I need help!! Did my school teach me everything I needed to know to get a job?

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Elizabeth in Demotte, Indiana

75 months ago

I just finished a vascular program and was not taught anything about calves or vein mapping and now cannot find a job because i am being told my education was not adequate. Should my school have taught me these things?

Dawn Stirrat, RVT in Florence, South Carolina

74 months ago

Not sure if you have received any responses on this, but yes, your school owes it to you to teach you this. One of the schools locally here got threatened with a BBB report and they ended up refunding the students. If anything, find others from your school and ask them to do a class action against your school. Unfortunately, they have been allowed to continue. Maybe that would make them own up.

R D Hull, BSMI, AS, RVT, RVS, in San Diego, California

51 months ago

Vein mapping is one of the most common vascular procedures you will use. This should have been a part of your venous education for upper and lower extremity vein and artery mapping.

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