Unit Secretary Job!!! TIPS PLEASE!!

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stephanie in San Antonio, Texas

74 months ago

yes, i do have a reply to your problem I have worked on as a unit secretary before, it was a great job, and interesting to work around doctors, and the medical field I worked on a telemetry floor, heart patients, look this is how I got in , my mom was the head nurse in the hospital all i did was tell her that i was her daughter and that was it , i had a job, they rather hire within the circle of nurses and people who work their, your academics, as far as being qualified have nothing to do with being hired I had absosultly, none!, and I was still hired, so I guess I can sum it up for you, its all who you know in this field, their not gonna be to impressed with all your classes youve taken, to the hiring nurse thats not imp., after all they went to school a hellof alot longer, all a unit clerk is a medical secretary, so please dont take it the wrong way but if you dont know anyone in the hospital or have a friend, your gonna have a hard time, its a wonderful job, ive decided to move on to medcine.sorry so blunt.


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Diz in Whittier, California

73 months ago

Thats probably why some of the employees I have dealt with in hospitals are uneducated. Yeah it is true about knowing someone to make it easier to get into as hospital but it's unfair and it makes the hospital look bad because when I go into a hospital and ask a question about something, they should know the answer. It would feel much more nurturing to know that the people in there all have educational backgrounds.

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stephanie in San Antonio, Texas

73 months ago

I know , this istrue in fact I just applied for a job at the baptist health system, for a unit secretary and im going to see how far I get, even though Ive had previous experiance, it never hurts to try , so what course did you end up taking to get certified, I had no idea you could even do that, my ine was hands on , I learned the most out of that hospital, I used to work for the methodist healthcare hospital, I live in texas, but maybe you can write me back if you got any leads, good luck!, im in the same boat. sorry if my spellings a little off its only because im in a hurry,bye.

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stephanie in San Antonio, Texas

73 months ago

any luck dizz?

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Sweetness in Charleston, South Carolina

72 months ago

Well, I'm currently working for MUSC as a temporary employee. I recently got an interview for a unit secretary position; through MUSC hospital. I truly believe this is the direction I would love my career to go in. I think you should try to get in the hospital through a temporary agency and then try your luck at nailing a permenant position. I did it sweetheart...So can you!!!!! Good Luck


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stephanie in San Antonio, Texas

72 months ago

awesome girl you go with your assertiveness!!!!, tell me do they have this company in texas??, ive never tried a agency through a temp job??, never thought about it , im happy for you, I got a interview for a customer serv rep. but its not what I really wanted to do , so tell me diz, what are your qualifications, for a unit clerk???, and how did you get past the hard to please employers(smile)???, well congrats!, on this oppurtunity.

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Karen in San Antonio, Texas

58 months ago

Stephanie...Hang in their child. I am right in the middle of a divorce (after 26 years), I haven't worked in 7 years, I will be turning 50 this year and I am disabled. I will not give up on becoming a unit clerk. It might take me a while but I think both of us can do this if we pray and prepare. It sounds as if you have
done well on preparing and now we need to work on prayer. The temp agency suggestion is spot on. Do whatever they have to get
into the hospital (not stepping in front of a bus) but just get
yourself seen. All my hospital employment has come this way. People will know who you are, your work ethic, your abilities and all of these things will help you get your foot in the door. Patience is the key. Good luck and God Bless as you pursue your endeavors.

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KN in Dallas, Texas

57 months ago

While this may be somewhat true, I totally don't respect those who just get the job due to 'connections.' What I respect more, is an individual who does it all on their own, not through their relatives or friends. Even as a nursing student, and over 20 applications, I only got 2 interviews. Keep trying, because you have heart and I strongly believe you can make it. I know perfectly well what you're going through, because I've been there myself. For me, I started volunteering at the hospital I wanted to work for. This helps me to get to know the hospital, floor, and staff more. I've asked the unit manager and supervisor once, how I could get a job there, and their response was...apply. So, just keep doing it. So over 100 hours of volunteer hours and a year later, I received a call from HR and guess what? An interview. And then a few days later, guess what? An offer. Let me tell you, it felt so good getting that offer. I did it all on my own, and so can you.

Oh, as a unit secretary you're required to answer calls and communicate to the staff/patients. As a volunteer, you are also allowed to do the same things (but not get paid for it). I suggest you let your volunteer coordinator know what your interests are and she'll best suit your talent to the job. Good luck to you!

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nikki in Huger, South Carolina

53 months ago

what temp agaenics do you go through to apply to musc?

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Robin Aug, GA in Augusta, Georgia

10 months ago

I would like to comment that I have read nothing but good reviews when the title Unit Secretary is being spoken of. I was hired 2 weeks ago as an Unit Secretary for Select Specialty Hospital in Augusta, GA, and I am very excited. It took them 2 years to contact me about employment. I received a call out of the blue on a Sunday evening (go figure). My suggestion would be never give up because what god has for you, is for you. Also I will add, that I have 15 years administration experience, and a BA in Communications, with a specialty in Health and Human service. Best wishes!

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