Switching Veterinary Distance Schools?

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Mars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

42 months ago

Hi. I am or was currently enrolled with San Juan College. I chose them because Penn Foster was rude, pushy, and untrustworthy.
However, I have hit several blockades with SJC.
I love that the non general ed classes allow you to take quizzes and exams online. No proctor.
But blockade #1 is that I did not have enough transferable credits in general ed. I was able to take the science class locally and that blew my whole budget at over $1,000 for one class. I now need a math class but it needs to meet specific requirements of being "non-developemental". I would take the math class with them but they required 2. Non credit math first. Then the credit math. Both require a local proctor. Just finding a local proctor to take the placement test was a nightmare, but I was able to though the college I was taking the science class at. I have testing anxiety and local clinics are unwilling to hire anyone going to classes so I wanted to take an online class.
#2- I MAY still need an English class because even after a year - 2 semesters- they are unsure if my English class will transfer. If it doesn't transfer, I can't take any more classes until I complete it.
#3- It took me 6 months to find a local clinic willing to let me intern that met the requirements.The clinic I finally found worked well until they hired a new girl that was so inexperienced that I ended up having to do things she should have been doing while they trained her to do what I already learned. I wasn't learning anything and my worksheets were done in a hurry the last week. I am no longer there.
Most clinics said no or didn't even return my calls or e-mails. Or said they would get back to me but didn't. Now, the only class I can take requires a clinic that does in house blood work. Again, no one will return my calls, e-mails, or they say no. Other clinics don't meet the requirements. The majority send their blood out because Marshfield Labs is 20 minutes away. I have asked for help.

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Mars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

42 months ago


There are girls in my state in the program, but SJC says they can't give me the names of clinics they have worked with for legal reasons.

Anyone in a distance program- is there another (of the 7) distance tech school that offers quizzes and exams with no proctor and maybe helps a little more with finding a clinic and getting those gen ed requirements?
I feel completely on my own here. If there is a better option that will allow me to continue, I will transfer.

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cindyrvt in Henderson, Texas

41 months ago

Unfortunately with distance-ed programs they really aren't in a good position to help you find a clinic to work in. For on-site programs, the Program Directors and instructors typically have professional relationships with vets in their area that take students for externships. This isn't something that the Program Director/instructors at a distance-ed program have the ability to do because they haven't worked all over the country. So, it's unlikely that you are going to find a distance-ed program that can help you find a clinic in your area unless you just luck onto one where some of the program staff have ties to your area.

Your state veterinary technician association is a resource you need to make use of. This is a group of people who have contacts all over your state and can help you find a clinic and a credentialed veterinary technician to serve as a mentor.

As for the issue with the program staff at SJC not being able to release information about another student, you can get around that by going through the other students directly. I know SJC has a student forum on VSPN.org and that they have a facebook page so just ask the other students through one of those venues if they know of a clinic in your area that would meet the requirements.

Before you go switching clinics, be sure to sit down with your current employer and tell them about your concerns with the way things are going right now. They may not have realized just how much it has affected your ability to get through school.

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