Interview Preparation

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming special education teacher interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Rita in Longview, Washington

115 months ago

Any tips on interviewing for a special eduation position after teaching special education for 30 years. I am sure questions have changed in 30 years.

Rita in Kelso, Washington

114 months ago

A interview question is what you do if a student is being totally uncompliant/disruptive to the class?
If I can't talk to student quietly in class, and I have assistants, I ask student to come with me for a "Walk and Talk around school. If I am stopped and talking to a student I sit down and have student stand and look down at me as it is less threatening, or we both sit down. I tell student I deal with situations between them with them first before having to contact parents or the principal. If it works and the student comes back to class and is ok, I tell them that they got a "freebie" and we are going to keep it to ourselves, but if it happens again then parents or principal will have to be told about the past incident as well as the current incident. I have them phone their parents with me on a speaker phone. I make them responsible with telling the parent what their behavior is. I tell parents they got a freebie first time, but I have the student bring it to their attention to own the problem now so that the parent will be able to support the teacher and student to continue to show appropriate behavior. I do not send my students out in the hall. They can't learn if they aren't in classroom. I seperate them from group. First time they rejoin the group when they feel they are ready. Second time,I get to choose when they can rejoin the group. Third time, they are seperated from class still in the room for remainder of period and make third attempt time up at lunch recess. If student won't calm down, is threat to self/others I have assistants take all other students out of room and I deal with student or call for help.This time is also made up.
They ask how I get students ready for the WASL? I have gen.ed teachers give me same assessments they use and we do it in the special education room orally/together.
They'll ask how you use gen.ed curriculum in resource room and how you help teachers modify gen.ed curriculum.
Highlighting, read text on tape, etc.

John Petrucci in Las Vegas, Nevada

108 months ago

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