Which school should I go to? American Carrer College OR El Camino College?

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Slop in Lawndale, California

79 months ago

Hi, I was wondering you any of you guys had any feedback from either of these colleges?? Would it make a difference which one I go to? Also, keep in mind that El Camino Collge is almost 3/4 LESS than ACC. Where to go??? Please help!

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ovstampco in Orange, California

79 months ago

If you can go to a community college do so . The private colleges are over $20k - but either way your chances of ever getting a job as a surgical technician are very , very small. Read the posts , a few years ago the jobs were fairly easy to get - meaning the smart and hard working students would get a job . Now , maybe the top 10-20% will get a job as a ST. To put it in perspective, from my graduating class in Oct. 2008 of 12 people that finished their classwork and clinicals (4 had no chance as they weren't motivated) the other eight have been looking for surgical tech OR LESSER medical jobs , FULL time for 6 months - not one is employed .We have thought of everything from volunteering , applying at surgery centers, dental offices , hospital of course (not a chance) . You will see that unless you are the best at your clinical site , and they just happen to have an opening when you are there you might get hired...but outside of the schools and their recruiters (who have a vested interest in getting student $) everyone will tell you there are probably 20 new grads applying for every position . If you can go for RN , but don't believe me , and definately don't believe the schools , call the hospitals , surgery centers etc. and ask them if they hire ST new grads - you'll see what I mean.

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