Is the Ultrasound Program Difficult?

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Karen in Seffner, Florida

106 months ago


As you can see, we are practically neighbors (I'm in Seffner) Anyhow, I too am looking into enrolling in the AS ultrasonography tech program at HCC (I'm assuming that is the school you are referring to). I can't tell you much about the program, I'm just starting to investigate it myself. I have to do a couple prerequisites, but should be ready to go after that. I freak out about the whole timeline of everything. I am 34 and my husband is active duty Air Force. I am currently a medical transcriptionist, but really need something different. Just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone out there.

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moriahrose in Colorado Springs, Colorado

87 months ago


I live in the same city. I am curious what program you went through, and if you can give me more information? I would be deliriously happy and grateful for whatever info you pass along. I have been thinking about the Unv Hosp in Denver.

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anonymous in Mesa, Arizona

76 months ago

I'm currently in a sonography program. Have worked as a medical radiographer (x-ray technologist) for years. In addition to my X-ray program I have a Great GPA, have taken difficult classes before (2 years of college chem, micro, 2 semesters of A&P a semester of Sectional Anatomy and with that background I'll say Yes, it's a tough program. The volume is the problem. Medical concepts are not difficult however the volume is difficult to deal with. DON'T TRY TO WORK WHILE GOING THROUGH. Unless you have an exceptional memory. (EXCEPTIONAL !!!) And I believe it's best to make sure the program is accredited. Otherwise you may have some problems. I am in favor of the private schools and their methods of instruction because I believe they work harder to get their students through the program however because they are so concerned with profit they will tell you anything even if it's not true and often will omit those things that might encourage you to go elsewhere. Make sure the school guarantees you a clinical place to practice ie, a hospital, imaging clinic, etc... (in writing)If you are going to spend the kind of money they charge make sure to (go to the local hospitals and imaging clinics,x-ray dept) ask to talk to the manager. Ask their opinion and whether or not they accept that schools students for clinical practice and if they hire their grads. Do your advanced homework before you pay the money. I didn't have to do that because I enrolled in a local Community College program that is well established and being in the medical imaging field for 18 years I know this school well. However after reading about the problems others have had it only makes sense. Good luck to all.

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