I need a job!!!

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bekalyn81 in Bloomer, Wisconsin

65 months ago

I am a licensed social worker living in a small town in Wisconsin. I have a bachelor's degree and graduated in December of 2004. I have YET to get a job in social work, and am looking for advice on what I should do. I have a 4 year old son and live with my boyfriend who is the father of my son. My boyfriend runs a business with his father, and is not at all interested in moving to a bigger city. Our families also live here, and provide us with tremendous support when it comes to watching our son while we are working. Therefore, relocating is not an option.
I am currently working as a bar manager and I also volunteer at a local Adult Day Service program. I have gone to numerous interviews and they all question my lack of experience. I did my internship in college at a juvenile detention center and have also worked with developmentally disabled adults for the past seven years. But my job title has never been social worker so it doesn't seem good enough for anybody that interviews me. How am I supposed to get any experience when nobody will give me that first chance?!!
I have recently developed a business plan for opening my own Adult Day Service program. I have done the research and found that there is a demand for these services in my county. Does anybody have any other ideas for starting my own business as a social worker in a small town?

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Ranaye in Indianapolis, Indiana

65 months ago

I have MANY friends in the field that are LCSW. I am assuming you are very young! That is a wonderful thing, but you will learn it costs more to obtain that degree then what it pays off. However, all of my friends have told me that a BSW does not hold much weight, even if you receive a LSW. If you really want to choose this as a career, you should really consider going back and receive your MSW, then LSW then LCSW.

You can contact my friend, Denise at DCACmoore@comcast.net. I will let her know you may be contacting her. HOpe this helps!

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socialwkr in Missouri

65 months ago


Adult Day Service Programs are a wonderful service to the community!! One of the things I like to think of about the social work degree, is that we can do with what we want to with the degree. As we learned in our social work degrees about community services, you are more than equipped to start your own ADS Program. You have seen the need, done your research, and this what social work is all about! I think that is great.

It is frustrating when applying for jobs and no one gives us a chance! I had that problem after graduating with my MSW (even though I had my BSW for 5 years!!). Everyone wants experience, but without the opportunity...how does one gain experience I asked myself?

Starting your own business sounds wonderful, and with the number of aging and those with disabilities who cannot stay at home unsupervised (but do no want to live in a nursing home), ADS programs are wonderful.

Best of luck to you!

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