on-call compensation for ed social workers

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marie in Nottingham, Maryland

30 months ago

Anyone please who is a social worker that does on-call work in an emergency room!!!!!!!!! How are you compensated? Are you paid per hour that you carry the pager, and then receive a higher rate if you get called in?? What are the compensation rates? Do you not get paid anything unless you are called in? Currently I am a psych ed social worker that gets paid nothing while I am on call, unless I get called in, and then it is only $100.00. I am not paid upon how many people I evaluate or the hour. Just a straight 100. What are others getting?

MW in Rochester, New York

30 months ago

I work in a Psych ED-but we are always in there so we get paid by the hour. I do'nt know what the starting rate is, maybe somewhere around 22/hr? If I am on-call, I don't carry a pager/phone but I need to be available to come in if they are busy and need me. I don't get paid unless I am called.

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