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Updated 3 days ago


[QUOTE who="Anna in Middle Village, New York"]You'll get in...no problems. Just remember when you take A&P I & II to take Dr. Mader's class. He's...

Wish i could afford to be a travel tech in New Port Richey, Florida

Updated 4 days ago

Hate Being A Sonographer - 81 Replies

I am a newly employed tech and absolutely hate it. The responsibility is overwhelming for me and I have so much anxiety every time I have to go into...

Perez3940 in Miami, Florida

Failed the SPI exam TWICE!

Hello, as the tittle explains I have tried taking the SPI exam twice and failed both times. I am in need of good study material. I've tried searching...

Jen in Ozone Park, New York

Prerequisites for Sonography Program

Are there any medical sonography programs that do not have prequisite courses?


Updated 8 days ago

Thinking of becoming a Sonographer. Any advice? - 315 Replies

Hi all. I have had a wide variety of jobs and after hearing about sonography and the possibilities of money, traveling, and the opportunity to work...

lee in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 days ago


Hi i failed my cci echo exam my score was 601 i have the practice exam cd from gulfcoast ultrasound i was doing good on that but when i took the cci...

Alex in Oshawa, Ontario

Updated 10 days ago


Can anyone recommend what books/cd's to study for the new spi exam? Please reply to this post what was most helpful for you or email me at...

Anna in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 10 days ago

ultrasound schools in toronto - 760 Replies

can someone tell me some good ultrasound school in toronto

Anna in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canadian Ultrasound Training & Research Centre

Hello everyone. I'm an ultrasound specialist and I got my degree outside of Canada. I'm thinking about getiing local training and fast way to get...

SONG in Elk Grove, California

Updated 15 days ago

ARDMS Ultrasound Certification vs. Accredited Sonography Program - 1354 Replies

Hi, here is my current situation... In the last 3 years, I have been interning in an outpatient medical clinic learning ultrasound. I have the...

Ashley N Charbonneau in Houston, Texas

Updated 16 days ago

A career in Medical Sonography, your thoughts? - 485 Replies

Hello, I'm stuck in a job I currently hate (retail) and am looking for a new career field that I can achieve with a 2 year degree. I'm 36 years...

ChristieNYC in Long beach, New York

Updated 17 days ago

What to study for RVT RDMS exam? Vascular Technology registry exam. - 862 Replies

Hello, I plan on taking the RVT (Registry for Vascular Technologist) ARDMS exam next month and was wondering if anyone can offer some insight...

Happy in Plainfield, Illinois

Willing to trade physics edelemans review for ob/gyn

Willing to trade or purchase edelemans review book for ob/gyne

swangirla in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Breast mock for windows or ipad

I looking for Davies or any another Breast exam. Willing to buy or trade for another modality. swangirla@yahoo.com

RFuentes05 in Pearland, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Any PIMA Medical Institute Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduates? - 7 Replies

Are there any graduates from the PMI Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that can provide information regarding their experience? Wanted to see...

Rock in Sunland, California

Updated 1 month ago

Need ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Review Study Guide - 22 Replies

What materials should I study for the ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Exam? I really don't want to buy "Q&A" study guide.

Gabbie in Houston, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Anyone started their own business? - 78 Replies

I am going to graduate this spring from Mountain State University. I have definitely noticed the decline in job opportunities sin first enrolling in...

CrystalClover in New York

Updated 1 month ago

Sonographer in the UK. Advice? Tips? - 1 Reply

So I want to work as a sonographer in The UK. I've seen so many conflicting information. I want to get an Associates in DMS. I won't have any...

Joanne in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Review or cross train in Echo - 7 Replies

Hello, I am offering a tutoring service in echocardiography for any current students or recent graduates that need review. Also, for any...

shilapj in Wade, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

Spi exam - 1 Reply

Iam writing my spi exam .. if you can help me with good study guide or practice question and answer. My email is rita.sarwary1@gmail.com

sonia in Fremont, California

Updated 2 months ago

ARDMS Breast Davies CD Mock Exam - 16 Replies

Hello, I am selling my current Davies CD Mock Exam for the Ultrasound ARDMS Breast exam. It was bought new from Davies website. It is in mac...

Sylvia in Los Angeles, California

Updated 2 months ago


I went to an unaccredited program...WEST COAST ULTRASOUND - and NOONE ever warned me of how hard it would be to get a job. It is like a cattle call...

Benjarmin in Racine, Wisconsin

I Want to be a Ultrasound technician

I'm only 20 years old and I've decided that I want to become a Ultrasound technician. Before I wanted to get into broadcasting but now I have the...

justjessie in Charlotte, North Carolina

How stressful is cardiovascular ultrasound technology

I have bipolar disorder and don't do well with stress. My dad is saying this would be a great career for me but I think he is only thinking about the...

G in Clearwater, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

I'm selling my Ultrasound books & Davies CD Rom - 25 Replies

Hi, I am selling some ultrasound books on Amazon, including my Davies Ultrasound Physics book ($42), Stocksley Abdominal Ultrasound, Gibbs Ultrasound...

Arshi in Dayton, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

does someone has taken the new congenital pediatric CCI exam? - 13 Replies

Hello there i was wondering if does someone has taken the new congenital pediatric CCI exam? How was it? what did you study.. do you have a ESP...

aparna in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Sonographer schools in Houston, TX - 835 Replies

I am currently looking into the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program at Sanford Brown in Houston, TX. There is also a program for Medical Imaging...

David in Christiansburg, Virginia

Explaining gaps in employment

I'm looking to return to the sonography profession after eight years doing something I thought I'd like more. Is there anyone familiar with this...

Hanna in Walla Walla, Washington

Updated 2 months ago

Ultrasound Tech - 1 Reply

Hi everyone. I was thinking of trying to get into the Diagnostic Ultrasound Tech program at Columbia Basin Community College, but I'm worried that I...

Onelys in Lakeland, Florida

Updated 3 months ago

ARDMS OB GYN: Desperate for Edleman Review Book - 272 Replies

I am taking the ARDMS ob gyn exmam in two weeks, does anyone have an Edleman Review Book for me? I will pay, like over night a money order!!!!! or...


Updated 3 months ago

Athens Technical College cancelled ultrasound / sonography program - 1 Reply

I just called Athens Tech (which is listed as an accredited school by CAAHEP) to get information about enrolling my wife and was informed the program...

Luna in Bangor, Maine

Best way too from RVT to general sonographer?

I have been working as a staff sonographer for almost 10 years with my RVT credential only, as it's all I need in my current job. I took the SPI and...

Jennifer in Fishers, Indiana

Updated 3 months ago

Mobile Ultrasound Business - 12 Replies

Hi everyone, I am an ultrasound tech that has been working for about 4 years and I want to start my own mobile ultrasound business. Has anyone ever...

Meme in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 3 months ago

Ultrasound/ RVT Schools in Oklahoma?? - 13 Replies

I was wondering if anyone has attended any of the sonography programs in the OKC area?? I know that University of Oklahoma offers a Bachelor's degree...

sadnan707 in Regina, Saskatchewan

Updated 3 months ago

ardms exam - 3961 Replies

i pass my physics exam the frist time ,i fail my abd exam last month and i am very depressed any body have any suggestion?i did study esp very well...

Panda in San Francisco, California

Updated 3 months ago


Wanting to learn more about this school from the student perspective. There is litterally NO info or feedback on this school from grads or students...

SPKJ in Florida

3D/4D ultrasound business

I work a well paid but high stress job and looking for a career change. After struggling with fertility before concieving my son I was a patient to...

Salome in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 3 months ago

Anyone a Cardiology Technologist in Ontario, Canada? - 69 Replies

Hi, I have been considering a career change and have been researching this program. It is offered at Mohawk College as 2 year program in...

Elaga1 in Storrs Mansfield, Connecticut

Updated 3 months ago

Opinions about IUD and SMAHE online programs - 75 Replies

I am intrested to know more information from current and former students expereinces of these 2 institutions IUD-Institute of Ultrasound...

jesica in Pico Rivera, California

Updated 4 months ago

OB/GYN EXAM!! - 75 Replies

Was hoping some of you could help me out. I'm about to sit for the OB/GYN exam and wanted to get some input from those of you have taken it. What...

Aris Sanchez in Springfield, Massachusetts

Updated 4 months ago

Mainly a female field? - 33 Replies

I am sure this has been covered before but as I am in the job market (new) my travels have led me to believe the majority of techs are female. I've...

ddens in Florida

ARDMS Registry Review Materials

Looking to purchase an ESP vascular workbook and any other study materials that are helpful for the RVT ASAP! I'm more than happy to compensate...

ddens in Florida

Updated 4 months ago


Hi there. I'm a new graduate and can't seem to get my foot in the door without any experience or being registered. I have attempted to take the...

Crystal in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Updated 4 months ago

Ultrasound tech vs. radiology tech - 13 Replies

Hello, I'm JUST at the beginning of trying to figure out what I want to go back to school for. I turn 30 this year, am bored with my current...

Tamar in California

Updated 4 months ago

Ultrasound Jobs in Canada - 8 Replies

Does anyone know the job market in Canada? Are jobs hard to find like they are in the U.S.? If not where exactly are the jobs in Canada?

chrisc in Bellingham, Washington

Updated 5 months ago

UK Sonographer emigrating to America - 24 Replies

Hi My wife is due to move to the States in August, she is a diagnostic Sonographer with all the UK Accreditation (Degree and Post Grad...

echocardiographyexamreview.com in Utah

Updated 5 months ago

Pediatric Ultrasound Questions (From A prospective Student) - 2 Replies

I am a current student taking my prerequisites to get into the DMS program this spring. Its a non weight list program, that takes the top 12-14...

Maria in Belfast, United Kingdom

Updated 5 months ago

Left Handed Ultrasound Technician Discrimination Comping Out - 9 Replies

Anyone have trouble with jobs or schooling for Ultrasound that forces issues with only using right hand during scanning?

Meylin Freyre in Hialeah gardens, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Ultrasound job - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, I graduated from an accredited ultrasound sound and I recently got my abdomen registry. But it had been very hard for me to find a...

echocardiographyexamreview.com in Utah

Updated 5 months ago

ultrasound refresher courses - 4 Replies

My daughter had gotten her AS/Diagnostic Ultrasound degree 5yrs ago from a non-accredited school. She did not achieve the extra clinical hours needed...

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