Arrogant And Rude Telemarketing Company FRESNO, CALIFORNIA

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John Zizmore in Brooklyn, New York

89 months ago


I have never experienced such a rude and arrogant group of people in my life. This company is definitely a fraud. I was interested on training a few salespeople with Customer Service skills. I reached an agent (Nicholas) who immediately became agitated after my 3rd question. He replied " So, are you subscribing to our service?, or what, I am kinda busy "A brief argument ensued, I then asked for a supervisor.)-- Then, you would NOT believe what he said, and in this day and age! " Are you Stupid? he asked " Cause you sound it", " Do you speak to your wife and kids in that manner ?" " Go F yourself and on and on....My G-D! I was shaking! He hung on me. I called back and explained my situation to a different rep (didn't get a name I was so flabbergasted) she asks " Did you say anything to tick him off, I think you did. "

Obviously, and I heard whispering in the backgroung, that he was next to her, coaching.

So I hung up and immediately began writing this thread.

I want it made clear that a Company priding themselves on Customer Service and good phone skills has really screwed up. I am a member of the California Institute Of Technology and deal with Companies all day long. I make referrals after referrals specifically in the telecommunications industry and will go out of my way preaching to avoid

Sarah in Fresno, California

88 months ago

Ok. How do you live in Brooklyn, New York but you are a member of the California Institute of Technology?? Maybe YOU are the fraud.

John Zizmore in Brooklyn, New York

88 months ago

Hello Sarah. Is it so surprising? We moved to the East Coast. Anyway, have you read other reviews about this Company? Or do you work for them?, you know being in Fresno and all.

Wilma Proops in London, United Kingdom

74 months ago

Sounds like the TSO in question went to the ComedyMoment school of telesales. You'll be glad to know that its since been closed down. I wasn't though as I was the chief trainer.

Myself, if people don't want to buy anything (obviously) I make out there'a a fault on the line and merely cut them off mid sentence - works every time.

annoyed in Cleveland, Ohio

71 months ago

Next Level Solutions has not ceased harrassing me despite direct requests that they stop. What I don't understand is what benefit a telemarketing company gets from calling a person who is NOT going to do ANY level of business with them whatsoever. Why do they insist on calling me, since it isn't for economic reasons?

Today I have filed complaints with the FCC, FTC, and the BBB.

chris in Kingsburg, California

66 months ago

if you think these guys are rude to people on the phone, you should see the way they treat their employees. it ain't pretty....

Le C. Hook in Warsaw, Indiana

42 months ago

Do you want these annoying calls to stop? Would you like to place this caller on legal notice that you will no longer tolerate this type of continued harassment? Then you need to contact our office immediately. We are a fully licensed and insured PRIVATE INVESTIGATION AGENCY in the State of Indiana. We will conduct an investigation and determine who is making these unsolicited and unwanted calls. We will advise you who the caller is and how you can MAKE THEM STOP! Or, if you have any other telephone numbers you need identified we can also do those. We can also locate anyone…anywhere! For FREE details, with no obligation, on how to resolve this matter, simply send us an email and request information: Email:

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