International Opportunities in Planning

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grinnell.12 in Lanham, Maryland

34 months ago

Hey guys!

I'm a recent graduate (in language- not planning/design field) and considering starting graduate studies in urban planning/landscape architecture. From forum comments it looks like the current job outlook in the US is pretty dismal. That raised two questions in my mind, which weren't well represented in the current posts:

-Are there any regions in the world where planning is quite desirable/experiencing meaningful growth? (especially in entry level positions)
-Having a MUP/LA from the US, is it possible/realistic that one could practice planning as a profession in other countries? (assuming language proficiency)

I would really appreciate any informed comments on these points.

Thanks! Grinnell.12

satya singh in Sydney, Australia

33 months ago

hi i want to know like you too..if any body know plz let me know..i have studies master of urban planning from sydney, i am from Nepal..and i dont feel any confidence to get jobs in australia...

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