Ongoing SW Engineer Training

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lross1309 in Chandler, Arizona

52 months ago

I am wondering if any of you know of a good place to get ongoing training for SW engineers in their free time. I am a Software Engineer II (maintenance programming), however my skills are very very specific to the project I have been on for 6 years, and are not very competitive in the outside world, in my opinion. The project is coming to an end and I want to catch up on more modern techniques and languages (SOA, OO, .NET, etc).

I would have been doing this earlier but I was working on my MBA the last 2 years. I got an MBA because it was the easiest path to get one Masters Degree under my belt. I plan on getting many more throughout my lifetime.

I would appreciate any help any of you have to offer.


Dave Aronson in Fairfax, Virginia

45 months ago

You can learn a lot just from free tutorials, blogs, etc. on the web, plus listening to podcasts, going to user group meetings, etc. Some things (especially enterprise-level Java) may be difficult to practice at home, but others are easy. Just to pick one thing, go Google SOA along with some likely terms, such as:

soa tutorial
soa introduction
soa for dummies

I haven't tried it, but you'll probably come up with some excellent hits.

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