Surety Underwriter

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m_dot in Brampton, Ontario

76 months ago

I recently got an offer to train as a surety underwriter and I am wondering what the career path for this job looks like.
I come from a finance background and was hoping to get more into capital markets and asset management, and i'm really debating whether or not to accept this offer.
Can anyone provide me more details about the day-to-day life in this role, or the possible career paths??

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Winenot in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

76 months ago


Was your offer in contract or commercial surety? Were they proposing to train you on both product lines? That makes a difference. With contract surety you meet with construction contractors to ascertain their character and capabilities, combined with analysis of financial statements. Commercial surety is more dealing with Fortune 500 companies, reading 10Ks and 10Qs, etc. The career path for both starts usually in a branch office. Was that where you were offered, or is it with somebody's home office? Surety is an interesting, if somewhat obscure, field. The career path is dependent upon the size of the company. Many people get their training as an underwriter, then move on to the production side of the business, which can be infinitely lucrative. I'd be happy to provide further information if you're interested.


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johnnycage in West Orange, New Jersey

68 months ago

I'm 30 years old and looking to start a new career in Surety Underwriting. I have several years of experience in finacial operations type roles and looking for a change. MBA also. A friend of mine is in the Surety business and told me I should look into getting in with with a large carrier (ie Travelers, Zurich etc) as an Underwriter. Any advice on how to start a Surety Underwriting career?

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WH50 in Beacon Falls, Connecticut

56 months ago

Just hoping to bump this post to see if there's any more input on working the contract (construction surety) side of underwriting for a large carrier. Salary/career progression/outlook, etc. I come from the finance side of one of those carriers and was thinking about making the switch.

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