Best type of Social Work

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Fredaca in Hermanville, Mississippi

101 months ago

How do you study for SW 405 Economic Security and Social welfare

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GARH608 in Jacksonville, North Carolina

72 months ago

I start my bachelors in social work in August and am curious, "what states hire or have the most social workers?" I just became a single mom of 3. However, by the time I graduate with my bachelors my oldest will be heading to college himself. I need to figure out which state to move myself and my younger two children. Being a single mom, I will need to consider the middle and high schools in the area AND the cost of living.

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michael in Placentia, California

67 months ago

Hello, I received my Bachelors in Human Services last year. I want to relocate to Las Cruces NM, anyone from that area that might help me navigate the social services agencies in that city. Anyone that can help me with suggestions, for example possible job openings, where are the best places to work etc..

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bbparker in Dallas, Texas

60 months ago

I'm a LMSW. I've been out of college for five years. I've a physical disability, cerebral palsy. I can't even get an interview.
As soon as the interviewer hears my voice, he or she simply hangs up,
or they tell me something has unexpectedly come up. Of course, I never hear from them again. I'd welcome any reasonable suggestions. I'd earned my undergraduate degree in occupational therapy, and I loved it. However, I sustained a spinal cord contusion and I would not be able to perform all the duties I previously performed.
I do have a very unique and extraordinary comprehension of multiple issues, challenges, also the oppression that society places on individuals without any social power. I grew up around the disabled I acquired a front roll seat to their lives. I'd like to clearly state that despite their adversities many are some of the happiest, joyous and loving people in our society. I've been the recipient of services, and the professional delivering treatment and services. This has given me extensive insight and understanding that many who are receiving services perceive themselves as living in different worlds from the professionals treating them. Different realities allows the professionals working with them, power, control and access to economic security and prosperity that they may never have because of, societal oppression, the manner in which society devalues the disabled, the elderly, women, and the mentally ill. The farther from the norm, one looks, behaves and/or thinks the more they will be rejected by the majority of society. These beliefs, values, and ideas have been in my own words, but many, too many, of my patients/clients have expressed these experiences to me in their own words. I had many patients/clients say to me, "I'm glad you're my therapist! Those other therapists don't have any idea what it is like!" I would really like to market my professional knowledge, interpersonal skills, etc.

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just one in Walled Lake, Michigan

60 months ago

I'm sorry that you have not been able to utilize your degree. I think it is disheartening that in this field, especially, you would encounter such discrimination. I believe that it is alive and well in Social Work though, which is so maddening to me.

I would wonder if you might be able to find a job working with people to help them with their disability benefits - possibly with the state or another non-profit who has need for a benefits counselor. Also, if you haven't already, maybe talk to your college career counselor for some assistance. Sometimes they have leads and networking contacts which could help a little.

If you are discriminated against, I would encourage you to consider calling the EEOC and have them determine (anonymously) whether or not you have a case.

Take care!

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Ambivalent in Seattle in Seattle, Washington

57 months ago

Ever considered private practice? It sounds like you would be an amazing therapist, and there is great need, especially for kids with disabilities and their families! I think you could be very successful in creating your own niche.

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