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skyisthelimit24 in Oak Park, Michigan

How does a DAC affect new CDL drivers??

I am currently a box truck driver in Michigan with a chauffeurs license. I recently failed a Pre-employment DOT drug screen for Art Van my question...

RBX in Strafford, Missouri

Midwest and Southeast Drivers!!!

Here at RBX Transportation we take pride in treating our drivers like family and friends. We offer some competitive bonuses to coincide with the pay...

Mark in Forsyth, Missouri

Updated 35 months ago

Pre-Hire - 12 Replies

I am starting a CDL class in two weeks and need 2 pre-hire letters. i have no idea where to get these. i have called all over - trucking companys...

Kel in Greencastle, Pennsylvania

DUI charge 2010... Will I ever be able to become a CDL A trucker?

I was pulled over Nov 2010 for possible DUI, it was dismissed in lieu of reckless driving in court April 2011. My criminal record shows the Reckless...

Mnwollet in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Truck driving

My boyfriend had a past. He has a felony drug charge that is about 12 years old. He is looking to go to truck driving school in September and start...

truckersrule44 in Montgomery, Alabama

Updated 36 months ago

no dui//no tickets//no felonys//no accidents//no refusal or bad drug tests// Class A with no experience - 3 Replies

Where can I find a job? Hometime not important.

Justin at Gary Riggle Trucking LLC in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Updated 37 months ago

Looking for any driving comp. that will take me. - 5 Replies

I graduated a comp. driving school with FFE in march of 2011. Have drivin for them till I was terminated the first of this year for a run off the...

Gary Riggle Trucking in Fargo, North Dakota

Updated 37 months ago

how do I get otr/cdl class job when I didn't go to a school - 1 Reply

I got my class a with all endorsements except hazmat through a company based training program. But now company doesnt have enough work for me. I've...

tarasm100 in Riverside, California

Updated 40 months ago

Company-paid CDL training with drug-charge forgiveness? - 1 Reply

I'm looking to get into the trucking industry, but my wild youth has caught up with me, apparently. I straightened out my life in 2007 and haven't...

ArthurT93 in Stockton, California

Company Paid Training

Hello everyone. I've been looking into truck driving since i was 16. I realized shortly after that there weren't any companies who hired people under...

pqwbb0927@gmail,c om in Dawson, Georgia

Updated 42 months ago

need a truck job 8 mo exp. bad work history two misdemeanors - 2 Replies

somebody please help a sorry person get a job and keep it have class a w\8 months exp. but need a job now

CDL A Driver Services in Clinton Township, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

Company sponsored training for CDL in Chicago ? HELP - 4 Replies

Are there ANY companies that offer training for a class A or B cdl in Chicago ? That are actually in the Chicago city limits. All the places that...

CDL A Driver Services in Clinton Township, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

Tips For Finding a The Right Trucking Job - 1 Reply

Once you decide you are compatible for a career in trucking, here are some tip to help you choose a trucking job. 1. Look for a trucking company...

fatboy919 in chicago, Illinois

Need help to reduce 2009 DUI . keep getting uninsurable


zarajack in Pondicherry, India

Updated 42 months ago

There sure is alot of companies looking for truck drivers - 3 Replies

Thousands upon thousands looking for drivers and really glamour up their ads and wesites.But you apply the recruiter calls you,dac looks fine,mvr...

zarajack in India

Updated 43 months ago

Do I have to keep a log book - 4 Replies

I drive for a "not for profit" organization. Although we do carry merchandise on one of our trucks, technically we are not using it for commerce. So...

zarajack in Chennai, India

Updated 43 months ago

careless driving - 1 Reply

GOT a careless driving ticket last year with no damage. cant get a job over the road. was wondering will I be able to get a job locally here in...

J Quinn in Tampa, Florida

HOS, logs, and definition of home terminal

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on the topic of reestablishing home base in a location other than where the company is headquartered. I'm...

hotmanhere in San Fransico

Updated 44 months ago

Truck driver - 57 Replies

Having trouble finding a job,not enought experiance.How am i supposed to get experiance if nobody will give me a job?

zarajack in Chennai, India

Updated 44 months ago

Driving Career? - 1 Reply

Can anyone suggest how I look into driving a truck as a career? What steps must I take? Thanks

goldenrule in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 45 months ago

are there any companies who will hire possession charges from 1984/85 mar/coc - 3 Replies

my wife and i though that with hard work and change a person would not be penalized for life and be given a second chance to make a life in an over...

Rubie Taylor in Dothan, Alabama

Free CDLSTUDY.COM Exams for CDL tests (BTW dont buy their sh*t)

After having a bad experience with this site I feel like giving away their exams. So just give me your email and I will send it to you personally. I...

Ray in Bixby, Oklahoma

Updated 48 months ago

Need work - 12 Replies

All, I have been driving for over 3.5 years, I have 1 speeding ticket 4 mph over, in TEHACHAPI $#%&%* kern county polar bears, the point is off...

sslyter in Boise, Idaho

Walkaround Notes if you're pulled over in California.

I'm trying to research if you are pulled over in California you are allowed to have notes for your walkaround. My problem is I don't know any...

Little Carolina in Chester, South Carolina

Updated 52 months ago

I just don't get it. - 1 Reply

Why after most of you people have bad marks against your driving record you continue seeking trucking jobs? I guess I need to paint you folks a...

james makara in Johannesburg, South Africa

Updated 52 months ago

CANT FIND A JOB - 2 Replies


jamieCRSTdriver in Palm Bay, Florida

Updated 52 months ago

Looking for fellow drivers help with my situation - 3 Replies

I recently was working for CRST as a team driver. A month ago, I was involved in an accident in Texas on I10 in El Paso where someone cut someone off...

little red in Omaha, Nebraska


I am an owner operator and I do own the truck. But I have gotten written warnings from the DOT for having my 17 year old son as a passenger in the...

Ronzo89 in Sacramento, California

Read me

Hi, I'm a recent truck school graduate and now hold my class A license with air brakes and doubles/triples. I've applied to many companies. I used to...

Mike Baskin in Royal Oak, Michigan

Updated 53 months ago

Women Truck Drivers.... - 4 Replies

I've a stay at home Mom most of my life, Now the kids are grown and I am single.I'm starting Western Pacific Truck School. I have no work history,...

madtrucker in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 53 months ago

Kenworth W900 needed - 3 Replies

If you have any W900 with 86' sleeper and APU over 2000 model or close. we can make 1000 a month for 24 months.

Alpinedon in Roseburg, Oregon

Seizures and truck driving

A few months ago I started having some weird episodes that could only be described as minor seizures of some sort. I ended up spending two nights in...

Lrrr in Las Vegas, Nevada

NON-Dot pre-employment drug test

I do not and have never had a CDL, but I failed a pre-employment 10 panel NON-DOT drug test 10 panel a little over a year ago. I'm just curious is a...

Togeteric in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Does New York hate truck drivers ??

Driving tractor trailer for 6 years.4 years over the road box trailer ,and 2 years regional Flat bed. Got a letter of congratulations from the...

bllstnfrd in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

old dog looking to get back driving

I've been out of driving for about 25 years. I also did a short time in the early 2000's as a driver recruiter, and did some road work. I've kept my...

Always #2 Never #1 in Alliance, Ohio

Class B Training

Anybody know any companies in The Northeast Ohio Area, Preferably Stark, Summit, Tuscarwaras and surrounding Counties that pay for your class B cdl...

Driver2013 in Kodak, Tennessee

Updated 55 months ago

Realities of Trucking - 1 Reply

I see so much pain from people who become drivers not knowing what to expect, so I wanted to leave this information to help those who are on the...

kevinj in Houston, Texas

Updated 55 months ago

how do i find drivers in houston - 3 Replies

Are there any decent drivers in the houston tx area cause i have not found one as of yet thats qualified experience and responsible there are plenty...

rayj in Atoka, Oklahoma

Updated 56 months ago

class b job - 2 Replies

have my class a but would rather drive class b rig otr ben driveing local for 13 yr any work out there?

michael in Louisville, Kentucky

federally funded ramp & cdl training in kentucky

I worked in hospitals for 17 yrs as a nuclear medicine technologist & recently lost my job. No jobs anywhere in my field. A recent program I have...

Melvin Avery in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 57 months ago

Lawsuit ? - 3 Replies

I live in ILL and recieved a (Refuse to test) on my CDL driver report over four years ago. I was on privet property and not driving. So I told the...

Horace Bruce Hodges in Macclenny, Florida

Updated 58 months ago

Need company paid CDL training, but my record has a blemish or two. Is there any companies who will accept me? - 4 Replies

I'm 28 and looking to start driving. I need a company paid CDL training because my credit is shot and I can't get a loan for the schooling. I have...


Updated 58 months ago

DOT rules 5 feet whisper test - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kevin in Sacramento, California"]..... I think DOT need update that law or removed it for good . And again I have no problem ...

xnmmi in Lancaster, California

Updated 59 months ago

Lying on a Log Book - 1 Reply

What kind of ttrouble can you get into for lying on your log book? What if someone uses your log book in court?

Clay in Denver, Colorado

Updated 60 months ago

star transportation - 39 Replies

any one who has ever worked for star transportation out of nashville please give me some feedback on your experience, as I am getting ready to go to...

walter in Goldsboro, North Carolina

Updated 60 months ago

Show me the money... - 32 Replies

What are typical truck driver salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

leamon in Palm Harbor, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Truck Driving, Class A CDL, Overseas - 9 Replies

I am a former employee for KBR, and I look to return back overseas. I have a class A cdl and want to drive truck. If you have anything that may...

bill.brunswick@*****.*** in Danville, Virginia

Updated 60 months ago

Looking for Class B over OTR job - 7 Replies

I live in Va. I have 10 yrs exp. looking to go over the road with class B license +3 on driving record no accidents. Can someone point me in rite...

Magic Hotshots

Updated 60 months ago

Owner Operator Contractor work available in Houston, TX - 12 Replies

New Company. Need owner operators, with clean driving records. 2+ years experience for Flatbeds, Vans Competitive per mile pay. Bilingual...

Hondo in Corona, California

Updated 61 months ago

5 year old DUI? - 2 Replies

i've been looking around trying to find a company that would hire me if i have a DUI that is 5 years old. i was going to apply at CR England but they...

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