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socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 61 months ago

What topics do Social Workers cover, and what topics can a LCSW advise on? Difference between the two? - 5 Replies

What's the difference between a regular MSW, social worker and a LCSW? I know that the LCSW requires an additional 2 years of clinical practice, but...

Zahrah in Chicago, Illinois

MSW student working in the UK or Canada

Hello, I recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth Univ. with my BSW and have now begun an ASP MSW program at the University of Illinois at...

lebomaphoto in Midrand, South Africa

want to know if possible to sturdy SW with S matric certificate at University with computer literate certificate from college.

Am 25yrs now so i want to sturdy SW from next years.Please give me advice to reach my dream job.

Al in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Social Work Job in Africa

I am a graduate with MSW, and M.ED . Social work job in Africa. I am looking for a Social Work Job in Africa. Can someone help as to what I need to...

Ambivalent in Seattle in Seattle, Washington

Updated 62 months ago

Best type of Social Work - 5 Replies

I'm currently in school for Social Work and I was just wondering what types of Social Work I could go into. I'm just curious trying to decide exactly...

Marianne in Freeport, New York

Need help studying for LMS

Looking for a study partner, I've taken the exam 4 times already! I can't find a job to save my life. Anybody have any suggestions?????????????????...

Celeste in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 62 months ago

How to get MSW paid for?? - 4 Replies

Hi! I am currently in school studying psychology for my undergrad degree. I am set on getting my MSW (not sure where yet)... but, I wanted to know...

sighing in Southern, New Jersey

Updated 63 months ago

Finding a school social work job - 1 Reply

I am entering an MSW program at the University of Washington in the fall. Ultimately, I'd like to be an elementary or middle school social worker. ...

eCo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 63 months ago

becoming a social worker - 2 Replies

i wanna become a social worker and im 30 years old is there any way i dont have to go to school for ten years ????

SWAustralia in Perth, Australia

Updated 63 months ago

Wanting to relocate to the US - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm Yoga, currently working in Brisbane, Australia. I've got 2 years experience working in Child Protection here in Australia and was looking...

etml in Chicago, Illinois

Where should I apply (msw)

Many MSW programs have biology requirements and statistic requirements. I never took biology and got a D in stats . I have a 3.05 cumulative and...

TAMUstudent in Dallas, Texas

Is it possible to be a child abuse investigator & child psychologist at the same time?

Also, I'm going to get an MSW, but would I also need to get a PhD to be a licenced psychologist?

hill1940@*****.*** in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Social Worker

I am a Social Worker with a BSW and Graduate courses in Health and Public ADM. I am presently working in Mental Health. Perphaps this is a area to...

lavacreek in Lehi, Utah

cis there reciprocity between Nevada and Utah for LCSW's? I want to go to Utah from Nevada.

I would like to know if I can start a practice in Utah when my LCSW is issued by The State of Nevada. I would like to know soon, if I don't get the...

LCSW in TX in Austin, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

I have some questions about the field and would really appreciate some advice. - 2 Replies

First of all, I want to thank each of you for the wonderful difference you all make in this world. I know people don't go into this field to get...

newman9com in Houston, Texas

Houston Group Homes

What are some of the Juvenile and Mental disability group home companies here in the Houston area? I have experience working in overnight group home...

Dennis Chow in Anonymous Proxy

Updated 64 months ago

Can Social Workers have tattoos? - 1 Reply

I want to get a tattoo (in black and white)about 5 inches in length of two butterflies on the inside of my wrist. Would it look unprofessional?

happiness in Dallas, Texas

Is social work a rewarding career?

I plan to get an MSW and become a social worker that investigates child abuse. Is it a rewarding career? Why are some social workers looked at...

darnell239 in Columbia, South Carolina

NC vs SC LCSW licensure

If anyone can answer this question or has some input please respond. Is it easier to obtain a LCSW/LISW in NC or SC? Please explan your decision. ...

VFB in Lansing, Illinois

Updated 64 months ago

Social Work jobs in North Carolina - 2 Replies

Hello Everyone! If you live and work in North Carolina as a Social Worker, can you tell me how the job market looks for Social Works with a MSW?...

hazel in Dallas, Texas

NYC or Texas, which offers more social work positions?

Out of the 2 regions, in which one is easier to find a job for someone with an MSW?

Ricky Mike in London, United Kingdom

Updated 64 months ago

STUDENT LOAN - 2 Replies

Licensed Social Workers should not have to repay student loans! We do not earn enough to do that! Basically, there needs to be some incentive...

Erica in Dallas, Texas

Social Worker in 2 different places?

Can you be a social worker in the US and in another country? Is it possible to split your time working in American and abroad?

Meo in Davis, California

MFT's get paid more than LCSW's? (California)

Do MFT's get paid more than LCSW's? That's why my friend is insisting, but I thought it was the other way around.

darnell239 in Columbia, South Carolina

school social work

I have an MSW and I interned as a school social worker several years ago. I do have a LMSW but limited experience as social worker although I have...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 65 months ago

Social Worker Salary - 3 Replies

Hi, I am a college student who is torn between becoming an OT and a Social Worker. There are two factors, one being job availability and salary. I...

oregonamy1972 in Albany, Oregon

Updated 65 months ago

Hospital Social Work? - 2 Replies

I've been living abroad for a number of years--had a unique low vision counseling job in an English hospital, which I enjoyed. Now that I'm back in...

annyomus in marietta, Georgia

Updated 65 months ago

Should i get my Masters? - 3 Replies

I have been working as a social worker for 15 years, with a BA degree. As you can imagine my salary is not much, as i work for a non-profit. I know...

goonerkatie in Watford, United Kingdom

English person studying for MSW in California ..........

Hello I was wondering if anyone has any experience in this area before I make a life changing decision :-) I am planning to read for the MSW next...

John hardin in Ashburn, Virginia

Updated 66 months ago

Can I obtain my social worker license with 3 DWIs? - 5 Replies

I recently received a third conviction for Driving While Impaired. I was contemplating applying to an MSW program. Will it be a waste of time or will...

Violett in Burke, Virginia

The best company in order to get good supervision?

What company or area of social work do you think one receives the best supervision? The last company where I worked the supervision is not so...

Violett in Burke, Virginia

30 Supervision Hours Away!

Here's my dilemma: I am 30 supervision hours away from getting my LCSW or LCW. I moved to VA from a different state and I don't want to start a...

berkeleystudent in Winnetka, California

Social Worker and Veteran's Survey

Hi All, I'm a student trying to help a non-profit organization develop an online course to help educate Social Workers on dealing with Military...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 66 months ago

I need a job!!! - 2 Replies

I am a licensed social worker living in a small town in Wisconsin. I have a bachelor's degree and graduated in December of 2004. I have YET to get...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 66 months ago

Social Work Jos in the USA - 1 Reply

Hi can anyone help me??? Am a qualified Social Worker with an MSW from Ireland. Am interested in re-locating preferably to the USA but am not sure...

zelda in San Diego, California

Updated 67 months ago

USC vs SDSU: Does it matter where you get your MSW? - 1 Reply

I have been accepted into USC and San Diego State's MSW programs. Now I am having trouble deciding where I should attend. Does where you got your...

socialwkr in Missouri

Does it matter what your MSW concentration is?

Hi, I will applying to graduate school next year and I'm having trouble deciding what concentration is. It seems most jobs are for Mental...

Sunny in El Macero, California

Updated 67 months ago

Is anyone a LCSW at a hospital? How do you like it? Easy to get a job? - 1 Reply

Is anyone a LCSW at a hospital or hospital-like setting? How stable is the job? Good pay and benefits? Do you like your job? Are there a lot of...

cracker in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Updated 68 months ago

Can a Case Worker Give me Interview Tips? Please? - 8 Replies

I'm applying for a position as a foster care case worker. I have experience with direct care in group foster homes but I am not exactly sure of all...

nicolas in Johannesburg, South Africa

Updated 68 months ago

MSW Career Option Other than Social Worker - 2 Replies

I am currently getting my MSW and I have found that being a clinician or therapist isn't something I would like to do once I have finished. I have...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 68 months ago

How much do LCSW's make? Stable job? - 3 Replies

*How much do LCSW's make? Different sites are saying different things. I want to work in California. *Is there job security in this field? How...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 68 months ago

Salary - 1 Reply

I was wondering what the average salary is for a BSW with 20 yrs. experience working as a Case Manager in an Independent Living Facility

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 68 months ago

I got my MSW Degree from India , can i get a job in U.S with my current MSW degree from India - 1 Reply

A very pleasant morning to one and all, i request you all to please guide me in my career. My husband is in Pittsburgh with j1 visa, hopefully in two...

Lilliput in Nepean, Ontario

Updated 68 months ago

MSW programs in Toronto - 1 Reply

I am thinking of applying to the University of Toronto or Carleton University MSW programs. I have 5 years of experience working in the child...

JETER02 in Elmira, New York

Updated 68 months ago

LCSW in CO Moving home to NYC - 3 Replies

Hello, I'm an LCSW in CO and I'm applying for licensure in NY and am hitting a lot of walls. Any suggestions for SW jobs in NYC w/o licensure?...

Twhite in Florissant, Missouri

Updated 69 months ago

Choosing an MSW - 1 Reply

I've been a lurker on this site for awhile, particularly because I've been debating between a social work PhD and MSW for a couple years (thanks to...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 69 months ago

Other sites for social work jobs - 1 Reply

Indeed is great, but does anyone know any other good sites for finding social work jobs?


Updated 69 months ago

can anyone in the field help me answer some questions - 1 Reply

can anyone become a social worker

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 69 months ago

certificates in mediation or addiction counseling? - 1 Reply

hello, I appreciate any help/info I recieve from experienced sw's in this forum. I am considering going back to school with my eye on LCSW and MSW...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 69 months ago

Jobs/Internships to gain experince in the Field while getting degree - 1 Reply

Hi. I'm currently an undergrad studying Sociology, French and Spanish, and I plan on going to grad school to get my MSW. I was wondering what types...

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