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mataylor184 in Summerville, South Carolina

Surgical Technology

I was a medacal asst and now jumped ship and got a degree in IT . but due to the job market looking at going in to Surgical Technology. Yes i thought...

ggs in French Camp, California

finding a good st position without drama of fellow sts or staff is it poss

I have worked in and aroud the centeral calif area and keep running into major drama with fellow staff members cant we just get along and have fun...

Hagakure369 in Los Angeles, California

CNI Orange/Costa Mesa- Surgical Tech program

Any recent grads have any reviews of this program? What was the total cost? Was there any lag between "class" and getting an externship? Is...

JAW2892 in Columbia, Pennsylvania

Questions About Surg. Tech

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am a senior doing my career speech for my senior project. I was just wondering if i could get some answers about the...

C in Orlando, Florida

Need a CST to Proctor Me in Central Florida **Will Pay**

Im in a out of state program but want to do clinicals in Central Florida but need to find a proctor. Thank you

Stockton in São Paulo, Brazil

Updated 55 months ago

unable to get a job - 10 Replies

I graduated two years ago as a scrub tech in Pensacola. Since then I haven't been able to find a job,and have had to go back to waiting tables. I had...

C in Orlando, Florida

Updated 55 months ago

I need a CST to Precept me in Florida - 1 Reply

Hi, In March I start a surgical tech program thats out of state but would like to do my clinicals in Florida as that is where I plan to attend...

jahi in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 55 months ago

Surgical Tech Jobs - 1 Reply

Looking for any New Surgical Techs who have a hard time finding a job In Illinois

cstinsitu in Waxhaw, North Carolina

to gtcc student

FYI Job mkt has opened up....offers comin in. Pay and benefits are spot on. Took 4 months...but how many people do you know searchin for much longer...

Francine Limon

How long could I be out of Surgical technology school?

I graduated in 08 from Simi Valley Adult Career Institute I completed the whole course I took the certification exam once and failed. During my...

kaka1 in Brownsville, Texas

relocation denver

Hello new to this forum im a cst w 10yrs exp and thinking of moving to the denver colorado area this summer. And was wondering if anyone new what...

cynthia in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Updated 56 months ago

HELP !! In desperate need of career guidance - 4 Replies

Well I'm a 21 yr old female working as a receptionist at an animal hospital making pretty decent pay during the recession - great, too bad i am...

sonya in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 56 months ago

Travelling ST = easier to find a job? - 1 Reply

I'm about to start my ST program but I'm worried about finding a job, everyone seems to think prospects are dim. My mother is a travelling CT tech...

sonya in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 56 months ago

Placing Rectractor - 1 Reply

I've been a Surg Tech for well over 30 years. It has always been a well established concept that a Surg Tech may hold retractors but legally may not...

Beware in Cordova, Tennessee

Updated 56 months ago

Schools In JAX ,FL - 4 Replies

I'm having a brain buster...What school to go to here in Jacksonville, FL. I am most likely going to have to wait a year if I decide to go to FCCJ a...

ladyjohanne in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 56 months ago

Lots of Surgical Tech Jobs out there! - 1 Reply

I had a couple of people I know graduate from the ST program at Sanford Brown. Most folks refused to move outside the area they lived in, so those...

Scott in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 56 months ago

I'll be starting a surgical tech class 08 - 5 Replies

When i complete the ST course how hard is it to find a job i'll be certified.and what kind of work will i be doing for the first year.I know you...

ladyjohanne in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

Entry Level Jobs for Surgical Tech - 1 Reply

Looking for entry level job as a surgical tech in IL

live in socal, California

Bachelor's Degree in Management - pursuing Surgical Tech

I currently have a bachelor's degree in Management and have worked in the IT field for the past 10 years, 5 years as a manager. I was recently layed...

Drumboy 56 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Updated 57 months ago

3rd shift - 4 Replies

I'm interviewing next week for 3rd shift labor and delivery. I just graduated in July and this is the first interview offer out of 25 applications. ...

John-JAY Steinhardt in ALBANY, Massachusetts

Updated 57 months ago

Period after graduating before being hired - 2 Replies

I'm wondering if any of you can share your experience if you had a long gap between graduating from a Surg Tech program and getting hired. Did you...

Drumboy 56 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Updated 57 months ago

Getting Certified - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm a student in a st program and was wondering if some graduates could tell me how long it took you to get certified? Did you sit for the exam...

Diana in Houston, Texas

Need help from surgical techs in houston

I have a school assignement that requires a simple interview with a certified surgical tech (Has to have already worked 1 year in field) in the...

CST in VA in Lebanon, Virginia

Updated 58 months ago

Surgical Tech Job Market TRUTH - 5 Replies

Hello everyone~ If you really want to know the truth about being a surgical tech from a real surgical veteran, read on... I see a variety of...

looking for construction management posi in New York, New York

How to break into the jon market

I have a graduate degree in construction management from an ivy league college & an undergrad in civil engineering from a prestigious engineering...

Debbs in San Diego, California

San Diego Job Market and question on CNI in Orange County

Any SD folks out there who can comment on job prospects in San Diego? Does anyone have experience with CNI colledge in Orange County? If so,...

Maria in Taylors, South Carolina

Starting Over

It has been since 2004 that i did my surgical tech course and never took the test. I did work at a hospital for 2 years and moved to South Carolina....

Ringmaster in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Updated 58 months ago

First Assists - 1 Reply

From all the research I've done the average salary for a first assist is somewhere between 65-75k. With insurance laws changing the payees are...

VERONICA in Newark, Delaware

Updated 58 months ago

starting school in 2 weeks - 15 Replies

hi guys, i am starting st school in 2 weeks and i am totally estatic! i am very pumped about starting a new career. can you please tell me hoe...

leah farnsworth in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 59 months ago

Top surgical technician skills needed to get the job. - 5 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every surgical technician must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your surgical...

maroon in Arlington, Texas

Updated 59 months ago

Define the importance in being an aggresive Surgical Tech. - 2 Replies

One of the most important things taught to me as an ST, is being aggressive. Please define your own definition and importance in being an aggressive...

aescobar in Cypress, Texas

Updated 59 months ago

schools in dallas - 10 Replies

i am wanting to go to school. can anyone reccomend a school in the dallas area for surgical techs.

Daisy2 in Tampa, Florida

Updated 59 months ago

Accelerated Programs ex: Surgical Tech-16 months - 2 Replies

Question: How hard is the ST program? I have a 4 year degree in science from about 15 years ago. I have never taken a program that you finish in...


Accreditations: ACCSCT VS CAAHEP

Hi there, I have trawled the internet endlessly looking for an answer on this one. I know everyone says CAAHEP all the way..though the school I...

Ryan Matthews in Marysville, Washington

Surgical Techs WA state

Any surgical techs from WA state on here? I was hoping someone could tell me how the job market is here. Is it hard to get on somewhere? I am...

tandra in Lilburn, Georgia

Surgical Tech is a great field to be in. once you are in. So how can I get in? trying to stay positive!

I need A job.

in the cut in Pomona, California

Dr. 90210 - Hire me! I can be the new scrub learning the wonderful world of Plastic Surgery!

E-Channel what do you think about that? Hailing from the cold streets of Pomona, add some drama here and there...?

l.e.concorde, memphis, tn in Hernando, Mississippi

need a job

I graduated in May and have had a few interviews, everyone wants experience. I am certified with a GPA top in my class. Looking for a career in the...

applyingtoschool in Grasonville, Maryland


I am getting ready to take the HOBET test so I can apply for tech program. Has anyone taken the test? I have a number of study guides, but I'm...

They are never in the paper in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 60 months ago

Can a type 1 diabetic become a Surgical Tech? - 2 Replies

I have been a insulin dependent diabetic for 16+ years, under pretty good control... I have been looking into a few different fields of work and this...

Nakeya in Merchantville, New Jersey

Updated 60 months ago

Need advise from employeed ST's - 1 Reply

I will be enrolling in a ST program here locally in 3 months. My issue is that I have heard allot of negative information about becoming a ST. Is...

Elena R in North Carolina

Newbie here!

hey everyone! I have a few questions, the main one being does any one know of a good school to go to near raleigh NC? I have been looking and...

Tracey in Clinton, Mississippi

Updated 60 months ago

what to wear , what not to wear? - 10 Replies

im currently enrolled at concord. Im not really sure about hospital policies regarding surgical technologist. What can you wear under your scrubs?...

sailingsoon in Tampa, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Why do people want to be surgical technologists? - 2 Replies

For all the surgical technologists out there why did you choose this profession? Besides the great job opportunities?


Surgical tech?

I thinkin of goin through a surgical tech program but kno lil bout it, so I have some serious questions. Names of sur tech school in la county?...

Jacks Raging Bile Duct in Hotel, California

Dust In The Wind

To my people struggling to find work from LA to NY, ST grads 08'.

Jacks Raging Bile Duct in Hotel, California

Updated 60 months ago

recent grad hirings ? - 2 Replies

'm sure all the working scrub techs posting here are accurate in their comments about being a surgical tech. After paying $27k for schooling , doing...

yogatoes in Vacaville, California

Jobs openings

I just located to vacaville, Ca. from Washington and in need of a job. I have been a tech for Five years and experienced in OB and outpatient...

jprinz20 in Beeville, Texas

Updated 61 months ago

Id like to know some information without getting advertisements on schools to go to.... - 2 Replies

Hi i live in south Tx. and im fixing to go back to school. I was going to go to major in computer science but recently after working a little in a...

Jacks Raging Bile Duct in Hotel, California

Updated 61 months ago

Has any new grad in LA/orange co. been hired lately ?????? - 5 Replies

I'm trying to see if ANYONE (in orange or LA county) has been hired on as a ST new grad over the last 6 months- NOT counting their extern site ? Our...

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