UCSD Medical Center DMS Program

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mommaj in Carlsbad, California

58 months ago

I am going to start working on my prereqs for the DMS program at UCSD Medical Center. After 10 years in Marketing, I've realized it is not the path for me and am eager for a big change. Additionally, having several ultrasounds over the past few years and meeting a few u/s techs in the past few months, I've grown quite interested in the profession. I am nearly 35 and a mother of two young ones (youngest is still under 12 months). I'm nervous about balancing school and kids, but I know this change is what is best for all of us. I realize the program at UCSD only accepts 6 applicants and they get upwards of 25 applications a year. So, the odds may not be in my favor, but I am motivated and ready to bust my rear. I am anxious to hear from anyone who has attended the program at UCSD and what it takes to make it in, what it takes to make it through and how difficult is it to find a job once you're done. Also, any advice from mothers who have returned to school and changed careers is welcome. Thanks!

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stephanie in Carlsbad, California

50 months ago

I was just looking at the DMS program at UCSD. I have been out of the workplace for 20 years... raising 3 children as a single mom. I was a little discouraged by the list of prerequisites courses required... my bachelor's degree dates back to 1984 and was not in anything related to health sciences! Have you gotten any feedback on the program? How long do you plan to take to complete the prerequisite courses? I was going to look at what is available at local Junior Colleges to achieve this. Since you are 8 months ahead of me, thought I would see how it is going for you.

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Pops in San Diego, California

39 months ago

The list of prerequisites are the least of your worries. The program itself is extremely intensive. I am speaking from experience. I am lucky I do not have kids, I cannot imagine completing the program with dependants as the program is so compact. I believe most programs are over a year in length so imagine all that most people learn in 18-24 months crammed into 12 months. You will be busy 5 days a week with exams, lectures and clinicals. Then in the evening and weekends you will have study regardless of how tired you are or how smart you might think you are. This is just my opinion of course :) AND people do complete the program with kids so I don't want to discourage anyone. As despite all that, I really recommend the program for those who can commit and i am really enjoying scanning. Career seems very rewarding but it is definitely not easy, every pt is a challenge which I do enjoy.
I completed my prereqs at a Mesa. They should take you a couple or semesters. I would add good grades should come easily at Mesa but for the program, you will have to really work for it.

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