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irocn88 in Winfield, Alabama

where can a driver get a job with with 3 speeding tickets....NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!

I'm trying to help my brother find a job truck driving. He has 3 speeding tickets and no luck finding a job. Does any one know a company in alabama...

Taco55 in Los Angeles, California

Question about non CDL driver (driving Commercial) and DOT Drug test

I worked for a small company, Driving a pick-up/trailer. I was listed under the companies insurance as a CDL driver. (I do not have a CDL) Just a...

dan bulera in Buffalo, New York

i have use in one of my eyes can i still get a cdl in nys

i only can see out my left eye but i have a drivers lic in nys can i get a cdl lic in nys


Altom trucking

Anybody know Anything about altom trkng chgo... just got hired ... got to find out what its all about

rahdigga in Arlington, Texas

Updated 45 months ago

failed random drug test THC positive - 1 Reply

got fired from cr england after random drug test. I finished the ASAP program within 2weeks and now I am able to go back to safety sensitive duties....

Marcus Killion in Wichita, Kansas

Am I the only one who has to ? Posting replies

Am I the only one who has to enter the numbers in the box at least twice before it posts my replies ?

bill in Akron, Ohio

when will insurance companies lift restrictions on first ovi conviction?

Three years or five years?

bill in Akron, Ohio

when will insurance companies lift restrictions on first ovi conviction?

Three years or five years?

deegeeze in Madison, Wisconsin

Failed random


raul in El Sobrante, California

Updated 45 months ago

local eployment-san francisco bay area. - 8 Replies

hi there, im a cdl a driver in the bay area with all endoresments including hazmat,clean dmv(1 point)about to expire,29yrs exper,looking for a semi...

AtlantaDriver in Atlanta, Georgia

New to America and Wanna Drive

hi guys i just adjust my status in America and was looking to get into the truck driving business but i don't have any experience and i just receive...

desperate in Lancaster, Texas

Finding a job with a record

Please someone i need some help. Im 22, and i have my cdl, i diddnt go to a trucking school, i just rode with a friend and studied really hard. Ive...

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 46 months ago

Cattle Haul/ Livestock - 4 Replies

Would anyone have any info on cattle/Livestock hauling companies? No experience, but willing to learn...

nickytbp in Farnham, United Kingdom

Has anyone heard of and what are their impressions? Their website all seems too good to be true to me.

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 47 months ago

DAC REPORT - 1 Reply

After 3 years when stuff on your report falls off are you rehireable. I've got 4 preventable on my dac I cant catch a break.

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 47 months ago

Clean MVR but 3 non dot preventables and an unreported accident on my DAC - 1 Reply

This is my dillemma. My MVR is clean, I have no moving violations in 10 yrs of driving. The last company I was with a yr ago next month, fired me,...

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 47 months ago

Cdl with tickets - 1 Reply

I am a cdl driver. I quit my job to go over the road with my husband. And I cant get a job. I have 1 speeding ticket and 1 running red my...

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 47 months ago

bad doc report - 8 Replies

i got 2 yrs 2 mths driveing my frist year was hell got 4 preventales small ones but haveing hard time finding work my mvp is clean so is all my drugs...

patriciajnsn in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 47 months ago

is it worth all the bs - 2 Replies

all i read is negative crap about truck driving and im considering going to school for my cdl.does it suck that bad.are there any companies out there...

Crimzon in Phoenix, Arizona

Any Trucking Companies Willing to hire via bad dac?

My dac has 4 incidents on it... no real "accidents" however every time I get a phone call it always ends up later on becoming a "we have more...

Karl Doffing in Faribault, Minnesota

Updated 49 months ago

grain hauler - 10 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knows of any grain hauling companys -- following the harvest -- that needs any drivers ?? I am a retired trucker -- 32...

gurprit in Leicester, United Kingdom

changing licence

i have gulf 32 ton trailer licence .i did work with your army kuwait to iraq.i have british army awared certificate.which they gave me for my good...

mark k in Wichita, Kansas

Updated 49 months ago

Hours of service past 16 hours - 1 Reply

A california warehouse/truck driver works over 16 hours in a warehouse. How long before he can drive again. Is he invoilation of the law.

cavanary in Greenville, Michigan

Updated 49 months ago

Driving accidents - 4 Replies

I am really tired of trying to find a company that is willin to take me on just cause I had a roll over. This was over 3 yrs ago. I feel black balled...

gunskids in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

3 and 1/2 year old DUI. Any companies that will hire me?

Hello, I was looking for any possible truck driving jobs, for someone with a 3 and 1/2 year old DUI. I live in Pennsylvania, and I have a Class A...

jmb23 in Riverside, California

Updated 49 months ago

preventable accident or not? - 2 Replies

I had a lane change accident with a person who had no drivers license and I received no tickett because of that fact. Would the company be correct...

joe in West Islip, New York

Updated 49 months ago

Local Regional jobs out of Detroit - 9 Replies

I was was wondering how hard would it be to get a local or regional job out of Detroit after i get my 1 year in otr with another company.Im willing...

TorrenceRayfield in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 50 months ago

Tired of Insurance companies dictating who we can hire - 2 Replies

We understand how hard it is for a newbie truck driver to find a job. We also know that everyone wants the paycheck at the end of the week, but not...

Abe in Fairburn, Georgia

Updated 50 months ago

Will someone hire me Over The Road At entree level. - 6 Replies

Im a some what recent grad from Netts in Somers. My M.V.R. seaky clean.I retired from protective services 15 years in April 2008.No criminal...

j. smith in Easton, Pennsylvania

Updated 50 months ago

16 Hr. Rule - 3 Replies

Can someone tell me about the 16 Hr. of driving rule and how can I use this 1 time rule or where I can learn more info. on it? Thanks.

renae in Atlanta, Georgia

i have 3 tickets can't find job

Hi I am a driver for three years now.but the problems is. That I have recent tickets in Feb.2011.1 speeding ticket. 1running red light.and a moving...

Les Johnston in Covington, Georgia

Updated 50 months ago



Updated 50 months ago

10-Year Old Commercial DUI/DWI Question - 1 Reply

I have a relative in California who received a DUI in his commercial carrier 10 years ago. Questions: 1) If he gets his CDL reinstated, what are...

Rich in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Suspended License

Last year around this time, my license was suspended for 3 months for driving with suspended registration on my personal vehicle along with 6 points....

Anny Ononmus in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Log Books, Safety Issues, Wage Concerns

I have a few questions regarding a few various topics. First, the backstory: The company in question is a small family owned business in a small...

reggie06 in Gainesville, Virginia

Updated 51 months ago

Pencil pusher hates desk job, wants to be OTR trucker... - 1 Reply

I graduated with a bachelors from Brown University in 2006, then spent 5 years in the corporate world (sitting in front of a computer in a cube). I...

Karl in Roseville, Michigan

looking for an o/o to apprentice

I’m considering a career in trucking, my uncle did very well being an o/o. he’s past now so I can’t ask him but I am looking for an o/o to...

jeffrey in Lindenhurst, New York

Updated 52 months ago

how do i put my dump truck to work in houston.where do i call to receive work as owner operator of my dump truck - 2 Replies

i just bought a dump truck.i see alot of them at work and want to join.i dont know how to get started.please help.

ed rock in paris, Texas

Updated 52 months ago

just got my c.d.l. on my own - 5 Replies

i live in dallas and just got my c.d.l. on my own, how should i go about getting a job, i have drove big trucks in the navy and limos for bout 3...

Garfield in Suwanee, Georgia

Petro Pre-employment Drug Screening

Does anybody know what type of drug screening Petro Stopping Centers issue for pre-employment? I do not smoke or consume any drugs, but for some... in Strongsville, Ohio

Updated 53 months ago

new driver - 5 Replies

I'm an unemployed union carpenter, and unemployment is giving me some money for school so I decided to get my class a cdl in new jersey. I signed up...

Brisco in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

failed backing test cant get a truck driving job - 2 Replies

I recently was working for central refrigerated trucking. I went through their school and got my cdl. I was out with a trainer for 4 weeks and when I...

TruckForce Enterprises in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 54 months ago

Looking for a job behind the wheel. - 2 Replies

I am a very recent CDL grad, having obtained my Class A in mid March this year. I went to work with PAM Transport straight out of school, and had a...

Load 4 U in Lakeland, Florida

Updated 55 months ago

Scam Trucking Company - HLB Transport - 2 Replies

Load 4 U is a rippoff freight brokerage. They will not pay you. I was paid 4 days late last week. They said they were broke. This week, they said...


Updated 56 months ago

Want out so bad. - 2 Replies

I have been driving for many years. I started out going from one company to the next. Then I thought I would try Owning my own truck and run under...

snake in Jefferson City, Tennessee


How about their schooling and pay?

Kevin B in Sacramento, California

Can't find work as Hay truck driver

I have Class A license full endorsement include Hazmat and clean record no DUI or felony for that matter . so what give ? I do not want OTR ...

RandyFC in Napa, California

Updated 57 months ago

What effect does a Wet and Recklass conviction have on a Class A License - 3 Replies

Hello Everyone. I have a charge of Wet/Recklass on my record. I was wondering if this effect obtaining a Class A license and/or finding employment...

allenmark in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 57 months ago



snake in Jefferson City, Tennessee

kirkwood truck driving school

Any comments on this school. Got offered a 2 week school for 50$ administration fee. 8 month contract.

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