clinical Social Work salary in nyc

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lena05 in Elmont, New York

46 months ago

Hi,I currently have BA degree in psychology, i love the field and want to get into clinical social work. I have done some research and have found some conflicting accounts as to what the expected salary of a social worker in NYC is. Some sites like indeed go up as high as $90,000 others as low as $29,000. Although i obviously am not expecting to get rich off of being a social worker, not interested in the field for money, i would like to know that my advanced degree will allow me to pay back the student loans that i will be incur as well as be able to provide a more or less comfortable life in nyc. Social workers working in nyc, are you happy with your salary and the field in general? thank you in advance for any replies!

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jcslmsw in New York, New York

44 months ago

Hi! I am a social worker in NYC. A lot depends on the cost of your tuition/how much student loan debt you will have. For instance, I think Columbia tuition is about 20k more than Hunter. You would have to work for three years before you can apply for your clinical license in New York State, in an OMH-approved workplace. I would day the average starting salary for an LMSW (Licensed Master of Social Work which you obtain right after graduation) is around $45K. After you obtain your clinical license you can supervise LMSW's and charge for that, as well as see your own clients, so the potential for a much higher income is there. It is also possible that you would get a salary increase at your full time job, but it probably wouldn't be more than 5K or so.
$29 K would be more of a BSW-level salary, or even no degree required.

The entry pay at my organization (for someone with no masters level work experience) is $47K, plus we have excellent benefits/time off and they pay for my metro card every month.

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Lauren in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

44 months ago

I would trust the salary studies done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Comparing my own salary and the salary of others I know, it seems to be the most accurate. In NY clinical social workers make about $57k/year.

You can see the results here:

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