Am I earning the right amount? Motion Graphic Designer

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KevinIRE in Dublin, Ireland

86 months ago

Hi guys, I'm very happy to find this forum. I've been long looking for somewhere to ask questions. Lately I've become pretty unhappy about what I get paid for my job vrs. the lever of responsibilities I have. Im wondering are my worries properly founded?

I work as an editor and motion graphics animator for a very popular sports show in one of the top 3 channels in the country (Ireland). I am in charge of editing all of the analysis inserts for the weekly games AND the teasers and openers.

I am a motion graphic designer, I designed the shows titles, stings and i design highly complex pieces of work weekly on after effects and cinema 4d to open the matches with ratings of 200- 450 thousand people on average ( a lot for ireland).

Ive been told I'm very good at what I do and the many clients I've worked with and production companies have told me that i am their best editor and motion graphics person.

(Sorry to seem boastful im just trying to paint an accurate picture of my position, I dont think im all that great)

For all of this work I get paid 750Euro a week before taxes and insurance (Roughly 900dollars). These are 5 day weeks but the hours are ridiculously long due to the effort put into the pieces of work due to the outlandish requests of producers thanks to my ability in graphics programs.

This is 750 euro a week compared to 900euro (1200dollars) a week the PA gets paid a week for making some excel sheet and calling out numbers on the live.

I feel like i am being over worked and under-paid and am sure i could find better money elsewhere.

Am i crazy or is this a fine wage?

I wont put my own showreel up but this is similar to the work i do

Thanks a lot guys. I dont know who else to ask. No one in this country tells you what they earn

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freepery in Waukesha, Wisconsin

81 months ago

Hello there! If you really made all the graphics and effects on the demo from the youtube video, let me tell you are great artist. The money you are getting paid is really bad, companies pay a least $5,000.00 USD for the job you are doing.
I do video productions and other things in relation to media, and I still learning, if i had it you skills i would be making more money that you for sure. Who ever is your boss is getting reach with your job.

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