Any advice for a frustrated/bored dev?

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Volma in Queens, New York

31 months ago

I am sure this narrative sounds familiar: 40+ year old, still writing code, still capable of getting jobs that pay well (currently making 200K+ as a consultant), but... during 12 years, doing what I am doing has gradually become so boring that, as of now, I can't even stay on a project for more than 6 months. Changing jobs like underwear, not feeling a thing about what I am doing, and it's getting worse and worse.
The funny part is - I feel like I have made tremendous progress as a developer, and am continuing learning and becoming better professional every day. Still enjoy attending developer meetups and conferences. It's just... the work itself is not enjoyable anymore.
It feels like I've overgrown my current role and need to get out. Climbing up the career ladder is not an option - I am not a managerial type, English is not my native language, have poor communication skills, etc.
I suspect I am not alone, and see many disenchanted people in SE, especially in the industry where I currently work.
So what is it? Is it normal to have crises like that, is it going to go away, or should I start thinking about a career change? Are there any maneuvers that I can try to perform without leaving SE completely? Like getting an intern job in some interesting field? Some additional training/degree that may open new directions?
Would love to hear from anybody who has passed through a rough patch like this and can share their experiences. (And sorry for the overdose of negativity in my post, especially to those who aspire careers in IT - I am certainly not trying to generalize my scenario).

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mcsoft in Montreal, Quebec

30 months ago

Sadly, I don't have any answer adressing your problem...

I'm 30 years old and fear of getting where you are right now. Is there some advices you could give me that would help moving toward management position since this is what I would like to do ? Should I go back to school and do some Master in management or a Master in software engineer ?

I'm a certified software engineer which have been hopping from job to job for the last 8 years (2 years each) so I never made it to management / leading role...

Any advice from a 40+ software engineer would be very apreciated since I suppose you've seen several software engineer moving into management position in your career.

Thank you very much!

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NegSoft in Mumbai, India

27 months ago

I am 40+, chose this field only to earn money as when i entered this was the only field from which there was a gate pass to go to USA and make money in $. Conversion was giving much better returns and power to rule Indian needs. This field gave me good return as I bought my own 2BHK at wellknown place in metro city. Came back to India thinking to grow here. India understands only current market trends and if you can't cope up with it then no way to grow. Current new generation is very good at it, where as in mgmt if you need to grow then your network is the only way to climb up. The Industry in India has a lot of politics driven by few long time employees. Ultimately no happiness in what I do now, additionally either you need to climb up or get thrown out once you cross certain experience and age.

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Stephen a smith in Davenport, Florida

3 months ago

C'mon man your making $200 k wtf. Your blessed. From what I hear it doesn't seem like your job is stressful to you. You just seem bored.

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