I just don't get it.

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rustyfile in Swansea, Illinois

82 months ago

Why after most of you people have bad marks against your driving record you continue seeking trucking jobs?
I guess I need to paint you folks a simple picture.

Don't you realize in todays trucking industry you only get one chance at it.
If you blow it or screw it up your done.

My point here is I just don't understand some of your comments on this site.
Most of you claim youve done nothing to deserve being disqualified from driving a commercial vehicle. Yet you say you have DUI's, Wreckless Driving issues, Tickets, Accidents, pre-employment drug testing failures and other issues.

I have been a truck driver for many years. Well before the CDL came in. I have been with many trucking companies in the years. Some good some bad. Most used the DAK system. Each company required drug testing and I have always complied as I have no issues with drugs or booz. In other words I do not drink nor fool with dope ever. Have zero interest in it period.
I have never been falsly accused of drug use or being drunk after a pre-employment drug test. Matter of fact, I refuse to haul booz beverages.

Its like this, if you pay attention to what your doing driving a commercial vehicle. Do your job. Stay away from the non-since and show care and concern for others around you, then you wont have a problem getting a trucking job.
A lot of you here I have read about was given a chance and you had blown it. The job must not have been that important to you so you took a chance that ended poorly. Excuses for your actions isnt going to do. I get so tired of hearing that the problem happen in your personal vehicle. If your driving a riding mower down the road and your drunk its likly going on your record as a DUI if you get caught.
So maybe your just not todays truck driving matterial.

Its sad enough that in most people I speak with out here on the road, they can not wait till they get home to open and drink that bottle of booz. Why?
These people are just asking for it.

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Little Carolina in Chester, South Carolina

52 months ago

I have a question for you what if I don't have any of these issues I have a very clean record including driving record I think I maybe got one ticket my entire life and that was back in 99 the issue I have is lack of job history as I am coming out of a marriage and have always wanted to drive a truck do something for ME for a change I know the risk, I know the life, and I know the lack of money so to speak or at least at first researched as much as possible but I also see that I need to verify my past three years and I am unable to do that I did attend online college if that would help?

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