How to get started in the field of addiction treatment??

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Aaron in Milford, Connecticut

49 months ago

I have a BA in Communications and I'm really interested in becoming a councilor/ psychologist with a specialty in drug and alcohol addiction and treatment, with aspirations of opening my own practice at some point in the future... what is the first step in education that I should look into??

Would it be easiest or most practical to look into MSW programs that might specialize more in addiction? Or a separate degree? MSW, then LDAC certification? I want to get the ball rolling ASAP as I am 26 y/o, not getting any younger, and ready to go back to school and get things started....

Employability is a big concern for me and I want to be able to land a decent job ASAP after schooling is complete...

Any info/comments that could help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

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Faith84 in Michigan

49 months ago

Have you researched schools that have the programs that you are interested in? You may have to take some extra classes to fulfull a social science or human service requirement. With your communications degree you may already have some of that. I would research schools that carry what you want to go into and talk to their advisors or program managers and attend information meetings. Some MSW programs have areas where you can concentrate in macro and micro practice. SOme may require additional certificates.

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