Why I want to give up Ruby on Rails

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whiterabbit in Fremont, California

59 months ago

3 years ago, when I had very little experience in Ruby on Rails, but was experienced in Java, I had plenty of Rails job opportunities. Now, after I have 3 years experience in Rails and tried almost every tool under the sun, I cannot find a Sr Ruby on Rails job!
- It's perceived as not even a college graduate job, but a high school student job. A monkey can create something working in Rails for $20/hour.
- As it's perceived "easy to learn, hence we don't have to know it", gross incompetence in management. Tools and practices are not known, not understood and badly estimated. I understand that a developer for $20/hour is cheaper then a developer for $50/hour, but is it cheaper to hire 50 monkeys instead of 2 good developers who know what they're doing and can complete the same job?
- Company culture often benefits certain groups while discouraging others. Every ad seems to be crafted to attract young unmarried males. Every time I see an ad where a company offers beer, I wonder if it's because they found a legal way to offer access to alcohol to people under 21.

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andy in Glendale, California

59 months ago

its not the language. Its the computer science major in general.

They prefer to outsource jobs to India. Regardless of any insults you throw to the Indians, the companies will continue their outsourcing to the much much cheaper indian programmers.

I have an indian friend who is earning 750 dollars per month doing c++ programming..imagine that...and $500 per month doing java.

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