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Updated 2 hours ago

Tax preparation software and bank products - 649 Replies

[QUOTE who="Taxbusiness12 in Lawrenceville, Georgia"]Calling on all Tax Preparers that have worked with Franchisees or any Tax Preparers that want to...


Updated 9 hours ago


Hello, I have been preparing taxes for several years now. After helping a friend open her office last year and helping her make over six figures I...

Deidre Swain

Updated 9 days ago

Interested in Becoming a Tax Prep - Advice? - 7 Replies

Tax Preparers with Experience, do you still not have your EFIN or banking products? Not making enough money working for someone else, but bringing in...

Elizabeth Pigagtt

Are there any Companies that will allow me to offer my customers Christmas Cash Adances.

I have been doing taxes for years. I am an Enrolled Agent, but recently some of my competitors have been able to offer their customers payday-loans,...

Julia in San Jose, California

Updated 2 months ago

Tax prparation business and enrolled agent. - 49 Replies

I am interested in starting a tax preparation business. Is it necessary to be a CPA or will accredidation as an enrolled agent be sufficient? Where...

Midwest Tax Group in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 8 months ago

Crosslink Tax Software from Petz Enterprises is the worst! - 9 Replies

I switched software companies this year from Taxwise to Crosslink tax software. The software itself seemed very user friendly but unfortunately you...

GannonServiceBureauDOTcom in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 9 months ago

Tax Partnership - 3 Replies

Do you need banking products and an EFIN number? I am with the best people for banking products (you can charge up to $999) and there aren't all...

The Finance Writer in Georgetown, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

Deferred Student Loan on 1098T - 1 Reply

I received form 1098-T from University of Phoenix. Box-1 shows payment received $11,073, but it is a deferred student loan. Can I deduct this amount,...

The Finance Writer in Georgetown, Texas

Updated 11 months ago

Fee for Taxes - 1 Reply

Anyone know how much tax preparers are charging to do taxes in Ga? I am trying to figure out a round out figure to charge my customers. I Usually...

Chris Tax in Los Angeles, California

Updated 11 months ago

FeeCollect vs. E-collect - 2 Replies

Which is the better company to get my tax preparation fees from my client's return? Is there a preference?

R in Covington, Louisiana

Updated 11 months ago

Getting approved by banks to RAL - 521 Replies

I am having a problem getting approved by the banks to do RAL's. I am currently with First Security Bank and they only do RT. I have tried to get...

GannonServiceBureauDOTcom in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 12 months ago

Steps involved in starting the Tax Business. - 16 Replies

Hello Tax Professional Gurus, I am thinking to start a Home based Tax Preparation business. However I am confused of the process involved in...

The Finance Writer in Georgetown, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Getting Into Tax Preparation - 6 Replies

I have been looking into becoming a tax professional for a while now. Last week I applied and got approved to take a distance learning course to...

meecojohn1954 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 13 months ago

What are typical tax preparer salaries? - 13 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

Chris Tax in Los Angeles, California

Updated 14 months ago

will a big franchise , Block, Hewitt, Lib find out if a tax preparer is doing returns on the side? - 3 Replies

I am new to the business, taking RTRP soon, and it looks like I am going to do tax prep for a big franchise in the area. My goal for getting into...

Monique in Houston, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

do i need 75k at the bank to start my own tax preparer office? - 1 Reply

i have been working for my uncle and a tax preparer for 2 years now and i would like to start my own tax preperer office, but my uncle told me that i...

Holly James in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 18 months ago

IRS error code 9603 - 1 Reply

I tried to log into my IRS efile account to check on my application status and was given error code 9603 Any one know what that is? I have a... in Northampton, Massachusetts

Updated 18 months ago

becoming a tax preparer in Boston - 3 Replies

Hi, I am looking to become a tax preparer seasonal/part-time in Massachusetts. I have a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance and took a tax...

Arewetherenow in Medford, Oregon

IT Systems Engineer - Disclose civil settlement that is possibly relevant to position?

I settled a civil case that alleged I saw confidential information pertaining to a business deal and profited from it. The settlement was not...

Jay Tizzle in Florida

Has anyone else on this board got into tax prep as a way to prospect for other businesses like mortgage, insurance, investments?

thoughts and experiences would be great.

Chris in Miami, Florida

Customers electronic filing pins and ip pins

Will my customers need to provide me with their electronic filing pins or ip pins, in order for their returns to get accepted? Or since I will be...

Chris in Hollywood, Florida

Two Tax preparer software and banks on same efin?????????

I have two offices and I want to use two different tax softwares and banks, but using one master efin. At one business ill be using the drake...

Financialplus in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 21 months ago

Third Party Transmitter - 2 Replies

Do you need assistance with processing tax returns this tax season Contact FinancialPLUS Services for more info. No problem Get set...

Patryce2010 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 21 months ago

Tax Refund Line of Credit??? - 1 Reply

I wanted to know if anyone knew of any third party vendors that are offering the products similar to the Smartline that Jackson Hewitt is offering...

John Torriero in New Providence, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

Time to get ready-CAREER CHANGE - 1 Reply

I am looking for an affordable online fundamentals course or school. I've seen several on this site and would like recommendations. After the IRS...

John Torriero in New Providence, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

Tax preparer jobs at 2 places - 2 Replies

I am planning to take up tax preparer jobs at liberty tax and Jackson Hewitt in parallel at different timings of the week. Is it legal to do it?

Simone in Conyers, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

Tax Preparer Wage - 9 Replies

So, what would be an average wage that a tax preparer with a couple years experience (H&R Block) should expect at a new job? I've been thinking...

Sister Mi, in Ville Platte, Louisiana

Updated 29 months ago

Expanding Current Tax Preparation Business - 1 Reply

I am looking to expand my current tax business and I am seeking a mentor to assist me with marketing and setup for my tax preparation company. I have...

Mr Jones in Bronx, New York

Updated 30 months ago

Becoming a Tax Preparer. - 18 Replies

I am a stay-at-home mom and I am considering taking the tax preparation course through one of the Colleges around my area. I guess I am wanting to...

Lanette in Houston, Texas

Updated 32 months ago

Legal Liability - 81 Replies

I just started preparing taxes after taking several courses. can I be sued by a client for wrong information/return on a tax return if I honestly...

Ray in Unity, Maine

Help setting up e -file

I am a single tax preparer and need to get my own e-file account. I have started the process. I have the application made out, but having some...

shay in London, United Kingdom

Updated 33 months ago

How to get more customers? - 6 Replies

I am starting a tax preparation company. I have worked for Liberty Tax as the general manager and I have worked for a CPA firm. I have a degree in...

Jennifer in San Marcos, California

Updated 33 months ago

First Year Tax Preparation - 20 Replies

I am hoping to start a part-time/at home tax preparation business but I have a few questions. What would be a realistic number of clients for...

SHB in Mays Landing, New Jersey

Updated 33 months ago

Need e-file help - 1 Reply

I am all licensed with my PTIN number, but last year I had a different job and didn't do taxes. When I renewed my PTIN number I realized I needed to...

TaxLady Jones in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Single Member LLC with NOL and Carryback

Hi Tax Pros! I've been reading this forum for weeks afraid to join in the discussion. Well, I've finally come across a situation in which I think...

TaxGuy in Alexandria, Louisiana

Anybody else send out Christmas Cards to their clients?

It's a little bit of extra work and expense, but it shows your clients that you really appreciate their business, and increases the probability that...

TaxGuy in Alexandria, Louisiana

Updated 34 months ago

The Best Tax Preparation Software Vote? - 2 Replies

Just curious, what's your opinion on the best tax preparation software?

jackso in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Updated 34 months ago


Do someone know if a resident of Mexico can be claimed as DEPENDENT in someone's return filing with ITIN #

SB2012 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 35 months ago

Problems with become an Authorized e-file Provider ??? - 3 Replies

I plan on starting a storefront tax preparation business, however my students loans are in default. Will that stop me from become an Authorized...

Janice in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 35 months ago

TAX Preparation business in NY - 3 Replies

Hello, Hello, I would like to start a tax preparation business this coming tax season. So far I have found this forum very helpful. I live in...

Danielle in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 36 months ago

Bank - 1 Reply

Do anyone know of any Bank that will allow you to charge up to $1,000.00 for your tax client please let us know

TTN74 in Wesley Chapel, Florida


Does any one know of any companies that offer APPROVED DO IT YOURSELF TAX SOFTWARE FOR WEBSITES? Any information would be greatly appreciated I am...

Chris in Los Angeles, California

Updated 36 months ago

Marketing Ideas - 7 Replies

I would like to start a new thread on marketing ideas Marking ideas during the off season. Is there any way to target customers who have not filed...

VIPtax SERVICE in Germantown, Tennessee

Updated 37 months ago


I am trying to decide on what is a good bank to provide bank product this year. Also, I am interested in getting great software. This is my 1st year....

SWOhioTaxPro in Dayton, Ohio

Website Design & Host Suggestions

Looking to upgrade my website. I want it to be more polished. Any suggestions? Thanks folks!

SWOhioTaxPro in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

Offering Referal fees/discounts - 2 Replies

Hello everyone, first of all I just want to say that I just started my tax business this year. I have used many of the suggestions here and they...

SWOhioTaxPro in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

Cleint moved out of state - 3 Replies

Client moved from Maine to Florida in September. Can I still do his taxes from Maine?

SWOhioTaxPro in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

Advice for Passing out Flyers - 8 Replies

I have been daily passing out my tax business flyers at a Super Market shopping center in the parking lot. I introduce myself, tell them I grew up...

SWOhioTaxPro in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

EIC-Earned Income Credit - 3 Replies

So, I just want other tax preparers opinions. I have clients who had very little income for the year and are self-employed. These clients are not...

SWOhioTaxPro in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 37 months ago

Preparation Fees - 125 Replies

I need some insight on tax preparation fees. I am just starting my tax business and I need some help with the fee structure for the individual forms,...

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