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Updated 14 hours ago

Salary Expectations - 2 Replies

Xray techs are a dime a dozen; I wouldn't expect you would make one dollar more doing both. It would be a mistake for you to take any job where you...


Updated 1 day ago

Anyone started their own business? - 46 Replies

Portable Ultrasound Business is a growing industry, as the technology developes - but the market is there. We feel that at lbnmedical, where we sell...

Peyton B

Updated 2 days ago

Looking for Feedback on Foothill College DMS Program - 178 Replies

Has anyone heard back from foothill for the fall 2015 diagnostic imaging program??


Updated 4 days ago

From Brazil - 5 Replies

Thank you very much for your reply. I raelly love my job and I can't imagine any other job for me. It's my dream to become a cardiac sonographer...


Updated 5 days ago

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Program - 42 Replies

[QUOTE who="Tonya in Detroit, Michigan"]eve, what about the Oakland Community College -Southfield Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Program? It's on...


Updated 5 days ago

how good is Keiser University? - 130 Replies

[QUOTE who="Efox4518 in Pompano Beach, Florida"]Oh my god, do not go to keiser!!!!! The OTA is a good field to get in and I considered it myself. ...

Andrew Zinovyev

Updated 6 days ago

Thinking about ultrasound tech or sonorgrapher - 19 Replies

In case you need ultrasound scanner, sonographer or any other medical equipment visit Bimedis.com (Medical Equipment Marketplace). Best regards!


Updated 6 days ago


[QUOTE who="NHS0782 in Portland, Oregon"]Hi everyone. I was a cardiologist and cardiac sonographer outside US. I'm planning to take ARDMS SPI and AE...


Updated 6 days ago

Online Accredited Sonography Schools - 1025 Replies

[QUOTE who="Missintelligient in Norfolk, Virginia"]@santafe in Bolivar, New York: hello, congratulations on your achievement.For your prequistie...


Updated 6 days ago

UK Sonographer emigrating to America - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="CSKo"]Hi Adycooney~ Hope all worked out well for your wife. I am actually planning to move to UK for few years to study and gain my...


Updated 6 days ago

ARDMS Ultrasound Certification vs. Accredited Sonography Program - 1331 Replies

[QUOTE who="A.cen in Brooklyn, New York"]Hi everyone, i''m interested in Ultrasound I looked into New York Medical Career Training Center located in...


Updated 6 days ago

ardms exam - 3904 Replies

Hi everyone. I was a cardiologist and cardiac sonographer outside US. I live in Oregon. I just recieved my MD conformation papaers. I'm planning to...


Updated 6 days ago


[QUOTE who="binda in Louisville, Kentucky"]there are some sample SIC questions on the ARDMS website[/QUOTE] Hi everyone. I was a cardiologist and...


Updated 6 days ago

How long does it take to finish Ultrasound tech school? How do I get started? - 386 Replies

Hi everyone. I was a cardiologist and cardiac sonographer outside US. I live in Oregon. I got my documents evaluated and I recieved MD conformaton in...


Updated 7 days ago

Wish to Buy 2009 or 2010 ESP Workbooks Abdomen, Ob/Gyn and Vascular - 139 Replies

Hi, if you are interested in purchasing ESP abdomen and physics workbook email at valinciab@gmail.com. Also have Diagnostic Ultrasound 2nd ed....

Layla Ali

Updated 9 days ago

ultrasound schools in toronto - 727 Replies

Hello My question is pretty simple Are there ANY people from TORONTO who were able to sit for the ARDMS test by applying via the 3A...


Updated 11 days ago


Looking for a recent esp breast ultrasound book. Please email me at adgst2@yahoo.com! Thanks!!!

Donna Bray, Administrator

Updated 12 days ago

Keith Mauney and Associates Institute for Ultrasound - 45 Replies

Regarding comments published 40+ months ago: -BBB rating D-. There were two complaints three-plus years ago made with BBB. The US postal mail...


Updated 13 days ago

Diagnostic Medical Sonography - 452 Replies

Hi Jeanne, I was wondering if you could recommend any accredited schools in NJ? I also wanted to know if you could offer any insight into the job...


Updated 14 days ago

New Grad - 13 Replies

I thought of one thing that might help. In most labs, there will be at least one seasoned, possibly older, tech. Most of those techs are more than...


Updated 16 days ago

Best accredited sonography program in Houston? - 4 Replies

I currently go to Lone Star College and am preparing for the DMS program offered at the Cy-Fair campus. I am very excited about this program, it is...








Updated 20 days ago


[QUOTE who="jazzyj 0801 in West Memphis, Arkansas"]Would you please email materials you have for CCI RCS taking test this year don't know where to...


Updated 21 days ago

What does the demand for U/S jobs in the Seattle Washington area look like? - 1 Reply

If most grads are being hired then your odds may be pretty good. you may only get part time but it's a good start.


Updated 22 days ago

ARDMS OB GYN: Desperate for Edleman Review Book - 212 Replies

[QUOTE who="UltrasoundGal in Brooklyn, New York"]I have ESP OB/GYN review book. Email me LenaGore0801@gmail.com[/QUOTE] Hi, do you still have the...


Updated 25 days ago

Anyone a Cardiology Technologist in Ontario, Canada? - 67 Replies

I will be taking the cardiac program in September, it is a two year program here in Ontario. I speak, read and write in Polish and would love to...

Michelle G

Updated 25 days ago

Thinking of becoming a Sonographer. Any advice? - 202 Replies

[QUOTE who="angelic in Los Angeles, California"]Have you heard of WCIU school in Beverly Hills CA. I was thinking about going there but they are not...


Updated 26 days ago

Hate Being A Sonographer - 19 Replies

These reasons on this forum is exactly why I started my own business, it is hard when you know what you are capable of doing and it seems others...


Updated 26 days ago

BEWARE OF POSTERS WHO WORK AT RIVALS OF West Coast Ultrasound Institute - 37 Replies

FYI Platt College is accredited by CAAHEP....check their website.....http://www.caahep.org/Find-An-Accredited-Program/ But, will employers hire...


Updated 27 days ago

Washburn University - 19 Replies

is there anyone from Portland Oregon, who has joined ultrasound course at Washburn?

joyce credle in columbus, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

Ultrasound Classes - 2 Replies

I contacted Sanford Brown about taking the Sonography Classes, the informed me that they were closing. A friend told me about IMU, any one know...

Borkn in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Ultrasound...worth it? - 2 Replies

My husband and I will be moving to Virginia next month and I am really hoping to get back to school. I originally wanted to be a nurse, then...

irateau in New York, New York

Abdomen registry exam

ESP the way to go. Make pass with flying colors

njawed in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 2 months ago

ARDMS OB/GYN or AB? - 57 Replies

I was wondering from the people who took both exams, which exam was easier to pass????

erin.leighh in Westminster, California

Updated 2 months ago

Orange Coast College - 29 Replies

Hey everyone...I was wondering if anyone here attended/is attending Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa...I am thinking about attending and I wanted...

Ismary in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 2 months ago

does someone has taken the new congenital pediatric CCI exam? - 10 Replies

Hello there i was wondering if does someone has taken the new congenital pediatric CCI exam? How was it? what did you study.. do you have a ESP...

IK in Roswell, Georgia

medicare reimbursement Abdomen registrant by ARDMS

I am registered in echo and vascular.. but I do abdomen studies as well..^^ I am the only tech from my lab. Recently someone told me that I...

The Luz Fundacion in Valrico, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

Has anyone volunteered in a Medical Mission Trip as an Ultrasound Technologist? - 41 Replies

Hi everyone! I've always been interested in participating in medical mission trips around the world as a volunteer. However I'm having a hard time...

Cassie Earley in washington court house, Ohio

Malpractice insurance

I currently work for a 3D-4D imaging center and am looking at doing some contract work for a medical imaging center. I am RDMS certified and the...

j in Danbury, Connecticut

Updated 2 months ago

A career in Medical Sonography, your thoughts? - 201 Replies

Hello, I'm stuck in a job I currently hate (retail) and am looking for a new career field that I can achieve with a 2 year degree. I'm 36 years...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 2 months ago

sonographer from New Zealand with questions about the US - 6 Replies

Heya, So I am just interested to know how much training you need to be an ultrasound tech/sonographer (how long undergrad and postgrad) if you need...

sono man in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


it seems that most of the hospitals are only hiring young female with no experience only to let them go after a month just to do Transvaginal exams...

Orkin in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

Diagnoatic Sonography Daily Task Questions - 2 Replies

Hi! I'm currently looking into taking this program and I have some questions for anyone who is currently a sonographer. 1) When I look at any...

Laholb in Mocksville, North Carolina

Updated 2 months ago

Is this reasonable - 27 Replies

My wife is an ultrasound tech with 5 years experience,professional registration, and has a BS in radiologic technology. She works at at our local...

tareq in Bronx, New York

job availability after passing ultrasound tech from sandford

I want how is the sandford brown for ultrasound in newyork. how is the job availabiity after I pass. please suggest me.

Preety in Brampton, Ontario

Ultrasound school in Toronto

Hi Fellows ! Just to let you know that i just graduated from a school in Brampton in Abdomen / Small parts / OB/ GYN and then after doing my...

Brooklyn in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 3 months ago

CCI RVS Exam Preparation - 709 Replies

Has anyone taken the CCI Vascular registry recently? I am concerned about how much physics is on this exam. I have already passed the ARDMS physics...

Mouna in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 3 months ago

What to study for RVT RDMS exam? Vascular Technology registry exam. - 786 Replies

Hello, I plan on taking the RVT (Registry for Vascular Technologist) ARDMS exam next month and was wondering if anyone can offer some insight...

Jeanne in Humble, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

ATTENTION all 3D 4D ultrasound buisnesses! Owning your own 4d ultrasound clinic. - 5 Replies

I have a lot of ob gyn experience (and 3d/4d) and am looking into starting my own 3d 4d buisness. I have completed a lot of research from what name...

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