Junior software developer - how to get a job in the USA?

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cybergirl in Cluj-napoca, Romania

32 months ago


I am a junior software developer, I have recently finished my studies. Now I am working at a company, developing mobile applications (for Android and iPhone). My dream is to get a job in the USA, especially in New York, just to see, how life is there. So, I mean, to work there for about 4-6 months, not even to be a tourist. Can you give me some advice, where to begin this plan? Which are the programming languages that I should know?

Thank you for your help.

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Cyberboy in Birmingham, United Kingdom

32 months ago

Hi, cybergirl! New York is an amazing place, I've visited it a few years ago and since then my life goal has been to move there! :) Oh, and I also come from Romania btw.

There are good opportunities for many programming languages, so don't focus that much on this. What I think it is essential to become a good programmer is to have strong problem solving skills and to know data structures and algorithms very well -especially graphs-. If you are able to prove that you ace these, then everything should be much easier.

Mobile applications development is a hot field these days so it's great that you already have some experience. I suggest sticking to your job until you are completely sure you acquired the necessary skills to try applying for jobs in The States. Why not move there for good and stay just a couple of months?

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gagan55 in Jammu, India

30 months ago

can we get job even if we don't have any experience as we are freshers so for that what procedure must be followed to grab a job in new york ?

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Prabhakar Undurthi in Hyderabad, India

1 month ago

Glad to know that you want to work in United States, just like me :)
And I also appreciate you have working on iOS, iPhone and andriod.
Yes, there is a straight forward way for people like you to work in USA which includes full visa sponsorship. Sounds like, Awesome, right?
Okay, there is a developer action called Hired, which allow top talented people around the world to work in Silicon Valley. You will get the job and also Visa. Assuming you've a knack of knowledge in coding.

Here are the steps for you :)

: First don't click on this link go straight away to the site and forget to read my valueble suggestions;
Step 1: Visit www.hired.com/dreamjob

step 2: create your developer profile

step 3: apply for validation

step 4: Once it is accepted, then you'll receive invitation to participate in the programming challenge , which quite not easy for an average programmer. Total 5 questions (Algorithms+DS)

step 5: If you pass the coding test, be ready to face one phone interview.(If not? I'm sorry. God should help you next time Or Year.)

NEXT : Choose 5 to 15 top companies and participate in following.
step 6: If you pass, be ready to face one hard technical phone interview.
step 7: If you pass this one too, then get ready to go for in-person interviews. Don't worry they will
sponsor flight tickets and hotels.

Step 8: Once it is done, and you are accepted for a company, then come back to your home and eat an ice cream.

step 9: your salary would be nearly $125K(Seems big right!)

step 10: wait for the fiscal year, they will sponsor your visa

step 11: Didn't I mentioned you'll also get $2000 bonus for Hired.com??

step 12: Now, go to United States

step 13: Say Thanks to me :)

Good Luck with your search :)

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