Career transition from social work field

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Dion in Surrey, British Columbia

1 month ago

Hello. I whole heartedly agree with one thing, there is absolutely NO CARE for the safety of social workers. There is seriously something wrong with organizations that will put the interests of clients over the safety of their own employees. The individuals who so value the outreach component are the ones not doing the outreach, and usually never even see the clients themselves yet they speak so highly about how important outreach is. If it is so important why don't the directors and managers of such organizations doing the outreach themselves?

I been working in residential care in a hospital as a case manager, and after 2 months given them my one month resignation notice. Yup I only survived 3 months! My supervisor was motivating me to make decisions and do things that would put my safety in danger. I had to speak up and have my coworkers and others give me attitude about me not driving individuals, etc that would put my safety in clear risk. When you hear of stories of people being choked from a patient while driving them elsewhere you know what they are telling you to do is risky. I quickly realized no one was really looking out for my safety. Im sorry but being told to wear running shoes if I ever have to run away from a client is ridiculous! I deserve more safety then that. I quit because I don't want any more anxiety/fear on a job. I don't care if I take a pay cut.

We do not see doctors doing outreach, we do not see lawyers doing outreach, we do not see psychiatrists doing outreach. So why social workers? Do we seriously have that little self respect that we are willing to put our lives in dangers for someone else comfort? Doctors are extremely important for patients in treating disease, etc. Yet they still don't do outreach.

Right now I am in private practice in a medical office and I love that. But community social work/hospital social work is just beyond ridiculous. I am going to continue private practice and get my diploma in human resources.

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