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What are typical training instructor salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

MaryAlice in Nyack, New York

102 months ago

I would love to know the answer to that one- but it is easier to get people to show you their underwear than it is to share their rates.

Emma (Host) in Stamford, Connecticut

102 months ago

Try doing some searches on the Indeed Salary Search tool. Here is a search I did for Training Instructor:

Mark in Alexandria, Virginia

79 months ago

Salaries, rates...for a trainer depends on what you are teaching the demand for it and how much experience you have. I found that being a independent training consultant works out better for you then just have a full time position. You can move up the income ladder much quicker as a contractor. As you gain experience teaching a particular technology the more valuable you become. Oracle and SAP trainers will make more money then someone teaching microsoft word or excel. These technologies are on the higher end of the learner scale and will command a bigger pay check. If you are just getting started then your rate will be lower. Be happy at $45/hr but then as you get better you can maker well over $100k. Much success! Happy earnings!

Richard in Fayetteville, North Carolina

70 months ago

"You can move up the income ladder much quicker as a contractor. As you gain experience teaching a particular technology the more valuable you become."


I am in the midst of a career move, thinking about what direction to take. Would you mind sharing how you got started in the industry, how you got training, and made your move to independent consulting?


DC in Dallas, Texas

67 months ago

I moved from tech support into technical instruction at the corporate level. The pay was poor but the reward was in the teaching and interaction with the students. After the industry collapsed and the jobs were cut I became a contract instructor starting at $38/hr. Within a year I was at $42/hr.
What worked for me was: 1)a genuine love of teaching; 2) the challenge of interpreting the technical aspects of systems; 3)the fun of contributing to the success of others.
I can only say do it because you want to and do it well.

adan57 in Coventry, Rhode Island

66 months ago

I agree DC, without the passion for the work you are just another person boring everyone to death.
So many people ask me how to get into gets into you.
First you must be a subject matter expert. What is it that you are so well versed in that you feel you can teach it? Then you must evaluate you presentation skills. Are you a person who can command the room when you arrive?

There is so much to doing what we do. For those of us who are successful, it isnt our job, it is our passion, our career and for some of us our lives. Think long and hard, evaluate yourself and find where the passion lies.
I didnt go looking for a training position, it never entered my mind. Someone saw it in me and recruited me. The rest is history. With the job market such as it is it could be difficult to get a position with a company with no experience when there are many trainers out of work right now. Then the contract trainers who will have contracts finishing up. Lots of competition. But if you are is the limit for you

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