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Updated 4 hours ago

Anyone started their own business? - 55 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lina in Maple, Ontario"]I am looking to start a ultrasound imaging business and need advice on the first steps to take you can email me...


Updated 3 days ago

Looking for Feedback on Foothill College DMS Program - 233 Replies

[QUOTE who="PeytonL in Pittsburg, California"]Anyone heard anything yet?[/QUOTE] Nope. Haven't heard anything. Nobody is picking up the phone in...


Updated 4 days ago

Sonography for the squimish? - 2 Replies

Thanks, I keep reading that medical fields have the most jobs and job security and also that radiologists spend most of their time in a dark room...


Updated 8 days ago


I'm getting prepared for the SPI test can anyone email me any material that will help me pass my test, I'll appreciate thank you.

David S

Updated 8 days ago

Advice on preparing for the CCI Cardiovascular Science Exam ?? - 34 Replies

I purchased the Ocean Ultrasound CCI review book and flashdrive. Spend your money elsewhere!! The book is filled with mistakes, misspells and...


Updated 9 days ago


Hi I passed my CCI exam for echo first try last June with a score of 807. I used mostly the ESP adult cardiography book (also attended the review...


Updated 13 days ago

Wish to Buy 2009 or 2010 ESP Workbooks Abdomen, Ob/Gyn and Vascular - 142 Replies

Hi, I'm looking for abdomen flashcards, workbooks or any related material to help pass my ARDMS? Thank you! lcastillo86@yahoo.com


Updated 15 days ago

If a non-CAAHEP accredited school is the only option?? - 23 Replies

I would think it means caheep Yes you can still get a job from nonacredited it's just a lot harder to get.


Updated 19 days ago

ARDMS OB/GYN or AB? - 78 Replies

[QUOTE who="njawed in Toronto, Ontario"]Hi i took my SPI exam last year n passed it in first atempt..i took my abd n failed it by just 20 points..i...


Ardms VT Study Materials

I have Davies latest workbook and flash cards if anyone is interested. Davies Vascular Technology 5th Edition 100.00 ScoreCards 50.00


Updated 23 days ago

ARDMS Ultrasound Certification vs. Accredited Sonography Program - 1343 Replies

[QUOTE who="tcnewyork in New york, New York"]Hi, does anyone know anything about CURE, school of ultrasound in white Plains?[/QUOTE] I have been...


Updated 23 days ago

SUNY downstate medical center for sonography....... - 16 Replies

If there are any ultrasound students or techs here that would benefit from an ultrasound model, I am open to being a volunteer in the Tristate area. ...


Updated 24 days ago

Left Handed Ultrasound Technician Discrimination Comping Out - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="joetta@*****.*** in Erie, Pennsylvania"]Anyone have trouble with jobs or schooling for Ultrasound that forces issues with only using...


Updated 27 days ago

ultrasound technician/sonagraphy - 5 Replies

Cleary, I do not. Good luck in all your endeavors.


Updated 27 days ago

OB/GYN EXAM!! - 69 Replies

Hey if anybody has any kind of study material for the OB GYN ardms test I will accept any kind of PDF actual files of books as well as any links to...


Updated 27 days ago

Opinions about IUD and SMAHE online programs - 69 Replies

I just finished the year resident program in December. I recommend this program vs other ultrasound programs out there! Feel free to email me with...


Updated 28 days ago

ultrasound schools in toronto - 751 Replies

By the way, if anybody interested in MSK training please, let me know. The hands-on training course (shoulder, knee,wrist,ankle,elbow, hip) is 6...


Updated 29 days ago

Diagnostic Medical Sonography - 453 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anna in Middle Village, New York"]Imaging: Honestly, I'm not sure. We had echo in my school and people who were able to take their...


Updated 1 month ago

ardms exam - 3938 Replies

Anyone interested trading Abdomen materials for SPI? I used lately for the exam the following: "Examination Review for Ultrasound Abdomen and...


Updated 1 month ago

Thinking of becoming a Sonographer. Any advice? - 282 Replies

[QUOTE who="echo tech in Lucerne, California"]hello? This is my first time on this forum an I love my job as an echocardiographer. I,m typically...


Updated 1 month ago

How long does it take to finish Ultrasound tech school? How do I get started? - 386 Replies

I'm interested in pursuing ultrasound tech..do anyone know of any schools that offer it in Alabama or if I could get training at a hospital or maybe...


Updated 1 month ago

What to study for RVT RDMS exam? Vascular Technology registry exam. - 804 Replies

[QUOTE who="muniba in Brampton, Ontario"]hi...im taking the vascular exam in a week ... if anyone can please send me any multiple choice questions...


Updated 1 month ago

ARDMS RDCS test Adult Echo - 24 Replies

[QUOTE who="ketu in Longwood, Florida"]HI I have ultra P.A.S.S adult echo workbook from gulfcoast and davis Q&A Review for ardms ADULT ECHO email...


Updated 1 month ago

sonographer from New Zealand with questions about the US - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ultra D in Calgary, Alberta"]I am in Ultrasound field for 10+ years, working as a sonographer in a big hospital in Calgary, Canada. Same...


Updated 1 month ago

ARRT for Sonography - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Rachel in Cape Coral, Florida"]I passed my arrt exam today I thought it was very simple and straight forward[/QUOTE] Hi! I am...


Updated 1 month ago

CCI RVS Exam Preparation - 724 Replies

Please Email me at Christina.tassone @gmail.com with any info! Thank you so much


Updated 1 month ago

ARDMS OB GYN: Desperate for Edleman Review Book - 239 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brittney in Tucker, Georgia"]I just took OBGYN two weeks ago. I have some pretty on point notes. Most of the comments on these notes were...

joyce credle

Ultrasound Schools

I was a student at the Institute of Medical Ultrasound in 2010. I received my Diploma and had a job before my completion date. I'm understanding...


Temp/Travel pay

I believe a lot of temps aren't expecting the amount of money that they could potentially make. I'd like to post pay for jobs and compare pay. I...


Updated 1 month ago

A career in Medical Sonography, your thoughts? - 465 Replies

Just for clarification, $80k a year would be around $38.50 per hour with no O/T and callback pay. Just for shytes and giggles, how many people on...


Updated 1 month ago

Looking to study with someone who is writing spi exam - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="rita in Etobicoke, Ontario"]If anyone wants to study together and writing their spi soon please let me know[/QUOTE] Can anyone...


Updated 1 month ago

Performing vascular exams with only an RDMS certification? - 6 Replies

This is the reimbursement policies for Medicare. http://intersocietal.org/iac/reimbursement/policies/IACVascular_CMSPaymentPolicies.pdf This...

Bryan Bowling

Updated 1 month ago

Mainly a female field? - 33 Replies

[QUOTE who="Danny in Fort Lauderdale, Florida"]Why do females have a choice of what gender their professional is? In most cases there are no choices...


Updated 1 month ago

Thinking about ultrasound tech or sonorgrapher - 30 Replies

[QUOTE who="stacyrandolph in troy, Illinois"]I was thinking about going to school for ultrasound tech or sonographer. what is better and pays more?...


Spi exam

Iam writing my spi exam .. if you can help me with good study guide or practice question and answer. My email is rita.sarwary1@gmail.com

Anna 1230

Sonography in NY

Hi all, I need some advice pertaining to sonography and ultrasound in the NYC area. I did some research (ARDMS, CAAHEP) and the testing...


Updated 2 months ago

Ultrasound tech vs. radiology tech - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cesia7@*****.*** in California"]I was able to speak to someone at the school program and already signed up for a program, thank you. I...


Updated 2 months ago

What does the demand for U/S jobs in the Seattle Washington area look like? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="KMM in Bothell, Washington"]I just got accepted into an ultrasound program and will be starting this fall 2015. I will be studying...


Updated 2 months ago

Keith Mauney and Associates Institute for Ultrasound - 40 Replies

Can scrubs be worn in classes and labs?



PUT THE FOLLOWING REVIEW ITEMS ON EBAY AND AMAZON TODAY 1. Echocardio From a Sonographer's Perspective Notebook and Workbook 100.00 2. Ultrasound...


Updated 2 months ago

Best accredited sonography program in Houston? - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="KF in Houston, Texas"]Hello - I am a recent graduate of the HCC program. Every program will tell you they are the best! However, HCC's...


Updated 2 months ago


Hey, I have 4 edleman books: Abdomen, Physics, OBGyn, and Vascular. If youre interested in buying any of them please email me at hrd1992@yahoo.com


Updated 2 months ago

Pre-employment drug screening for DMS program - 2 Replies

I think it's okay it's doctor prescribed for a medical condition. It's not illegal drug use. But if you are having this much pain ultrasound isn't...


Sonography Schools in San Diego

I would like to be an ultrasound technician but I feel all over the place looking at schools and don't know where to begin... Are there even any...


Ultrasound School in CT? Or should I try another field?

I'm about to graduate high school, and I want to go into sonography. However, the only CAAHEP accredited program I can find is though Yale, which...

E Lim

Updated 2 months ago

Sonographer schools in Houston, TX - 832 Replies

M Cowan : I hope you are still reading this thread, I wish to be enlightened on my career path. I am ARDMS certified in AB and OB/GYN, although I...


Updated 2 months ago

Does a Bachelor's Degree make a difference? - 67 Replies

Has anyone in this forum actually attended NYMH sonography program? What was your experience like? Worth the money?


Updated 2 months ago

Will sonographers always be needed? - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Forkn in Knoxville, Tennessee"]I read the article, and Rothberg says he will, "make a technician able to do this work". I'd welcome any...


Updated 2 months ago

Role play - 1 Reply

Shouldn't this be on tinder?


Updated 3 months ago

American Institute College of Health Professions - 49 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hobo2012 in California"]That's more jobs than where I'm from.[/QUOTE] But why do people want to go into a "career" like this? No...

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