I have 10 yrs in Bank teller experience.

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Michelle in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

47 months ago

I have applied at over 10 locations ( Chase Bank) ,had interviews but no luck. Can someone give me some advice???

lynnmc in Cape Coral, Florida

46 months ago

Ihave been a teller for 11 years up until July 08,2011 I have put out I don't know how many resumes at this point just failed the Bank of America Ass Test which is a joke. The same thing happened with Wachovia and they don't let you apply for another 6 months. It's funny I have been doing this job for 11 years but I guess that doesn't count for anything. It must be that personality test that counts for everything. What happened to filling out an application and sitting down with a real person and having a face to face interview?

ashley in Lafayette, Indiana

42 months ago

Same here in Indiana. Chase, regions,old national , one source all are in the same boat.

T.J. in Elgin, Illinois

34 months ago

I'm having the same issues. I have over 9 years experience in banking,and I can't get a job either. This is crap how this world is today. So many people out of work, and when a company that needs help can hire experienced works, BUT DON'T "SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE" THIS IS WAY OUT OF CONTROLL.

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