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Lauren Nel

Updated 15 hours ago

Failed the LMSW exam 3-times. I am stuck! - 955 Replies

Oh ok, I am fully aware of the site. Thanks Laura. This site has become quite "different" since I started. I just think that we all have to see...


Updated 2 days ago

Leaving the field - 564 Replies

[QUOTE who="gnote in Los Angeles, California"]It almost sounds like you answered your own question - why waste your time. Why not go to Public...


Updated 6 days ago

Best place in the US for a social worker to live? - 404 Replies

[QUOTE who="cb in Livonia, Michigan"]Hi i have been considering moving to HI and am also a social worker, however I have just found that Hawaii's...


MSW age limit?

I already have a Master degree but I can't find any project management job. I have nearly 10 years of social work experience so I guess I need a MSW...


Updated 9 days ago

Have you been successful in Social Work? Please tell your story! - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kat in San Francisco, California"]I agree. I graduated last year with my MSW and relocated to SF from Tennessee, only to find that...


Updated 12 days ago

MSW-Job and visa related issues - 2 Replies

hope this gets more responses - i have the same question!

Tom Smiley

Updated 16 days ago

Career as a Social Worker - 8 Replies

Hey, Becky, you should try to get a hold of me on facebook or something.


Updated 17 days ago

Social Work in South Africa - 596 Replies

I have received your email and Thank you very much for getting back to me. Your feedback is very helpful indeed!!


Updated 23 days ago

Social Workers in NYC - 1 Reply

Hi Kat, I created an account just to reply to your comment after I googled 'Australian Social Workers moving to New York'. I am finishing up my...


Updated 1 month ago

Career transition from social work field - 385 Replies

[QUOTE who="Renee in Vancouver, Washington"]Annebc -- I am interested in your comment about the amount of reimbursement for Medicaid clients and...


Social work major for medical school

Would a social work major in the undergrad level (BSW) be a good major for medical school? I'm hoping to major in social work while taking the...


Updated 1 month ago

uphill battle for social work career - 1 Reply

I know what it's like to lack direction. I'm in a similar situation (been through three jobs in the past few months). I've worked in the social...

Mr harry

Jobs with an incomplete Social Work degree

Does anyone know what jobs a person could get with an incomplete MSW and a bachelors in unrelated field (BA). Let's say about 8-10 courses or 24-30...


Updated 1 month ago

MSW or RN - 62 Replies

I have to say I agree with those who have not found job yet. I graduated from ASU in 2014 with degree of BSW, and I'm still looking for job. There is...


Updated 1 month ago

"Child Protective Specialists" Job Interview Questions. - 705 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cbraswell45 in Charlotte, North Carolina"]Hi I interview for a CPS position a few days ago and was wondering how long it would take...

Social Worker 2013 in Jefferson City, Missouri

Updated 2 months ago

Relocation Advice? - 3 Replies

Hey guys. I'll be graduating soon with my Masters in SW and was wondering if anyone has successful relocation stories post-graduation? Did you wait...

Miii&u in Sevierville, Tennessee

Is Social Work a Satisfying Career for an Investigator?

I've been trying to find a career path because I'm going to go back to college soon, and I've decided that, if I want to ENJOY my job, it has to be...

angrymf111 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 2 months ago

To My Fellow Burnt Out Social Workers: Career Change from Social Work. I HATE SOCIAL WORK. - 10 Replies

If you are not a burnt out social worker or counselor, please don't respond. I want this to be an open forum for those who are truly losing their...

Lauren Nel in West Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Is Medical Social Work Worth It? - 4 Replies

Hi, I am considering applying for my MSW, and would like to work for a hospital. Hospitals require LCSWs, so I would need to work under a LCSW...

Lauren Nel in West Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Social Work Jobs (Work from home-Only) - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, As my family and I transition to a new county in Florida I am very interested in working from home with my Bachelors and Masters...

goodmiss10 in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 3 months ago

Should I continue with graduate school to get my MSW? - 7 Replies

I'm graduating in May, but the applications for graduate school is due around January. My field of interest is in geriatrics. Should I continue on...

Lydia in New Albany, Ohio

Updated 3 months ago

Social Work Abroad with US Degree - 138 Replies

I am wondering if anyone knows how possible/easy it is to get a job in another country with a MSW degree from an American University. I am an...

Nurse Rachet in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 3 months ago

LCSW pay actually decent? - 8 Replies

Its always said that social workers make no money (and yes I agree that with a bachelors they don't) but at the hospital I volunteer at the licensed...

Chrissie Mooney in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 3 months ago

Hospice Social Worker - 8 Replies

Hey! So, I was wondering if there were any hospice social workers out there. I have been scanning through the posts on this board and am getting...

sholescurtis in Belfast, Maine

Updated 4 months ago

Jobs in the field with only a BSW - 6 Replies

Hello, I want to go into the field of Social Work, however I'm curious as to the opportunities available for those with only a BSW. One thing I...

Ragz in Chandigarh, India

Nitin is very good

I can't even believe how good Nitin is, what do you guys think?

BLUEGRENSMITH in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 4 months ago

How am I suppose to get supervision hours for my LCSW (husband is military and I want a VA job) - 12 Replies

ANy information from you LCSW's out there would be VERY much appreicated. I completed my Masters in Social Work and I did take all the clinical...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 4 months ago

MA in Human Services - 1 Reply

Hi All, I just completed my BA in psychology and was wondering if I can become a LCSW with a MA in human services. My school doesn't offer MSW...

Relentless in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

How to train as a social worker - 38 Replies

I am wondering if anybody can help me out with advice regarding training. I am a graduate (English not social work) and I currently work with young...

Relentless in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

Is social work a bad idea? - 12 Replies

I applied to a social work program earlier this week and was SO excited. However, since then, it seems tons of people have been telling me it's a...

Relentless in Marietta, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

Finding a social work job doing clinical work - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find opportunities for employment in a clinical setting, preferably with clinical supervision included. I...

Psmith92789 in danbury, Connecticut

Updated 4 months ago

Finish up social work MSW or switch to Respiratory Therapy? - 4 Replies

Im 30/yr old male and living in NYC. Im currently finishing up the associates for Human services. im planning to get my Bachelors and masters in...

urq81 in Albertville, Alabama

Updated 4 months ago

Social Work vs Marriage and Family Therapy vs Occupational Therapy? - 1 Reply

I am interested in hearing from anyone who works or has worked in these fields. I am a career changer who was a librarian for 8 years. (I have a...

Jury 14 in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 6 months ago

So scared about finding a decent job after graduation - 1 Reply

I am graduating with my MSW in May and I have been looking on job boards for jobs locally (Binghamton, NY area) and there is NOTHING. Even in NYC,...

Danielle in New York, New York

Child Protective Specialist List 4317

Hello, I received a letter in the mail saying that I am number 75 on Child Protective Specialist List 4317. I took this test in June 2014 I...

MSW Student Intern in Spring, Texas

Student Internahip in the Houston Metropolitan Area

I am a full-time case manager for an agency that provides residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities. I am also currently in...

Angelam1225 in Canyon Country, California

Updated 7 months ago

becoming a social worker in ny - 2 Replies

I want to become a Social worker. But I am having trouble with my next steps. I currently have an associates degree in Criminal Justice. I know this...

Hanna in Pleasanton, California

Updated 7 months ago

International Social Work suggestions? - 3 Replies

Does anyone have any suggestions about international work with governmental organizations, NGO's, internation aid organizations, humanitarian etc. I...

1andonlyBeppy in Poughkeepsie, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Best steps to get a state job? - 1 Reply

Hi all, My name is Myles and have probably one of the biggest mysterious questions that answer, changes quite often. What are the best steps to...

chelsea in San Jose, California

Updated 8 months ago

Contract position doing home studies for adoption agency? - 1 Reply

Hi All, Does anyone have experience with completing/writing home studies for an adoption agency? I am considering a part-time, contract position...

mongersmom in Ferndale, Michigan

thinking of working in England and wondering if my LMSW will transfer

Hi all, I am originally from England but grew up in the US. I have a LMSW over here and I am planning on moving back to England, Merseyside area in...

Annie in Montréal, Quebec

Any canadian social workers working in Massachusetts???

I would love to hear your experience!! Planning to make the move and having a hard time finding a job!

clawsnlegs in Baltimore, Maryland

Where can I find courses for e-therapy?

Does anyone know where I can find CEU courses related to e-therapy? I am interested in exploring the tele-mental health field as a possible...

clawsnlegs in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 8 months ago

Prospective Social Worker - 1 Reply

Hi All! I am currently a freshman at a New Jersey state school majoring in Secondary Education and History and minoring in Russian Studies. I am...

Kathleen in San Francisco, California

Updated 10 months ago

looking to switch out of social work - 7 Replies

Hi I graduated my BSW. I went into the program with high expectation and came out with so many doubts. I wish I would have listened to my gut and...

Deb Thompson in Frederick, Maryland

Updated 10 months ago

Moving to the US from the UK... - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge/advice on finding a job in the social work field in America as a UK citizen? Am looking to move back (I am...

juarezfoxboy in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 10 months ago

LBSW Exam - 3 Replies

I recently graduated with my bachelors degree in SW. I have taken the license exam twice and plans to do it for the 3rd and hopefully last time. The...

On the MSW boat in Studio City, California

Updated 11 months ago

thoughts on Social Work PhD degrees - 212 Replies

Hi everyone, I am currently finishing up a MS in Human Services. I am planning on going to school again to get my MSW and become a LCSW, but I...

Sonia Anthony in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 12 months ago

Social Work in America - 68 Replies

I have a BSW with 10 years experience in Australia. I've easily located agencies to assist in working in the UK that help with getting your visa and...

lmc in Torrington, Connecticut

school social worker

Hi all, I currently work as a clinician in a group home for adolescent males on the autism spectrum with PTSD. I am looking to switch up my career...

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