surgical technician schools in houston, tx

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amullaly in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

69 months ago

comparing schools, loving platt college in oklahoma city and currently enrolled to start in september. it starts september 24 2012 and you graduate august 30 2013. that includes all vacations, and the internship. in the internship you work in multiple areas so you get a feel for all situations. its a monday through friday, 8am to 1 pm. its a certified program. its about 23,000 and everything is included except the background not too worried about money because i qualify for grants and have the g.i. bill but this is about the highest id be willing to go. after you graduate they have an 88% hire rate and will set up mock interviews, help you make an excellend resume, help with job search and do everything possible to get you where you would like to go. i am also a certified medical assistant and they are going to help me find a job doing as a MA that works around students school schedules. i do not want to move if this is the best school that is our there. im not wanting to do a community college school because it takes too long and i dont believe they are any better then schoolssuch as platt.can anyone recommend a schol in houston texas that is equal to or better ten the one i just described?

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