relational transition

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mhezme in Livonia, Michigan

87 months ago

I have approximately 4 years underwriting experience doing manufactured housing loans. I think that it is really great experience because of it's niche and in some ways alot more entailed because of it's perception of being "high risk" collateral. However, I cannot seem to transition this into any other underwriting position. Most banks I have spoken to are not impressed once I use the words Manufactured Home and thus there is not much more to discuss. That is my experience and there really is no way to hide it. Most are willing to throw me into a 100% commission job as a loan officer which is something that I would like to avoid if possible. Any suggestions?

24 yrs experience in Rushville, Indiana

84 months ago

If you did these loans under FHA financing, try bringing that to the forefront -- the fha volume has increased, now that conventional guidelines have gotten more strict.

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