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Updated 3 months ago

Sanford Brown College - Cardiovascular Sonography/Technologist program in Houston Tx - 4 Replies

The Sanford Brown Cardio Program is accredited. If you look on the CAAHEP site you will find it under Cardiovascular Technology. I too am trying to...


Updated 3 months ago


[QUOTE who="Shaney in Boston, Massachusetts"]Looking for ESP Breast ultrasound review book. Does anyone have a copy for sale?[/QUOTE] Looking for...


Buying ESP Abdomen book 2009 or more

Hi guys, I am looking to buy esp abdominal ultrasound 2009 or above. Just leave your email here with the edition and I'll be in contact!


Updated 3 months ago

Post Primary Pathway - 2 Replies

No, for the post primary pathway with the ARRT you can have to either complete a ultrasound program or must do 12 month clinicals with at least 16...


Ultrasound Cable Brace Armband

Does anyone know where I can buy an Ultrasound Cable Brace Armband in the GTA?


Updated 4 months ago

Diagnostic Medical Sonography - 454 Replies

[QUOTE who="Forkn in Santa Ana, California"]I've got a crazy idea that just might put to rest the back and forth opinions of jobs or no jobs in...


Updated 4 months ago

Picking a Temp agency - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Forkn in Santa Ana, California"]No problem, but you really might be surprised at the current temp pay. ... Just go into it with your...


Updated 4 months ago

Abdomen Registry Notes? - 6 Replies

I need abdomen notes for ultrasound I will appreciate that

applying to YNHH

Updated 4 months ago

Yale-New Haven Hospital's School of Diagnostic Ultrasound in New Haven, Connecticut - 29 Replies

Hey there, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing me? I'm applying to YNHH ultrasound program for next year and would love some of your...

Karen Nussbaumer

Updated 4 months ago

CURE Ultrasound - 40 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anonymous in Cliffside Park, New Jersey"]I think you need to understand the facts. The program is institutional accredited and does not...


Updated 4 months ago

Criminal background and ARDMS - 17 Replies

EZ what were your results for the ardms? I know its been awhile (since this post) but I am now in the same boat as you. If there is any information...


Semi-Ineractive Console in SPi exmams

has anyon egiven exams with this new SICS in SPI what are they and how it effects our Score..????


Updated 4 months ago

Academy of Ultrasound LLC - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="Diana in El Cajon, California"]Do not believe anything any representatives of Academy of Ultrasound claim! The school and all...


Davies Vasc Tech CD (MAC) for sale

Hello, I have a Vascular Technology Davies CD for a MAC computer for sale if anyone is interested.


Ultrasound in infertility! (Job wise)

Hello everyone, I am currently an ultrasound student who will be graduating in a couple months. I am very intrigued by the role if ultrasound in...


Updated 5 months ago

American training school in West New York NJ,reviews, please!!!Any advise? - 4 Replies

Great quotes Sanchez! "My experience so far has not been that bad", "Thanks God we are almost done with the program", and my favorite, "I like the...

felirose jugo

Updated 5 months ago

ARDMS RDCS test Adult Echo - 19 Replies

Anyone who has adult echo materials can pls email me at felirose.jugo@gmail.com if u have esp echo davies and the cd by adams...soft copy or...

felirose jugo

Updated 5 months ago

Need ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Review Study Guide - 15 Replies

[QUOTE who="I_c_with_sound in Northern, New Jersey"]Hi all, I have some Adult echo review materials for sale (inexpensively). If interested,...


Updated 5 months ago

Online Accredited Sonography Schools - 1032 Replies

@santafe in Bolivar, New York: hello, congratulations on your achievement.For your prequistie courses? Did you make all A's to get accepted? Feel...


Associates in Ultrasound Tech

Are there any schools near Watertown that I coud go for my associates for ultrasound ? I have been looking, but it seems like my only choices are to...


Updated 5 months ago

selling my Echo and Vascular books - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="jmiller in Levittown, New York"]Vascular Technology by Claudia Rummel - used and highlighted $60 Davis Vascular CD rom Q&A review for...


Updated 5 months ago

AIMS (Allied Health Care and Training Institue) Anyone know about the Ultrasound program here. - 3 Replies

Did you complete the program? I'm looking at signing up this feb


AIMS in Piscataway, NJ and ARDMS ??

Does anyone have any insight on AIMS in Piscataway, NJ. It is CAAHEP accredited and says you can sit for the ARDMS after completion but it's only a...


Updated 5 months ago

If a non-CAAHEP accredited school is the only option?? - 21 Replies

Randy, Education is a risk of both time and money. Your choices will either increase or decrease your risk. When you attend and graduate from an...


Updated 5 months ago

clinical assessment - 1 Reply

Hello, I am preparing for my cardup clinical assessment as an external candidate and I was browsing the internet and couldnt find any forum on this...

sadia khan

Looking for Davies CD and Burwin module 4 for gyn and obs

Hi, I will be giving my gynae/obs exam soon. Im looking for the material available on the Davies CD. And i'm also looking for burwin module 4...


Updated 5 months ago

Being a Sonography student in CA...(HELP!) - 26 Replies

I agree morally with ya xboxer; but every university offers bachelor's degrees in many non-money making fields. Psychology, English, Sociology,...


Updated 5 months ago

What is needed? - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="green22 in Riverside, California"]I met a Ultrasound tech that works at a hospital in Orange county and she came from modern technology...


Updated 5 months ago

Opinion on how to start a mobile ultrasound. - 2 Replies

I'm not an expert, but since no one else commented- I'll give my 2 cents. The physician office you work for will need to bill the patients for the...


Updated 6 months ago

Jackson Community college online sonography program. - 21 Replies

I live in Vancouver also and am trying to get into the Jackson college also. Any information is appreciated


Updated 6 months ago

Opinions about IAMP in New York? - 506 Replies

[QUOTE who="dont in Kew Gardens, New York"]Honestly, I try to see the positive in everything and I always read reviews before I do anything. You cant...



HI, does anybody know about atif ARDMS course preparation in mississauga.I need contact no.and address if anyone know please do share and want to...

Kevin Catuna

Updated 6 months ago


Was wondering how the mri program is like at wcui. Can anyone help or have any info?


Updated 6 months ago

Sonography Job Shadowing Issues? - 9 Replies

Ha, I worked at a hospital one time that allowed seniors in high school to show up and shadow for a day or two. You've been a pharmacy tech for 4...


Updated 6 months ago

What are the Ultrasound requierments for overseas jobs? - 3 Replies

You are correct. Hawaii jobs do not pay well, but the draw is it's Hawaii.


Updated 6 months ago

disadvantages for going to non-caahep accredited/ accredited but 2 year program vs. 4 year accredited program for experienced - 2 Replies

Very interesting question Sonoall. I've noticed a trend, that may increase, that some hospitals are requiring graduation from an accredited program...


Updated 6 months ago

Accredited Ultrasoun Tech Schools in San Diego,CA - 340 Replies

[QUOTE who="S.D. Sonographer in San Diego, California"]Hi alisonpham212, I'm sorry I have not followed up to your questions.Saw your post today.I...


Updated 6 months ago

Job outlook!???? - 62 Replies

[QUOTE who="lll in Genoa City, Wisconsin"]Hello! I am a Dental Hygienist . I have been a hygienist for 3 years now. The pay is good. but is very...


Updated 6 months ago

Ultrasound- Bachelors degree - 1 Reply

It is very competitive. You need top grades, Depends on the school you choose also. Many use a point system and some you cannot even apply to without...


Updated 6 months ago

From Brazil - 2 Replies

You don't need a school or courses to get certified in USA as a ultrasound tech. Just take the exam Look in the ARDMS website prerequisite 4b2 or...


Anyone in CT ready to take Abdomen?

We can share info.


American training school in West New York NJ,reviews, please!!!Any advise?

Hello,ALL. I am thinking to study stenography In American Training School for Medical Professionals in West New York,Nj http://atsmp.com. Does...


Updated 7 months ago

Davies Ultrasound Physics, and Abdomen (book and CD-rom for both) - 14 Replies

Hi, I am looking for the Davies Abdomen Review and OB/GYN Mock exam/Review questions. Anyone looking to sell it plz mail me at khozaimn@gmail.com


Updated 7 months ago

For those who recently passed the 1 part CCI RVS - what to study?? Any help appreciated - 1 Reply

Hi Christine, If you got any information for study materials, please let me know. lildoggie00@yahoo.com I want to start studying for RVS (thru...


CV form

Hi I have a question when some one signs your CV form is the person notified or contacted by ardms.


Updated 8 months ago

Ultrasonography - 376 Replies

[QUOTE who="Cathy in Huntersville, North Carolina"]Definately go to an accredited program. I went to Modern School of Technology in Anaheim, CA and...


Ultrasound schools in NY/NJ

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ACCREDITED ULTRASOUND SCHOOLS. i CAME ACROSS The New Jersey Institute of Ultrasound. Has anyone heard of it ? Any...


Updated 8 months ago

passed spi - 1 Reply

Can you please send me any study material to kiml.johnson@yahoo.com


Updated 8 months ago

Interested in Ultrasound Tech as a career, but confused - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brianna in Hackensack, New Jersey"]Hello! As the title says, I am very interested to become an ultrasound tech. I have been looking for...

Hobo2012 in California

Updated 8 months ago

Job outlook - 2 Replies

Post your state and how long you have been looking for a job. Thinking about moving but want to find a state where jobs are available. Thanks.

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