Software engineering for nursing

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NursingGal in Evergreen, Colorado

68 months ago

Hello everyone I have a question about software engineering. Correct me if I am wrong. Software engineers actually develop software for companies i.e. Electronic charting for nurses?? Am I right or wrong? Now to my real question. I am working on my Masters in nursing in Informatics (because I love nursing/computers) and I love what electronic medical records (EMR) do for nurses. What I hate about EMR is that it is totally written by people who do not fully understand nursing! I know by any means engineering a program for nurses is not easy. There are so many laws/practices/certain documenting etc. that are necessary to complete nursing documentation. So, what I want to do is become an informatics nurse, but what I also want to do is work with the company...I think merging the two would make for a pretty sweet EMR that is full circle. Nursing is changing daily and to have someone who is a nurse could help develop the software for the programs. I know that it's basically two jobs but I hate our EMRs that are out now. We need more nurses having their hands in the development of them. If I could actually understand the process of developing the software and understand the process of the reasoning for the 'rules' necessary for the doucumentation that would benefit me to become a software engineer? Or should I just stay as an informatics nurse and stay mostly on the nursing side? Advice? Do my questions make sense? Thanks!

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justAsugestion in Fayetteville, Arkansas

68 months ago

"We need more nurses having their hands in the development of them."
Part of the SW eng process is to build software by consulting with end users first. So if you have bad end results either the nurses were not consulted or they were real bad at describing what they needed.

"There are so many laws/practices/certain documenting etc."
That is not anything special, in fact most if not all industries have "laws/practices/certain documenting etc."

The truth is that SW is built for the person who pays for it. So what has most likely happened is that some manager has decided what they want out of the SW and what nurses will have to deal with and that is what developers have been given to work with.

Changing over to SW in your case will not fix the current state of who SW is built for and how it is created, it will most likely make you more cynical when you find out that SW is expensive and complex to develop and cost cutting and security complexity is at the heart of what you see as bad EMR.

That said, go into SW eng and start your own business as a developer, if there is a demand you will be able to sell your product, if not the worst that happens is you waste some time and learn something about the SW world.

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