Are Vet Tech's really that underpaid?

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KAT the Dog Lover in Long Beach, California

88 months ago

Jessie, check out for Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant pay in the L.A. area (use your ZIP code). RVTs can make slightly more than non-credentialed techs; some people will argue that one may not officially be called a veterinary technician without a credential, but the industry still refers to tech-level work as tech.

If you plan to take courses for Vet Asst, I recommend the L.A. Community College system and make sure to get any of the lower-division G.E. as well as any animal-care-related courses. I hope you continue and get into a VCA for your career upstart! :-)

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cindyrvt in Henderson, Texas

87 months ago

There really is no reason to spend money on an education for a position that is going to be a learning experience for you to decide if a field of study is interesting to you. You can work as a veterinary assistant without any special education and not run up your bill for education and then spend the money on a degree in veterinary technology if that is indeed what you decide you want to do.

As for being underpaid, it really depends on where you live. The states where veterinary technicians are not required to be credentialed generally have a lower pay rate for veterinary technicians. While those that require licensure have a generally higher average hourly rate---$17ish based upon a recent survey done by Firstline magazine (a veterinary hospital staff publication).

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Lisa W in Seattle, Washington

72 months ago

I have a question sort of relating to this. I'm just looking at becoming a vet assistant, but I can only learn so much from my job. If you're looking to take classes (at a college or online) does it have to be accredited? I'm not necessarily even trying to be certified, I just want to learn more so that I can be more knowledgeable when I'm assisting the techs/Dr's (and hopefully move up into a vet assistant position). Currently I'm a veterinary kennel assistant, but I do at times assist them in the back. Also, which schools/programs do you recommend (I can only do online ones because of my schedule)?

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Jessika in Los Angeles, California

70 months ago

JessieLove09 in Los Angeles, California said: I keep hearing that Vet Tech's underpaid. I live the in Southern California(The LA County) and I am planning on becoming a Vet Tech. But first I am going to take Vet Assistant courses and then get a job as one at a local Animal Hospital. I am going to do that to see whether or not thats the job for me. I currently volunteer at a local Animal shelter. If I become a assistant then become a Vet tech i am going to try and get a job at the local VCA hospital. The people there don't look underpaid, the hospital is very nice and very up to date(Mac Computers) the cars of the staff do not look like they belong to underpaid employees either.

I love animals. Not only do I want to have a career that I will love and enjoy, but I also want a career that pays well. I want to be able to own a house, have a family and able to support them(because I don't know if my future husband will have a good paying job.), also I want to bale to have pets(Dogs & Horses) too. From what I have read and heard, Vet Tech's are underpaid and I don't want to have financial issues.

So is it true that Vet Tech's are indeed underpaid? I know it varies from state to state. But is it true for California Vet Techs?

Jessie, I am also a la resident and looking to be a Vet Tech.How did your plan work out? I happen to have the exact plan that you have.

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