Moving from News to Creative

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JD42 in Michigan

61 months ago

For the past 2 years I have been working as a photojournalist at a small market TV station. I took the job because they offered to hire me immediately after I graduated from college, but my ultimate goal has been to work as an editor at a production company or post facility. Because we're a small station, I do both the shooting and editing of my stories; usually a 90 second piece every day.

I'm wondering how I can find a job at a company that does creative work when most of my experience comes from news. I edit with Avid Newscutter, but I used Final Cut throughout college. Because I edit news, I have little experience creating graphics, and I know that many employers look for experience with things like AfterEffects and Photoshop. I feel like it's a little late in the game for another unpaid internship, and I don't think I make enough money to invest in the equipment and software I'd need to do freelance work. I figure looking for a job as an assistant editor would be the place to start, but I've seen very few job openings for assistants. Has anybody else out there made such a switch? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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BKWHEEL in Colorado Springs, Colorado

61 months ago

I'd say the first step would be to look into the Creative Services department of your own or another local television station. I also started in news and transitioned over to Creative, but I got hired because I showed initiative and really went after the job. It did require a move (as so many television jobs do), but it was worth it. Now it's 6 years later and I'm still loving it!

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Chris Northcross in Pontiac, Michigan

57 months ago

Hey JD,

BKWHEEL makes a great point. The Creative Services department does all of the type of things you sound like you're interested in doing. A colleague of mine did a similar thing at the station we worked at. He started as a production assistant and after doing a lot of reaching out and buddying up with some of the guys in the Creative Sevices department, he wound up moving departments. Eventually he started his own production company after he'd learned what he could.

As for internships, while it may feel like its 'late in the game' for one, the truth is that might be a gateway into an assistant/apprentice position. Especially if you feel your skill set isn't up to standard yet.) If you find a place that has access to equipment and more importantly someone willing to show you how it works, it might be worth looking into (perhaps a part time internship arrangement.)

Have you considered possibly moving?

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