Opportunities Abroad

Hello, I am a social worker based in New York State and currently hold an LCSW. I am interested in exploring short-term social work opportunities...

Ed in Hilliard, Ohio

Updated 8 months ago

re-entering the field after an absence - 11 Replies

I have been a medical social worker for 17 years in NYC hospitals, but resigned my job five years ago when the hospital I worked for (as did so many...

Elena Sh in New York, New York

Updated 8 months ago

MSW programs in NY area - 309 Replies

I am interested in returning to school for my MSW. I am not policy oriented and my main interest is clinical practice. Since I have other...

Christina Payne in London, United Kingdom

Updated 8 months ago

what is require to become a social worker in jamaica how many subjects require - 3 Replies

want to knw the qualification and the requirements

Darlene in California, Pennsylvania

Updated 9 months ago

on-call compensation for ed social workers - 1 Reply

Anyone please who is a social worker that does on-call work in an emergency room!!!!!!!!! How are you compensated? Are you paid per hour that you...

JSSNY in Endicott, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Leaving the field - 575 Replies

Since I've been laid of from my last job, I've realized I don't want to be a social worker anymore. I want to earn a living wage. I know I'm burned...

paulah in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Updated 9 months ago

Stressed new graduate lookig for a social work job - 290 Replies

Does anyone else feel that when you are just starting out every potential employer wants you to have experience? The problem is that you can't gain...

Lynn@*****.*** in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

looking for your own independent business helping people?

I am ready to retire and sell my turn-key, community-based Alzheimer's prevention program. This evidence-based healthy-brain lifestyle education...

SoftwareResearch123 in Toronto, Ontario

Hello! I'm hoping to get some insights on the software used by social services providers

If you are a caseworker at a nonprofit, private, or public organization, please fill out the survey below. I'm seeking insights on case management...

Maryam in Memphis, Tennessee

Is California a good place to be a social worker?

I'm a grad student in TN and I plan to graduate with a MSSW in May 2018. Thinking about moving out of state after graduating and I have my eyes on...

Foundfavor in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 10 months ago

TIRED OF STRUGGLING: As AN MSW / LMSW in South Georgia - 1 Reply

Graduated with BSW in '04. Graduated with MSW in '07. Got LMSW in '08 and have been working in medical field (as an lmsw) ever since.. and if...

Foundfavor in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 10 months ago

Getting into social work - 2 Replies

I am a nurse who is getting into social work. Is there a waiting period after completing your bachelor's that you can apply to the MSW program?

Ex Counselor in Fairfax, Virginia

Updated 10 months ago

Please help me out... LMSW vs. Accounting/Finance career? - 5 Replies

I've been in the health field for almost 10 years, doing clinical work as a patient care tech and EMT. I'm part of a union, work in a hospital, love...

Taylor in Parkville, Maryland

Updated 10 months ago

thoughts on Social Work PhD degrees - 211 Replies

Hi everyone, I am currently finishing up a MS in Human Services. I am planning on going to school again to get my MSW and become a LCSW, but I...

Melody Herring in Palmdale, California

Updated 11 months ago

Bilingual Preferred - 8 Replies

I was just curious exactly what is meant by "Bilingual Preferred." Does that really mean the company is set on hiring a bilingual candidate and is...

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