What effect does a Wet and Recklass conviction have on a Class A License

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Confused in California in Fremont, California

76 months ago

Hello Everyone.
I have a charge of Wet/Recklass on my record. I was wondering if this effect obtaining a Class A license and/or finding employment in the trucking industry.
I am about to spend alot of money to goto a truck driving school and am wondering if perhaps I should rethink my future career choice.
Any information would be extremely appreciated.
Thank you.

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RandyFC in Fremont, California

75 months ago

I have the same question.
Plenty of info here on DUI's, and failed drug test's. Thats not a problem for me.
But does anyone know what a wet/recklass can do to your driving career? And how trucking companies/insurance companies view a wet/recklass?

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JC in Streamwood, Illinois

74 months ago

Wwell, if you had the reckless driving within a year..forget it! it also has to do with what kind of recless driving you got charge! Don't have a clue what WET mean...

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RandyFC in Napa, California

74 months ago

Thanks for the insight. From what I can tell a Wet/recklass is a lower form of a DUI yet still viewed as a DUI... But Im now being offered a deal for a Dry recklass, which takes the alchohol charge out of it and just basicly makes it a recklass driving charge and adds 2 points to my license. Im about to goto truck driving school when this is all over and just wondering how a regular reckless driving charge may impact my possible future. Probably no chance of getting with a normal "big name" OTR company...may have to start with some no name local company and work through it for a couple years I guess.
Any advice from knowledgable truckers out there?

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