Job Market for Certified Court Interps: DISMAL !

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Omar in Anaheim, California

48 months ago

In reading thru the threads in the Spanish Interpreter Jobs Forum I notice one constant outstanding theme; all the wanna-be future interps possess a WILDLY INACCURATE picture of how much work there ACTUALLY IS out there!

Maybe it's because they believe the hype of the big money-makers like SCSI that brazenly BS's naive students about how they can make a "killing" off of being a court interpreter. I have news for these gullible suckers: the ONLY ONES making a killing are schools such as SCSI! Off of Y-O-U!

The fact is that court interpreting in CA is a dead-end career nowadays. The courts are BROKE and will continue to be so for at least another decade. In the meantime, they've ceased hiring independent interpreters completely and instead make due with their own staff interpreters. BTW, court staff interpreters find themselves being increasingly loaded with additional duties, they haven't seen a pay raise in about a decade and their working hours keep getting expanded.

In the private field, Spanish interpreter cases have decreased dramatically due to a combination of reasons. There’s an absolute GLUT of recently-certified Spanish interpreters ever since the Judicial Council DUMBED-DOWN the tests. When I became certified only 4 to 6 % of those taking the exam ever passed it. NOW that the test standards have been lowered it’s in the double-digits! The end result of this stupidity was to SWAMP the market with an over-supply of interps at precisely the same time that demand all but DISAPPEARED.

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Omar in Anaheim, California

48 months ago

PS: I forgot to mention one important point: many courts in CA state that they're "hiring" interpreters, but what they're ACTUALLY DOING is building "Eligibility Lists" for use at some imaginary point in time when they estimate that free money from massively overpriced real estate and mortgage fraud will once again flow like rivers of honey thru-out the Land. Good luck with THAT.

At the rate this country is collapsing financially I guess that would mean that hiring will resume once again sometime around the year 2097, give or give several decades.

Problem is, people in America will mostly be speaking Mandarin by then, so Spanish interps will be out of the picture regardless. BTW, the ONLY court-certified interpreters who can look forward to a BRIGHT and SHINEY jobs future will be PRECISELY those capable of interpreting Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian, Thai, and other Asian languages. Los demas a freir churros por idiotas.

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