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Loves Surgery in Clinton, Mississippi

Updated 85 months ago

new surgical tech student - 1 Reply

hey I am a new surgical tech student thinking about becoming a traveling tech after I graduate. I'm looking for information such as housing (provided...

Fredo in Granville, New York

Surgical tech requirements for N Carolina

I am wondering if you need to be certified to be a Surgical Tech in North Carolina . I have completed the US Army course for Surgical Tech and was...

TGGR5000 in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 85 months ago

Surgical Tech Job in Houston - 1 Reply

I relocated to Texas, and have been certified as a tech since 2009. But I cannot find a job, does anyone know what hospitals are hiring. I am feeling...

yesenia in Belmont, California

anesthicia tech program in california

hello, does anyone know how to go about to become an anesthetic tech? i've looked on-line, but the programs are in community colleges, they are...

yesenia in Belmont, California

surgical tech program in california

hi, does anyone recommend a program (surg. tech) in CA (bay are preferably)? your response is greatly appreciated!

kekstrom in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 86 months ago

Surgical Tech Jobs - 26 Replies

Anyone currently seeking employment please feel free to forward your resume to . We have many great opportunities across...

mebany in Charleston, South Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

About to give up on Surgical Technology and go back to school - 1 Reply

I graduated from school in Dec 2010. As of yet I have only had one interview and that was just last week. Even then I was given the runaround...

andy in Ormskirk, United Kingdom

ODP Canada

Hi Can anyone tell me if the British ODP qualification is valid in Canada or would I have to do some kind of exam. Is there anyone with this...

anjimarie in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

SCTI - Sarasota County Technical Institute Students! - 3 Replies

Hi everyone. I've been lurking and considering the ST program at SCTI - located in Sarasota, Florida. If you don't know, this is the second most...

ro ro in Odessa, Texas

Awesome New Software!!! check it out!!! "Doctors Procedure Notes"

I found this software on the iTunes Apple Store. Just for Nurses, CST's and Medical Reps. Helps you keep track of Doctors procedures, Instruments and...

anniebaker1979 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 88 months ago

Learning the Surgical Instruments - 9 Replies

Here is a good site for quizzing yourself on basic surgical instruments. Good luck everyone. Jim

DOAM in Houston, Texas

Updated 88 months ago

Surgical Tech Math? - 1 Reply

What type of math are you required to learn in most surgical tech programs/schools? And are the math questions on the test multiple choice?

DOAM in Houston, Texas

Updated 88 months ago

Jobs for New Grads ST's - 1 Reply

I wanted to start something positive on here for a change tired reading all these negative posts here. So here’s a question for every body. Do you...

Lindsay in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin

Updated 88 months ago

certification exam - 4 Replies

I just took my certification exam yesterday and failed by one point...This crushed me, you need a 119 to pass and I got a 118. One point away from...

Surgitech207 in Middletown, New York

Updated 88 months ago

Gloves issue? - 1 Reply

Hi, I know this may sound weird but I just gotta know. Do any STs out there have issues with their gloves in that their hands get "moist" more easily...

Susie CST in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Updated 88 months ago

Do you think it is easy to find a job as a surgical tech right after graduating (without experience)? - 2 Replies

How can you find some placee to work?.....

Brandi in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Updated 88 months ago

What Length of Schooling is Preffered for Surgical Tech? - 1 Reply

Hello, I am looking into a Surgical Tech Program at Pima CC that is accredited by CAAHEP. The program is only a year long (certificate) and I hear...

Lisa in Houston, Texas

Updated 88 months ago

Study guide - 3 Replies

Last year I took the CST exam and missed it by 13 questions. I have been studying pretty consistently for the last month and yesterday ordered a...

honey in Pasadena, California

Updated 88 months ago




Updated 89 months ago

Need an affordable school in Denver - 1 Reply

Hey all, I'm currently working as an anethesia tech at North Suburban in Thornton, CO. I've watched the tech's here and it seems like something I...

Surgitech207 in Middletown, New York

Updated 89 months ago

What is the funniest music you heard playing in the background during surgery? - 3 Replies

Mines is Akon ft. Eminem, Smack Dat.

Diane in Merrillville, Indiana

Is it hard to find a position when you get out of school

Is it hard to find a position when you get out of school? I dont want to go through all the training if it is impossible to find a job.

erin_m in Everett, Washington

Surgical Tech opportunities in Seattle

I just got on the wait list for the Surgical Technology program at SCCC, most likely due to start in fall 2011. I was wondering if anyone here was a...

Muddie in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 91 months ago

tattoos and piercings on a surgical tech? - 1 Reply

I was considering becoming a surgical tech. But before i spend the time or money I was wondering about some of the polices dealing with piercings and...

Jeanette in Salinas, California

Updated 91 months ago

Where are CST's payed more- San Fran or Manhattan? - 4 Replies

I am a traveling surgical tech about to settle down, and I am tempted to put roots here in the Bay Area of California, because the wages for techs...

rmagan in Little Falls, New Jersey

NY/NJ area Dover business College

Hi there.. I am just checking if newly graduated ST are having difficult finding employment in my area??

rmagan in Little Falls, New Jersey

Surgical Tech

I am looking to switch careers from a business background to ST.. Surgery has aways been my passion and the more I research this field I see many...

Confused in Fort Lauderdale in Pompano Beach, Florida

What School to go to in Fort Lauderdale for Surgical Technology

I went to Sanford Brown today and really like it. I am reading all bads thing though. Help! Where should I go! Thanks!

B. in South Lyon, Michigan

Surgical Technicians USA vs. Canada

I live in the US and am planning on getting a degree in Surgical Technology, the only problem is that I may be moving to Canada in the future. Can I...

Muddie in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 91 months ago

I need some words of encouragement please - 6 Replies

I came across a certain discussion on this forum and it was literally filled with about 350 negative replies...mainly discussing how difficult it is...

Annie Corrao in Spring Valley, California

reentering the field of surgical technology

I am a 30 year graduate of an accredited surgical tech program and have not worked in the field for about 8 years. I'm curious to know if I can find...

safiee in Skopje, Macedonia

Updated 91 months ago

CST and the current job market... - 2 Replies

ST is not the only career field where people are having problems finding jobs. Unless you are in Nursing, or a Doctor, this recession is absolutely...

jms in Madison, Wisconsin

Tech jobs in phoenix area

I am considering a move to the Phoenix area and I was wondering if anybody can give me an idea on salary range for Surgical techs. I have 25+ years...

laura in Farmington, Michigan

surgical tech jobs

My daughter just got her certification in Dallas/Ft. Worth area (Texas) in Surgical Tech and is having a hard time finding a job. Any advise???

Pace in Lees Summit, Missouri

Kansas City Surgical Tech

I am working with one of my favorite clients, he is looking for someone with 2+ years of experience as a surgical technician to join his sales team....

DOAM in Houston, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

Can a CST take first assistant exam w/o taking a 1-2 yr course??? - 1 Reply

I have been a surgical first assistant for over 35 yrs and scrubbed over 27,000 cases in that position. I have worked for surgeons last 3 years in...

DOAM in Houston, Texas

Make Sure Your Surgical Technology Program is accredited!!!!!!!!

I find it bothersome that so many people don’t do their research before getting in a Surgical Technology Program. Make sure your program is...

mataylor184 in Summerville, South Carolina

Surgical Technology

I was a medacal asst and now jumped ship and got a degree in IT . but due to the job market looking at going in to Surgical Technology. Yes i thought...

ggs in French Camp, California

finding a good st position without drama of fellow sts or staff is it poss

I have worked in and aroud the centeral calif area and keep running into major drama with fellow staff members cant we just get along and have fun...

Hagakure369 in Los Angeles, California

CNI Orange/Costa Mesa- Surgical Tech program

Any recent grads have any reviews of this program? What was the total cost? Was there any lag between "class" and getting an externship? Is...

JAW2892 in Columbia, Pennsylvania

Questions About Surg. Tech

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am a senior doing my career speech for my senior project. I was just wondering if i could get some answers about the...

C in Orlando, Florida

Need a CST to Proctor Me in Central Florida **Will Pay**

Im in a out of state program but want to do clinicals in Central Florida but need to find a proctor. Thank you

Stockton in São Paulo, Brazil

Updated 94 months ago

unable to get a job - 10 Replies

I graduated two years ago as a scrub tech in Pensacola. Since then I haven't been able to find a job,and have had to go back to waiting tables. I had...

C in Orlando, Florida

Updated 94 months ago

I need a CST to Precept me in Florida - 1 Reply

Hi, In March I start a surgical tech program thats out of state but would like to do my clinicals in Florida as that is where I plan to attend...

jahi in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 94 months ago

Surgical Tech Jobs - 1 Reply

Looking for any New Surgical Techs who have a hard time finding a job In Illinois

cstinsitu in Waxhaw, North Carolina

to gtcc student

FYI Job mkt has opened up....offers comin in. Pay and benefits are spot on. Took 4 months...but how many people do you know searchin for much longer...

Francine Limon

How long could I be out of Surgical technology school?

I graduated in 08 from Simi Valley Adult Career Institute I completed the whole course I took the certification exam once and failed. During my...

kaka1 in Brownsville, Texas

relocation denver

Hello new to this forum im a cst w 10yrs exp and thinking of moving to the denver colorado area this summer. And was wondering if anyone new what...

cynthia in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Updated 95 months ago

HELP !! In desperate need of career guidance - 4 Replies

Well I'm a 21 yr old female working as a receptionist at an animal hospital making pretty decent pay during the recession - great, too bad i am...

sonya in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 95 months ago

Travelling ST = easier to find a job? - 1 Reply

I'm about to start my ST program but I'm worried about finding a job, everyone seems to think prospects are dim. My mother is a travelling CT tech...

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