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Sophie Russell in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

56 months ago

We own our own company in the restaurant industry. We are considering going into truck driving as a team owner operator with 2 children that are 8 year old. Any families on the road now, please send any comments!!! Are children welcome on the road?

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56 months ago

nowadays, most trucking companies have an age limit on the passengers, and number of passengers due to insurance regulations. Generally speaking, drivers are only allowed to have 1 passenger/ridealong at a time. from what I have seen, usually the age limit for children is 6 and over (I was a lease operater at CR England and that was their min age, for company drivers, it was 12 yrs. age req.)

When i first started driving, (this was over a decade ago mind you)
me and my husband drove a truck for his brother. I was able to drive the truck up until 4 weeks of my due date during my pregnancy, and took my newborn daughter back out on the road with me when she was 2 weeks. I drove the entire time, although it was mostly just as a backup to my ex-husband after we brought our daughter along.

We encounterd all different sorts of problems during the time that she was with us on the truck. Several shippers and recievers had insurance regulations, even way back then, that would not alllow anyone on the premises under the age of 12 (even if they were inside the truck the entire time)
you also should consider other very real day to day occurances.
things like bathroom issues... Sleep issues.... playtime issues,

what would you do if you couldnt be allowed to be in the truck while being loaded or unloaded, but yet children werent allowed inside dock areas.
what would happen if the child distracted his father while driving, and caused an accident, or near accident.

It could even be something like my nephew did while riding with his dad, at age 4, he woke up in middle of night, opened truck door, and fell out, breaking his arm. No hospitals around.

Rules and regulations are consistantly becoming more stringent for drivers, and for passengers.
the road is no place for a family.

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56 months ago

Another few things. Even if you own your truck, you generally have to follow the rules of the company you are leased on with.

The trucking industry is going to hell in a handbasket lately also....why would you want to give up one buisness for a job that is like chasing a black cat in the dark. one wrong move..and you bump your head on the dresser and end up in a big hole of debt.

i would not reccomend taking a family on the road to anybody nowdays. Some social workers would take it so far as to say you are endangering your childrens safety and emotional wellbeing as well. Being around strangers all the time, exposed to prostitutes in truckstops, unsafe traffic and neighborhoods..etc.

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ChristineCorder in Menifee, California

50 months ago

I'm wondering if you've gotten any other helpful information on this subject. My husband is OTR and we are considering the same but unsure about the laws state to state on the age of children allowed in trucks. I'm rather lost on the subject. Would it be completely insane to use a carseat in the truck? In our state its legal to have a carseat in the front passenger seat of a small truck if the air bags are shut off. would it not be the same as there are no airbags in a semi truck?

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Mulligans01 in Janesville, Wisconsin

27 months ago

We have 2 baby girls.. We really want to go on the road with my husband. Even if that ment going somewhere while unloading... Wondering if its all possible.. I dont understand how kids can ride in the back of a motorhome but not a Semi!? And I dont know anything about truck driving but does someone else actually get in the semi while unloading? how would they know if they were in there.. other than if something bad were to happen. But how rare is that. I've seen semi's that in the sleeping part actually look like a mini lil living room. And we plan on getting cheap cheap cheap hotel rooms just for some leg space once in a while. My kids are small enough that i dont have to worry to much about playing yet && we're good with the potty thing for a while too.. we just plan on doing this for about a year... and then husband wants to check into something local.. he just needs to get experience befor they will give him a local job. If anyone has any more info.. please share :)

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Brad in Topeka, Kansas

22 months ago

Here is something to think about as I just came off the open road. Mind you I enjoyed ever bit of it..but I am glad I am back at home with my wife and kids. When on the open road you are pushed by deadlines, even though I worked for a company that used electronic log books. Most of the time I was lucky to get 4 to 5 hours of sleep per shut down time. Quallcomm going off with messages. short of throwing it out the window no real way to make it be quiet but I am a light sleeper anyway. Figure it this way.. you drive for 11 hours or as close as you can so you can make deadline. Then you have 10 hours off which seems like a alot. Lets break it down just for a minute. Waiting to take a shower 1 hour, Waiting to Eat a hot meal another 1 hour so your down to 8 hours off now if your one of the lucky ones that can go straight to your truck and get some sleep.Oh and forget about doing laundry that is at least another 2 hours make it 6 hours left off before you have to get up and drive. Hopefully without a lot lizzard knocking on your door and waking you up, or the quallcomm going off. or some other unforseen thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night. Most sleepers are 70 inches that is 5 feet deep and about 8 foot wide.. the sleepers that look like a mini living room cost in the upwords of 100k from what i have seen. No most of the time no one gets into your semi.. at least as far as shippers/recivers go but if something did happen you open yourself up to all sorts of law suits I am sure there is a reason why these compains don't want childern under a certain age to be on the premisses. You got to think most of the places we pick up are in a factory setting. I hope this was helpful to anyone that reads it :) have fun and good luck with it.

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Dreamn in Lexington, Kentucky

22 months ago

I am wondering if any of the families that were considering going out found any positive, helpful advise. Are any of you currently out on the road with your families now??
We are considering this as well. My Husband has been driving for 23 years most of it OTR and I traveled with him full time for 8 of those years. During that time we chose to "live" on the truck and we both LOVED it!!! 5 years ago we adopted our daughter and now she and I both are feeling the effects of not ever seeing Daddy! And mind you he is home a lot now compared to before. We are also feeling the effects of the economy thru his current company and dedicated lane. I will be honest, buying a truck scares the crap out of me!! I have seen it all on the road and am fully aware of what we would be exposing our daughter to. And yes there are times I myself was put off the truck to wait. There were also down times where we went to the movies, went bowling, to the zoo,,, yes you can do these things. Not every week. But there is a way.
for us, home schooling our child and being together at every meal, just being together in general sounds like heaven!

just my 2 cents,,,and hoping to connect with other trucking families.

BTW found this site, maybe it will help, its mostly families who RV, but there are some articles that are helpful.

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16 months ago

Sophie Russell in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida said: We own our own company in the restaurant industry. We are considering going into truck driving as a team owner operator with 2 children that are 8 year old. Any families on the road now, please send any comments!!! Are children welcome on the road?

I was wondering if you ever followed through with your plans? My husband is an owner/operator and we have considered the same thing although I would not be driving. We have taken our 7yo daughter with us several times for up to 2 weeks at a time and have had no problems so far. She has asked to be "truck schooled" and gives some pretty compelling arguments why this would be a good idea. Our home state, GA, has a cyber academy that offers the same curriculum as the public school. We have wifi on the truck and we plan our own loads. I have looked for other families who are doing the same thing but they are not easy to find.

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Anthony in Peoria, Illinois

12 months ago

I was also wondering about this topic. I stopped truck driving a few months ago because I was away from my wife and 2 kids. I have been looking into owner operator so I don't have to go by company rules on have 1 passenger and 12yrs or older. I want both kids and my wife to come with me. So the real question is do they even make a semi truck that can hold 4 people plus sleep in it? If they do where can I buy one.

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