Do hospital social workers have to make home visits?

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Ann in Houston, Texas

58 months ago

I am considering going to school to pursue an MSW but I am having serious anxiety regarding my decision. I know that regardless if you are a teacher, nurse,or a social worker there is a high amount of burn out and stress but some people are better fit at handling certain types of stressors than others.

I am a bit of an introvert. I do not mind working hard but there are certain types of working conditions that I know is not suitable for me. I do not want to work in an environment were I have to regularly make home visits, especially alone to dangerous locations. I also do not want to work in an environment were there is a huge lack of structure and rediculous amount of case loads.

Is hospital social work a possible good fit? I understand that the VA is probably one of the better (if not best) work environments but I would like to hear from others who work in a hospital setting as a social worker.

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Kimberly in Far Rockaway, New York

58 months ago

I work as a hospital social worker and generally it does NOT involve making home visits unless you are working for a hospital affiliated mobile crisis team. There are SOME types of hosital social work positions that require home visits, but these are very rare. Also, if the job required home visits, they would have to put that in the job description. If you are introverted, that is fine if that is your personality but you will have to collaborate with your coworkers and you will have to generally be able to make the patients and their families feel comfortable. Do not be afraid about your decision. If you genuinely have a desire to help people that are in crisis, and are compassionate, then you would make a good fit. I advise you to go to the National Associaton of Social Workers, and also read about the various career options for social workers. P.S. I have done home visits for about 3-4 years, and it is really not as bad as people make it seem. Generally the patients appreciated that we visited them in their homes. I live in New York City and we had patients living in the most dangerous projects in Brooklyn and Queens with little incident. I believe that if you decide to pursue the MSW that you will break out of that introverted nature once you begin your internships

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