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Updated 2 months ago

Ultrasound jobs? - 113 Replies

I'm considering getting a bachelor's from OU-Tulsa in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Can anyone in the field tell me what the job outlook & starting...


Volunteer Requirement at Spokane Community College

Any SCC Sonography students around? One of the pre-req's for getting into the Sonography program is 40 hrs of community service in a patient care...

joyce credle

Updated 2 months ago

What is the best school in Atlanta, Ga - 856 Replies

Can anyone help me??? I heard that Cambridge Institute is on the probation list and may be losing the accreditation.

S Mayer

Updated 2 months ago

Has anyone volunteered in a Medical Mission Trip as an Ultrasound Technologist? - 31 Replies

Hello Sarah and Jennifer, You both expressed interest in short term missions trips for ultrasonographers. Please see our website at...


Updated 2 months ago


Hello, I am a recent graduate of WCUI and wanted to share my story. Like most of you, I studied very hard and sacrificed everything to maintain...


Updated 2 months ago

Night Sonographers - 1 Reply

This board is quite dead. Ok I will fill it up. Night shift you should get pay more 10% sounds good. It's ok working at night if you are a night...


Fetal Echo

Has anyone took the fetal echo exam recently? I am already registered in abdomen and ob/ gyn through the ARDMS.


Updated 2 months ago

Fetal Echocardiography - 2 Replies

Any suggestions for studying for the fetal echo registry? Books, notes?? Thanks


Updated 2 months ago

Sonographer schools in Houston, TX - 833 Replies

insist an appt. to meet w/ the program director to have all your questions answered. For the amount they charge for tuition, it is a perfectly...


Updated 2 months ago

Is CCI credential recognized in CA? Can I take CCI vascular test as soon as I finish school? - 1 Reply

Yes, you can take the RVS right after school. You just need vascular clinical hours.. which you are getting interning. Once you pass the RVS you are...


Updated 2 months ago

job share position available - 1 Reply

I'm interested in job sharing in Washington but it would need to be something like two weeks on and two weeks off or something similar.


Updated 2 months ago

DMS job market in Phila/South Jersey/DE area adn question about specialties - 30 Replies

Hi guys. I was just accepted into Gloucester County's DMS program and have a couple of questions before deciding to go with the ultrasound program or...


Updated 3 months ago

Suggestions for what to study in preparation for the DMS program this fall - 2 Replies

Hi Spiritfreedom, I would recommend learning your anatomy and physiology. I'm currently in the dms program and i'm a x-ray tech, I have a...


Updated 3 months ago

Ultrasound Tech here. Prospective employer has had me working free for a week and calling it "evaluation". Need advice! - 1 Reply

It's only a week. Go for it. It may lead to a job. And if it doesn't maybe some lawyer can get you back wages if you want it that bad. In this day...


Updated 3 months ago

Ultrasound tech vs. radiology tech - 14 Replies

I wish you best luck Starlage.


Updated 3 months ago


[QUOTE who="Brian in Long Beach, California"]In my opinion WCUI is not the problem, it's a legit school with good instructors. The problem is that...


Updated 3 months ago

Who has taken the spi exam and passed it? what book did you study from? need help ASAP! - 2 Replies

Hi Sua-L, I graduated two years ago took the exam twice… failed both times. My Professor recommend www.spiexam.com, no joke, I passed immediately. I...


Updated 3 months ago

What specialty of US is the most in demand in CA? - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="itscayy in Santa Maria, California"]Hello, I am wondering what specialty area of ultrasound is most in demand between general ,...

male tech

Updated 3 months ago

Mainly a female field? - 30 Replies

True story ...years ago i did a traveling assignment with a large well known and advertised compAny. first day...0700 Walked into department and...


Updated 3 months ago

ARDMS (RVT) Write the questions you remember from your RVT exam!! - 4 Replies

Wow. Congratulations! I hope you used a fake name, because you my friend, have just become unemployable. You have put yourself in jeopardy and...


ESP Abdominal Sonography Review Book

Does anyone have a current version of the ESP Abdominal Sonography review book from the Edellman seminar? Even 2012 would work. Willing to pay....


Updated 3 months ago

Ultrasound traveling positions - 30 Replies



Updated 3 months ago

1st Year Rad Tech looking for next step to get Ultrasound License - 2 Replies

Ultrasound= Ridiculously saturated field, no joke. If I could reverse my decision I would. Hopefully you'll do better. Best of luck, but don't have...

Jessica Blithe

Any past or current jackson college general sonography students, or students that applied but didn't get in please help!!

Hello, I am interested in the Jackson Community College program general sonograpy program. I am wondering if any past or current students might help...


Updated 3 months ago

CCI Registered Cardiac Sonographer Exam - 13 Replies

If anyone is selling the echicardiography workbook and notebook 6th ed from susan k dewitt, please contact me at imarginean86@gmail.com Thanx


Updated 4 months ago

sonographer from New Zealand with questions about the US - 4 Replies

Ya that is a lot more training and responsibility than in America. Sonographers make hourly pay here it's not a whole lot money $25-$50/ hour. You...


Updated 4 months ago

Kaiser grads - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Karry in Massachusetts"]I would guess they are knee deep in the program and are to busy to waste time here. I emailed a few and asked...


Updated 4 months ago

ultrasound refresher courses - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="kaycee in Pensacola, Florida"]My daughter had gotten her AS/Diagnostic Ultrasound degree 5yrs ago from a non-accredited school. She did...


Updated 4 months ago

Your Starting Salary Out of Sonography School - 1 Reply

General $34 / hour per diem Hospital California


Updated 4 months ago

Job outlook!???? - 59 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ryan in Northridge, California"]Amen![/QUOTE] I can't understand why people with plenty of college work want to be an ultrasound tech...


Updated 4 months ago

Online Accredited Sonography Schools - 1034 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana"]You know, I think that too about a lot of the posts, on this and other threads hawking these...

T Shorts

Athens Technical College cancelled ultrasound / sonography program

I just called Athens Tech (which is listed as an accredited school by CAAHEP) to get information about enrolling my wife and was informed the program...


Sponsoring Sonographer / Employer Huntington Beach

We are still struggling with ARDMS after emigrating from the UK. My wife sat and passed the SPI but cannot qualify for the Remaining RDMS exams as...


Updated 4 months ago

Orange Coast College - 30 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ann in Huntington Beach, California"]Hi Angel, I am currently in the Allied Health Professions Class at OCC. I am having a really...



Are there any sonographers from the Charlotte area here? I am looking for networking opportunities. I have experience, and I am looking for jobs.


Updated 4 months ago

Has any Sonographers emigrated to the States from the UK? Help needed. - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Karry in Massachusetts"]Maybe try to find a radiology reception job in which she can get her foot in the door and eventually ask to...


Neurosonography Exam

I am interested in taking the neuro registry but am unsure if what to study from. Davies has made books for the other tests I've taken so I'm at a...


Updated 5 months ago

Echo Student....Is CAAHEP accrediation necessary? - 4 Replies

Anybody have experience or knowledge about the AZ Heart Institute Echo Program? It's now 18 months long and 32k but not accredited by CAAHEP. I'm...


Updated 5 months ago

ESP Physics and Abdomen review books - 13 Replies

Is this the actual workbook or a copy


Updated 5 months ago

Diagnostic Medical sonography programs - 1 Reply

Your going to need to look at http://www.caahep.org/ and find a school you wish you attend. This site has all the accredited programs. Some school...


Updated 5 months ago

question about ultrasound images - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Amanda in Liberty, Texas"]Not familiar with Veterinary ultrasound but every ultrasound machine I have worked with we were able to burn...


Davies Vascular Mock Exam CD-ROM

I am looking for Davies Vascular CD-ROM if anyone has a copy for sale please email me at amanda.d.denny@gmail.com Thanks!


Updated 5 months ago

Questions on getting certified in specialties after the SPI - 5 Replies

Bcc and tcc are very good schools based on previous students I've spoken with (and they are caahep accredited). To answer your question, depending on...

Travis Cram

Updated 5 months ago

ultrasound physics tutor - 2 Replies

I am a tutor for ultrasound physics If you are still in need of a tutor feel free to contact me Travisleecram@gmail.com


Updated 5 months ago

Who would give new grads a break? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="ThinkAgain in Cleveland, Ohio"]The question was not if ultrasound is a needed tool, this goes without saying. The question is about new...


Updated 5 months ago

Looking at three different DMS programs - opinions needed - 2 Replies

You need to look at accreditation? Just bc they say they will get you a job doesnt mean they will. I see lots of empty promises. I wouldn't do #3 at...


Updated 5 months ago

Ultrasound hard to find jobs - 1 Reply

A year is really not that much. Many jobs want 2/3. Id stay put until you get a chance. I'm from Cal too but don't want to move back, but surely...


Updated 5 months ago

Criminal background and ARDMS - 14 Replies

Help!!![/QUOTE] I am in my second semester of an Ultrasound program and have come across the nightmare of the same issue that you are ...


Updated 5 months ago

applying to Kaiser CAAHEP accredited school - 7 Replies

where are you going to school?


Updated 5 months ago

Opinions about IAMP in New York? - 504 Replies

I agree. This school is a joke. I graduated in 2010 and yet to find a job. I have $25000 in loans that went to no good use. Terrible mistake going to...

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