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New grad in Ravenna, Ohio

50 months ago

I graduated May 2012 from a fully accreditted MSW program. I had a 4.0 GPA and even received a scholarship during the program. I had two internships- one year was at a Public Middle School and the other at the local VA Hospital doing Medical Social Work. I recently passed my Clinical test and should be receiving my licensure in the next few weeks. I feel like I worked my BUTT off the last 7-8 years to be a great student... I often worked full-time or part-time and I also have a family. I really feel like I did a lot to do everything right these last two years so get the best and most out of the program I could.

Now- fast forward and I can't find a job. I was supposed to receive a temporary job with the VA but because I was no longer a student I couldn't be placed in the position and they haven't had any openings I'm qualified for. I figured it wouldn't be a huge deal with my grades and recommendations but I've applied to over 65 places and I've only had one call back and one interview (same place). I'm just a little depressed, anxious... I'm just wondering how long it took others to find a job in this market and what advice do you have?

I live in NE Ohio so there's already a TON of unemployment- lots of competition and low wages... I really only need a temporary job- should I just apply for something non-social work related? I feel horrible for asking that- I want to work in the field I went to school but I'm also realistic and I can't go without a job for another month.

Thank you for any advice!

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vejay in Coppell, Texas

49 months ago

Have you tried Big Brother Big Sister? That's a nice place to work.
Also, are you willing to locate? Maybe look at some VA openings around the country...

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NeverGivingUpHope in San Diego, California

49 months ago

Hello New grad,

I am very much in the same boat as you. Still actively pursuing job leads and receiving few callbacks/interviews. I have been told by others who have landed jobs that simply sending in applications and resumes does not cut it anymore with so many people applying for the same positions. It is difficult to really stand out unless you know someone and are personally recommended for the position. If you have the opportunity to do some volunteer work on the side and meet new people in the profession through sites like in order to create connections that is one way to improve your odds. Also, it may help to read career development and networking books on I am just starting to do this now and I am eagerly waiting to see if this helps. Never give up hope and just know you are not alone in this. Wish you the best of luck.

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