Surgical Tech vs. RN

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pinksugar717 in Bellmore, New York

68 months ago

I am currently enrolled in an A.A.S. degree program at a community college. I am at a crossroads in that I have all the necessary classes to go either in the direction of a Surgical Tech or an RN. While I do understand that RNs make more money, it's not just the money I am interested in. I am not a kid but an adult female with kids (older but one with special needs) and I am looking to have a new career and make money but I want to love what I do. I will note some of my personal assets and then see what you all have to say. This is a decision I will ultimately make on my own but I would love some input from both CSTs and RNs on why they love their profession and what personal qualities make them great at their jobs. I am a very organized and detail oriented person. I was originally an Interior Designer and have an eye that notices small details. I am not easily grossed out by odors or sights. I am patient and kind with everyone. I have worked with kids and know special needs very well. I can be somewhat flexible in my schedule but would need a babysitter for my youngest son who has Autism so that I could work full time. I know that I want to help others and that I want to be in the medical field. I have taken care of fatally sick people as well as kids who do not have basic life skills.

Please let me know what you think. I am really in a confused state of mind. While I am leaning towards one direction, I have my doubts. Thanks to anyone who offers me some advice!

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