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Elizma Viljoen in Pretoria, South Africa

Social Work needed asap in South-Africa or anywhere around the world.

Good day. I am currently busy with my 3rd year Counseling Psychology exams (I study at the University of South-Africa)and really want to start...

social worker in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 69 months ago

Health Care Setting - 4 Replies

Began working 6 short wks ago as a social worker for a hospital located in Newark,NJ. Our profession is a new career for me. Any advice for a newbie...

Rachel31 in United Kingdom

UK BA social worker looking to work in USA - Would appreciate others experiences

Hi I have a UK BSW and I'm looking to work in the usa, correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it you need a masters to practice social work in...


Updated 69 months ago

LCSW wants federal job in DC area. - 3 Replies

I want to relocate to DC area and want a job with Feds, VA, etc. How difficult is this to get, does anyone have any info?

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 69 months ago

Wanting an international social work job - UK, etc. - 1 Reply

I am graduating from the MSW program in May - interested in working in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, etc...or would LOVE to work in...

ali g. in Pearl City, Hawaii

Updated 69 months ago

MSW Programs, Online or on campus? - 5 Replies

Does anyone have any good ideas about were to find a good online MSW program? Also affordable? Or is there any site out their that helps you pay for...

Carlos in Brampton, Ontario

Updated 70 months ago

MSW grad looking for out-of-the-ordinary job in Toronto - 1 Reply

Hi all, I'm an MSW (master of social work) graduate moving to Toronto this September. I'll be looking for a job, although my problem is that I...

Learning Something New Everyday in Stockton, California

I wanted to know about social work as a career?

I wanted to know everything about being a social worker. I have read on here about working out your own issues, which I will be doing? I have always...

Anna in Yerevan, Armenia

Updated 70 months ago

Social work in USA - 1 Reply

Hi I am really interested in relocating to the USA to live with my sister, I am looking for a social work position but only have a BA in SW, can...

john oneill in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Updated 70 months ago

Now startin a bachelors degree in Social Work, looking to move to U.S eventually. - 1 Reply

Now starting the 3 year BA Social Work in the U.K and plan to live in the U.S after a few years, just curious as to whether my qualification will be...

Sasquatch in Portland, Oregon

Updated 71 months ago

Are there any mental health social work jobs in the Portland, OR area? - 3 Replies

I live in Nashville (why the profile won't let me change it from Brentwood, I don't know), but I'm thinking about relocating for a couple of reasons....

Bernice in Rensselaer, New York

Updated 71 months ago

a case i am haveing trouble with - 17 Replies

I am a social work graduate student at NYU. I was asked to analyze a case and am having trouble with it. I would really love if I could get some...

Deb in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 71 months ago

veteran looking for work - 1 Reply

i am a veteran who graduated from the university of cincinnati in the school of social work with a bsw looking for work

Maudon in Milpitas, California

Updated 71 months ago

Looking to be employed as a Social Worker/ Mental Health Clinician in the United Kingdom - 5 Replies

Hello, I am also trying to find work abroad as a social worker. I graduated with a masters in Counselor Education and am currently employed in an... in Pune, India

Social work - Education of life

Hi, I am Kiran Kamble, M.S.W. (Master of Social work) from Pune University, India. Now i am working in appex training institute of government of...

Gerard Kane in Danbury, Connecticut

Updated 71 months ago

Employer Reference - 1 Reply

I have a former employer who is saying that I am not eligible for rehire. Is this illegal and does this qualify as a bad reference? I left without...

elg in San Diego, California

Updated 73 months ago

Seeking A Social Work Job - 2 Replies

I have a Master of Social Work Degree and several years of experiences in various discipline in the field. I would like to work with either the...

Marnie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 73 months ago

An M.S.W. teaching English abroad? - 2 Replies

Hi all. I will graduate next April with my M.S.W. I currently am working in a Domestic and Sexual Abuse agency, providing counseling to survivors,... in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am interested in a job in social work in Washington, D.C.

I have an MSW, plus and additional 15 credits in psychology, and one course in Nursing. I hve worked in a variety of settings with a variety of...

jill in TN in Smithville, Tennessee

Social work / Case manager

Help I have worked as a case manager and cant find another job with out being a RN I love this type of job but have not been in it long to know how...

Tal in Kirksville, Missouri

Updated 74 months ago

Help!!!!!! What Accreditations Should I Look For in a MSW Program? - 2 Replies

Help!!!!!! What Accreditations Should I Look For in a MSW Program? I am thinking about going to Union University in Jackson, TN (a well...

Kiki in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 75 months ago

Social JusticeL is it lost on this board? - 1 Reply

You know, I just read through this board in hopes of finding some really great discussion on social justice issues and the role that MSWs can do to...

T.Thomas in Conyers, Georgia

LCSW license in Georgia

I have an MSW and am seeking my LCSW license in Georgia. I am currently not working in the capacity of a social worker. I do not have direct contact...

sburgoscruz in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 75 months ago

How Can I Become a Case Manager - I don't have a MSW degree yet? - 4 Replies

I am interested in getting a MSW in Social Work and I want to be sure that I am getting into the right career, before I spend 2 years in school...

vicki in Hollywood, Florida

licensing from another state

I am currently an LCSW and wish to return to NYC where I still hold my LMSW. I am in private practice now and I am about to submit all the paperwork,...

novia in Lugoff, South Carolina

MSW opportunity

Hello. I am the Executive Director of a small adoption agency that focuses on doing home studies and post placement reports for families who adopt...

LynGon in Oviedo, Florida

Interested in becoming a CPI

I am very interested in becominga CPI in the Orlando, Fl area any advice or direction? I have a BS in Public Safety/ Criminal Justice.

Ravan POlk in Greenwood, Mississippi

Updated 77 months ago

Are you interested in becoming a Case Manager? - 1 Reply

Hello: Case Managers needed! Super opportunity in the medicial field ... great pay and benefits! Please respond: tina@synergyhealthcareaffiliates....

Tara in Somerset, New Jersey

Updated 77 months ago

What is it with NJ? - 3 Replies

I moved to NJ three months ago, and have been looking for a SW job ever since. I have experience working as a substance abuse counselor, and with...

re ji jennings in manhattan, New York

are there some good part time bilingual jobs for experienced providers

best possible settings for experienced providers

Kiki in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 77 months ago

Human Services/Social Work License - 1 Reply

I have a degree in Human Services (Evergreen State College in Wa). I have worked as a Social Service Director for 8yrs, but on moving here, they...

medcoder in Caldwell, New Jersey

Opportunity to earn a little extra cash

If you would like to earn a little extra spending money, consider this…We market medical coding software that any medical professional organization...

integirity136 in Norfolk, Virginia

Career Questions

I am considering making a major career change. I wanted to follow up on another posting that I saw on this site. I currently work as a...

Kiki in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 79 months ago

Is Social Work Something i Really Want to get into to? - 3 Replies

It's been two years sense I got my Associates degree, and it's time for me to go back to school for a BA (but in what?), i still have no idea what I...

Kiki in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 79 months ago

Social worker with an MSW - 1 Reply

Hey all, just curious on whats the max a msw can make? I know every area is different but can i get a ballpark guess? Also, being a LISW can they...

Hope this helps in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 80 months ago

Best East Coast graudate programs with a clinical focus - 1 Reply

Hi- I am looking for a strong graduate program in social work with a clinical focus. I would be happy going anywhere in the east coast or...

Pankaj in India

Updated 81 months ago



Ali in Washington, District of Columbia

Best East Coast graudate programs with a clinical focus

Hi- I am looking for a strong graduate program in social work with a clinical focus. I would be happy going anywhere in the east coast or...

social worker in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 81 months ago

I´m social Worker but living in Colombia - 2 Replies

yo proximamente estaré viviendo en New Jersey y estoy investigando acerca de cómo obtener un trabajo relacionado con mi profesión de SOCIAL...

anias in New York, New York

Updated 82 months ago


hi Can someone help me with possible interview questions for a social work interview in a nursing home. I am recent msw graduate having...

sathees raja in coimbatore, India

Special skills for social worker

hai seniors i am new to this forum,let me know what are the special skills is needed to socialworkers, what is difference between social service and...

Jennie in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 82 months ago

MSW , moving to DC, mD - 2 Replies

I just graduated with an MSW and will move to the DC, MD area in 03 weeks. Any iedas about where to apply??

Agata in Gravesend, United Kingdom

I need some help with" Social Care Register application for social workers who trained outside UK..."

Hi all! I'm polish social worker who would like to start career in UK Unfortunately I'm fiding quite difficult to fill up all questionare in...

maria in Brampton, Ontario

social service worker

I am a social service worker looking to relocate to the UK. However, I am not sure what is the equivalent to my SSW Diploma in England. Due to this I...

Dorin in New York, New York

socialwork inernship

I am looking for a social work internship in the bronx or manhattan can any one give me some assistant. I can start right a away. This is my third...

Anissa in Cincinnati, Ohio

Social Work Positions with a Bachelor Degree and LSW in Nashville, TN

I am relocating to the Nashville, TN area June 09, and was interested in any companies that are hiring Social Workers. I am currently a Child...

dolly paul in miami, United States minor outlying islands


Does the "social booking" opt-out only happen once you've made the booking, or during the booking process? If it's after the booking has been made...

dolly paul in miami, United States minor outlying islands


Does the "social booking" opt-out only happen once you've made the booking, or during the booking process? If it's after the booking has been made...

D in Farmingville, New York

Updated 84 months ago

School Social Worker - 1 Reply

I am interested in working as a Social Worker for the NYC Board of Ed. I've been having a difficult time finding openings in the schools. The DOE...

Janice in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Updated 84 months ago

Aging Studies - 7 Replies

I recently graduated with a BSW degree and a certificate in aging. I want to find a job working with older adults, but I do not want to work for less...

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