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Antonio in Kingwood, Texas

I have been offered a job at an internet based travel company. Travel is a passion for me, and the person I interviewed with seemed very genuine...

azam716 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 78 months ago

Practice/Simulation software for Reservation System/CRS/Galileo/Sabre/etc. - 2 Replies

Greetings all I am seeking software that will allow me to practice and solidify my computer reservation systems related skills. Does anyone have...

ueisei in Thimphu, Bhutan

Travel Agents - Partner with Traverus

If you are looking for a home based Travel Agency to partner with you need to look at Traverus. Take a look at and then...

Carla in Nassau, Bahamas

Updated 81 months ago

Become A Certified Travel Agent Now - 19 Replies

You can now become a certified travel agent with traverus for only $119.00 and make nice commisions from home.Take fam trips and write all your...

Jennifer in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 82 months ago

Travel Agent Newbie Please Advise - 3 Replies

I can't seem to find much information on the internet about exactly HOW to start your own business as a travel agent. All of the information I have...

Jennifer in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 82 months ago

I want to start a home-based travel business out of Hawaii - 1 Reply

I travel alot, and have a connection to book groups to Spain. I can refer these groups or become an independent travel agent. What advise would you...

Martin in Gold Coast, Australia

Updated 83 months ago

Tag Lines for my agency - 1 Reply

I am a home based TA and I would love your ideas/suggestions as to a new tag line for my Agency... CARE Travel Cruising & Relaxing...

Jenny in Manassas, Virginia

Info about Omega World Travel

Hi! I saw a job opening at OWT. Anyone who can give first hand experience? I am also considering applying as a Travel Consultant at Liberty...

Sarah Prector in Hoboken, New Jersey

Updated 85 months ago

Help with information on Liberty Travel - 1 Reply

I have been searching online for information about salary, benefits, working conditions, and the commission structure for Liberty Travel....but so...

margo in Midland, Ontario

cruise ship center

Hi, I graduated from a travel and tourism course back in the early 80's, but did not find much work in the industry do to a huge recession when I...

Mariah Sommers in Kelowna, British Columbia

Call Centre Jobs & Salaries in Online Travel Companies

Online travel is big and is becoming bigger...and many of the popular online travel companies have a good number of people in their call centres who...

putu susrama in Satellite Provider

Updated 88 months ago

Why are international (at least Asian) air fares better with travel agents? - 16 Replies

Despite deep pocketed companies like Expedia, Travelocity in the field, why are travel agents able to give better deals in international air fares...


Updated 89 months ago

GDS integrated web-site - 2 Replies

Hi, everybody, I am new in travel business and I've been checking host agencies lately but still can not find answers to a couple of questions like:...

west star in maxico, Mexico

Updated 89 months ago

home based travel agent - 2 Replies

I am interested in pursuing this area . Any suggestions????

Tony Anderson in Dublin, Ireland

Updated 89 months ago

Home Based Business - 19 Replies

I think at this point in time that ANY home based business would be beneficial for everyone. I don't care if you chose AVON, Melaleuca or a travel...

JC in Chester, Virginia

Updated 89 months ago

Getting ahead... - 7 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a hirable travel agent? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

KTForbes in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 92 months ago

montrose travel home agent, good or bad? - 4 Replies

Sounds good to me: 1. one website 2. $400 annual fee Any one is their agent now? How do you compare it with Dugan's Travel?

Ginger in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 93 months ago



Jennifer in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

how do i get started? - 1 Reply

I was recently laid off and finding it difficult to find a new job. I have been trying to open up my options and was thinking of becoming a travel...

Fun4Tracy in New York, New York

"Readable" way to provide flight options via email

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has a "shortcut" or formatting to provide flight options via email to clients? Currently, I'm typing...

Jeff Marlow, Compatriot Travel in Charleston, South Carolina

Updated 96 months ago

Need Your Help finding a job in GTA area.... - 1 Reply

I have been out of work for a while now and need a job ASAP!! I have over 15 years experience in travel. I did mostly corporate. Are you or...

Inspector in Missouri

Updated 96 months ago

IATA number? - 2 Replies

I have been working as a travel agent for about 6 months now, and just put in my application for an IATA number about a week ago. I understand that...

Momomo in Las Vegas, Nevada

Any travel Agents that can confirm lower seat classes?

Contact me plz, I have many flights to sell that I cant confirm

maryhoet in Surfside Beach, South Carolina

Has anyone ever heard of them, and would you recommend. It sounds like a lot of money they want every month, or is this they way? A friend at work...

Bosco in Orlando, Florida

Updated 101 months ago

YTB, Traverus, WorldVentures - 44 Replies

I'm would like to get involved with one of these programs. I've just become a stay at home mom. I'm looking to supplement our income a bit. ...


Updated 103 months ago

finding a company that hires hearth agents - 1 Reply

is there a company out there that is hiring corporate travel agents that work from home? Maybe even a hotel chain, airline, or something in the...

jessie in Jackson Heights, New York

Updated 104 months ago

Liberty Travel/Flight Centre - 47 Replies

What happened to the previous forum?

Umi in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Updated 104 months ago

Why cant we just all get along... - 102 Replies

I am new to Travel, but have wanted to get into the Industry for very long time. It was just on lock down, you either had to work for an agency or...

italia in Male, Maldives

Updated 106 months ago

Vietnam travel, travel agent, tour operator, vacation, holiday, trip, tour, hotel, visa, ticket in vietnam - 1 Reply

Vietnam travel, Vietnam travel agent, Vietnam tour operator, vietnam trip, vietnam holiday, vietnam vacation, vietnam luxury travel, vietnam tourism,...

Aditi Jain in New Delhi, India

Home based travel agency

Hi, I am planning to start a home based travel agency. Can anyone suggest how I should go about this... and some good host agencies in India. I'm...

2Go Media in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Get the name you want in travel, reach more customers, close more sales Reach more clients and get your deals out fast with 2GO Media's Internet...

travelpro in Dublin, Ohio

Updated 109 months ago

Cruise To Cash Is A Great Travel Business Opportunity - 1 Reply

Imagine being able to give unlimited vacation vouchers to your family, friends, businesses associates, or business clients. That is only one part of...

travelpro in Dublin, Ohio

Updated 109 months ago


does anyone have insight into starting an agency without a host?? I would like to know what it entails?

another friend in Forest Hills, New York

Updated 109 months ago

I heard that Liberty Travel is being bought out is this TRUE??? - 279 Replies

I just heard it here at the office they say that some company from China is buying Liberty Travel, I am not sure if this is correct, if there are any...

Aloha Anderson in Washington

Updated 110 months ago

New Travel Agent - good books to buy - 4 Replies

Curious if anyone has read any books that they would recommend for getting starting on a home based travel agency. I have seen some out there, but...

Wayron Ronaldo in Fort Lauderdale

Updated 110 months ago

Travel on the cheap may not be so cheap - 3 Replies

By James Gilden, Special to The Los Angeles Times November 20, 2007 The pitch is...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 112 months ago

who pays for mistakes? - 1 Reply

I work part-time for a family run, 3 agent travel agency in Canada, and my boss just informed me that I have to cover the difference on an airline...

bgsnmky in Irving, Texas


Anyone looked into Inteletravel or is already an agent. I just read thru the post where someone wanted to get into the industry and there were...

Alex Verastegui in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 114 months ago

motivation to become a travel agent? - 1 Reply

Hi am Teena, and a new in this field. I have to write a cv and just make it, as i have to add on it about my motivations. I don't know exactly...

Pastel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 114 months ago

Starting out... - 8 Replies

How did you get your start doing travel agent work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

KG a Real Travel Agent in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 115 months ago

Need to know about Travel Programs out there! - 21 Replies

I'm starting out in the travel event planning business. I have an event coming up next spring and I need a reliable travel engine that can handle...

OutsideThoughts in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 116 months ago

Travel Agents at Home - 1 Reply

Ok so you know how when you walk into a travel office there are booklets sitting there for you to view on your possible destination? Is there a...

virtual agent in toronto

Virtual Agent Services provides services to a wide range of businesses including the IT, Email Services, financial, retail, travel, Home Assistance,...

David in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 118 months ago

This Article Sums it Up!!! Part 1 - 11 Replies

The YTB mailbag (11/05/2007) By Arnie Weissmann We may all, at this point, be suffering from a bit of YTB fatigue. This multilevel marketing...

Dave in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

Md.hanif - 1 Reply

Hi This Md,hanif me not work looking for any kind of job please call me now 347-259-7428

Pipszy in Pécs, Hungary

Updated 119 months ago

What is your best Carnival Ship and Why? - 4 Replies

For the money which would you recommend? I like all the ships they have but often wonder which people feel are the best?

Ken in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

Travel Agent - 1 Reply

Hi,I am Kenny.I like to share my memorable honeymoon days in the evergreen kerala 2 month back.I had a great time in Munnar,Thekady,Cochin, and...

Darlene in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

booking system - 1 Reply

My name is Cat Dinopoulou and I am making a research for a theatrical play. I would appreciate if you can help me with the following questions. How...

Nary in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

Card mills take 'agents' for a ride - 2 Replies

Qualify for deeply discounted travel. Earn commissions on your own travel expenditures and on that of your friends and family. Build your own travel...

Jack in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 119 months ago

If you find something you LOVE to do it is not work, it is fun - 1 Reply

My motivation is helping others to have the lifestyle they only dream of. It is possible with the right company, right leaders right support team...

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