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Role of RVTs in dental procedures

I was wondering if anyone could clarify a few things for me, or direct me to someone who could. I am an RVT in the state of California, I was...


Updated 5 days ago

Cost of Online Vet Tech Programs - 9 Replies

Updated SJC: Non-Resident – $146/credit hour-plus: Either: A flat fee of $137.50 for non-resident students taking 4 credit hours or less A...


Updated 5 days ago

Best/Worst Distance Learning Vet Tech Schools? - 570 Replies

Hi Melissa, The answer to your question isn't cut and dried. Each college sets their own standards for what they accept as transfer credits....


Updated 6 days ago

How long should a dental procedure on a dog take? - 1 Reply

You are correct. Unless there is very mild dental disease a cleaning shouldn't take 15 minutes


Endless job searching HELP

I'm very stuck trying to find a new vet tech job. I graduated a AVMA accredited college and got my degree in veterinary technology and now...


Updated 16 days ago

Getting hired - 16 Replies

I have absolutely no experience being a vet tech, but am very motivated to become one. I am seriously considering going to vet tech school. How can...

Shane Honar in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 19 days ago

How can i start my own vet clinic - 11 Replies

i'm thinking about going to school to be a veternary technician,but i don't want to work for nobody want to start my own clinic or animal shelter...

Sharon in Foley, Alabama

Updated 22 days ago

Why NOT to choose this profession. - 70 Replies

Ok i understand some people may have a different experience than my own, but I have seen this happen many times. I have been a licensed vet tech...

oceansidevettech in Montrose, Colorado

Updated 23 days ago

Thinking about going to school to become a Vet Tech, questions & thoughts..?? - 92 Replies

I am 21 years old. I have just finished up my general studies & I am deciding on either going to a 2 year program to become a vet tech or going to a...

kbrier in California

Updated 1 month ago

Being licensed in one state, then moving to another state.. - 13 Replies

So I am currently an RVT in Indiana. Let's say I were to move to Michigan. I know I would have to take their law exam to become an RVT or LVT,...

Taylormade79 in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 1 month ago

What are the CONS of being a vet tech? - 143 Replies

I'm aware that the money isn't there, but that's not why people get into this business. Other than money, what are some of the cons of being a vet...

EH.LVT in Watchung, New Jersey

Updated 2 months ago

Bachelor programs online? - 21 Replies

So I am really wanting to extend my education and get my bachelor degree. Mainly because I want to specialize in emergency and critical care and I'm...

jazz in Walled Lake, Michigan

Updated 3 months ago

Any other RVT's annoyed by "veterinary assistants?" - 5 Replies

I am professionally licensed as a veterinary technician. I took my VTNE. I graduated from an accredited school. I worked my ass off in school and I...

Aushi in Salinasnull

Updated 4 months ago

Chances of getting a job? Unlicensed vet tech? Florida? - 4 Replies

So about a year ago I posted a question about AVMA accreditation and how I pretty much had no chance of going to a vet tech program that was...

Lorrie in Morehead, Kentucky


Has anyone had any experience with Banfield Pet Hospitals? I recently applied there but I'm not exactly sure if I'm fit for the environment - I've...

MarinaLena in Trenton, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

San Juan College Complaints & Transfer - 9 Replies

I was enrolled in San Juan because Penn Foster gave me high pressure sales tactics that I needed to commit to signing up and paying right now and I...

Shannon in Pekin, Illinois

Updated 5 months ago

online Pharmacies - 2 Replies

Hey guys. Im.just wondering g how many of you, currently in practice, utilize an online pharmacy. If you do, are you happy with it? If not, why? If...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

Should I take the interview? - 1 Reply

I recently graduated with my Associate's degree this past May. I am currently in the process of studying for my boards exam in December! I'm at a...

Zozo in Urbana, Illinois

Updated 6 months ago

College Graduate wanting to become vet tech - 31 Replies

I recently graduated from a four year university in sociology. I have a passion for animals and would like to become a vet tech. I am shadowing a vet...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

At a crossroads? What to do? - 1 Reply

I recently graduated from an accredited Vet Tech school with my Associate's in May. However, a week ago, I took the VTNE and failed. I'm not really...

Meghann in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 6 months ago

Do you get sufficient practical training via Online Vet Tech Schools ? - 22 Replies

Hi Everyone, Just like a lot of other future vet tech's here I am also looking into online Vet Tech programs, which are my only option to become a...

JeniHazel in Lenexa, Kansas

Updated 8 months ago

Wanting to work in the USA - 54 Replies

Hey i'm a VT from australlia i have been a VT for 15yrs and was wondering what i need to do to be able to work in the UAS

JeniHazel in Lenexa, Kansas

British RVN searching employment in the US (Kansas City, MO)

I am a registered veterinary nurse (British Qualified and currently living in the UK) also with the higher education diploma in clinical veterinary...

JessieMac in Lakewood, California

Vet Tech School/Job Insight & Other advice in careers with animals

Hello, I know this has been hashed out many times, so sorry for the repeat, I just would like fresher and new information on the subject. I am a...

Laura (from vet tech to RN) in Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Updated 8 months ago

The truth about vet tech burnout - 2 Replies

With all the talk on this forum about the bad side of the career, I found this article pretty refreshing - good advice. Or do you think it's just...

tc45732 in Glouster, Ohio

Updated 10 months ago

looking for work!! - 2 Replies

I graduated an AVMA approved veterinary technician program in December 2014. i only have my externship experience and am having a really hard time...

wendy in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

Chattanooga State Vet Tech program

Hello, I'm relocating to Chattanooga in the next few months and planning a career switch into Vet Tech. I've done my homework about the career,...

A C253 in Washington

Pierce college Puyallup vet tech program?

Hello! I have been reading and searching for Vet tech school and the closest one for me is Pierce College. I read its hard to keep a job with it...

vettech2015 in Epping, New Hampshire

Should I continue on to get my bachelors in veterinary technology or just stop at an associates?

I'm heading into my last semester of vet tech school at a local community college and will have my associates degree in May and I've been debating...

ShanMarie in Orlando, Florida

Chances of finding a job

So I am close to graduating and I worry that I lack the essential skills for being a CVT to find a job. Due to financial reasons I couldn't work at...

anjaru in Tampa Bay, Florida

Need to Interview a Vet Tech (For Homework)

Hello, everyone. I'm currently taking a Veterinary Assistant course. I have a homework that requires me to interview a vet tech. I have a set of...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Can I be a Vet Tech with one DUI and Leaving the scene? - 1 Reply

I just got one DUI and leaving the scene conviction. I blew a .082 then 30 seconds later blew a .057 so I believe that the machine was not calibrated...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

How challenging is vet tech school? Is it worth it? - 1 Reply

Hello! I am 22 years old and have been considering for a long time going to school, to become a licensed vet technician. What has held me back all...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Vet technician in the us - 1 Reply

Hey everyone I need your assistant. I am about to start vetrenerian technician and I'm thinking to move to the stats, NY. Is my certification that...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Is getting a Bachelor's degree for Vet Techs worth it? - 2 Replies

Hi I am in highschool and have had to think about applying for colleges and career choices. I was thinking about becoming a Veterinary Technician....

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Shadowing at a vet clinic for more experience - 1 Reply

I've been unemployed since I've been out of school in 2012 and even though I'm a licensed vet tech and passed the VTNE, I still son't have a...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Advancing as an RVT - 2 Replies

I am at a cross road here. I am considering going through an RVT program. However, it seems like there is no room for advancement in the field....

shannie in Cocoa Beach, Florida

vet tech in Alaska

So here it is I am close to 6 months from graduating as a vet tech. I need job experience which shouldn't be too hard to get here in FL. But my...

Dog Mom in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 15 months ago

Veterinary Technician degree and Physical Therapist Assistant degree at the same time? - 3 Replies

I realize this question might seem odd. I have come to a point in my life where I am looking for a new career. I have had certificates in the...

VT2RN in Provo, Utah

Updated 15 months ago

Veterinary Work Environment - 6 Replies

I am an RVT in California, and have been in the field for over 5 yrs. I absolutely love the field of veterinary medicine, and am currently pursuing...

VT2RN in Provo, Utah

Updated 15 months ago

Would anyone actually recommend this career? - 4 Replies

I just returned to school and am in my first semester of a two-year vet tech program. I love animals so I thought vet tech would be a great fit, but...

Lauren in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 16 months ago

Pharmacy Math - 3 Replies

I need help with vet math. Can anyone help or refer, direct or answer my question? I need steps shown. I need to know the formula. order: 1000 ml...

isa in San Gabriel, California

Updated 16 months ago

What are the PROS of being a Vet Tech - 4 Replies

I have signed up to go to the St. Louis Vet Tech Institute with Hickey school beginning the end of October. I've been unemployed for several months...

Waikala in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 18 months ago

Starting school at age 55... - 4 Replies

I would like to know if anyone else has pursued this in their fifties as I am goiong to. I have raised beef for the past 15 years and have done much...

nickyl in Loma Linda, California

Carrington Vet Tech Program - Pomona

Hey there, I will be starting the vet tech program in Pomona in October and wanted to get some feedback from those who have attended the program...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

vet tech career & continuing education - 1 Reply

Okay so I was in a 4 year university studying animal science to become a vet, but I'm being held back because of my math grades preventing me to...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

Questions for Practicing Vet Techs - 1 Reply

As part of an assignment for one of my classes, I need to interview a practicing vet tech. I have a call in to my vet's office to interview one of...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

Licensed Veterinary Technician still unemployed, will renewing the license be worth it? - 1 Reply

Even though I graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree for Veterinary Medical Technology, passed the VTNE in December 2012 and licensed since...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

Continuing Education question for veterinary technicians - 1 Reply

I have a question for veterinary technicians especially in South Carolina, the continuing education credits for South Carolina are 10 hours, but 5 of...

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

Updated 19 months ago

No choices but a non accredited school - 1 Reply

So I'm in Puerto Rico. The only school that offers a Vet Tech course accredited by the AVMA is 1 1/2 hour away, a 3 hour trip everyday, which I...

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