Is it even worth it?

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El in Bloomington, Indiana

68 months ago

I chose social work as my major for my undergrad.
Unlike many people who chose the field because they like children and helping people, I chose it because I consider myself capable of being rather logical than emotional when working with clients.
I love problem solving, mediating, and hands-on experience.
I also loved that there are many areas I could work within the field.

Sure, there are other reasons that made me choose social work.
I have lived in a house with no electricity, gas, or running water for years.
Everything in the house was repossessed. I have slept in a subway station stairway.
I know how destructive it can be.

But is it really worth it?
The 4 year degree to make what I would make working in a mall store?
and all the time and loan?
The stigma of having one of the worthless degrees? (Apparently employers consider it as the degree that's too easy that nobody can fail at)

I understand that most good heartened social workers aren't in the field for money, but how can I help other people when I got over 20k of debt, car payment, food and rent to stress over?
The only social worker I know, I see him coming home from work, obviously depressed and reaching for the bottles.

I barely got through my first year, working my ass off, juggling work and school. I'm thinking about dropping out of college. I have been for months and months. I thought this was my passion. I still think it is. But I just don't know anymore.

I would greatly appreciate some advice or opinions from the experienced.

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Grnapple in Queens Village, New York

57 months ago

I understand your ambiguity entirely but what else would you do?
If you drop out, your loan repayments will start right away and now without a degree..what is plan b?

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Jacky in Everett, Washington

57 months ago

It sounds like you have been around some negativity? It can be contagious. I have worked in business type environments where the only thing that seems to matter is profit, shallow relationships, and competing with co-workers. Being aggressive, cut-throat, is sometimes encouraged. I found this type of work unfulfilling, abusive and mentally draining.
For me, the core of social work is beautiful. The acts of Empowerment, facilitating positive change, and most of all...kindness, is worth not making loads of money. I can't fix someone's problems, nor do I try. But, what I love doing is showing other humans that I care about them. I listen to them, and always remain positive.
Deciding if its "worth it" is your decision. But, consider your advantages...You somehow survived your prior situation (homeless), and were able to go back to college. That is amazing. So, if anyone could understand others in a similar situation, it would be you.

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