Newbie looking for tips

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SydneyK in Milan, Michigan

76 months ago

I started off making those silly AMVs all over youtube in middle school and now that I'm almost out of high school, I was wondering if I might want to make a career of video editing.

But, putting that aside, is there any sort of advice you could give a beginner? Or are there any sort of exercises that you could suggest to make me a stronger editor? Generally any sort of tips at all would just be lovely.

I've been using Sony Vegas Pro and also have experience with various other programs.

Thank you so much.

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JSMac in Lowell, Massachusetts

75 months ago

Hi there! Sony Vegas is great - but I would recommend to you to get some experience with Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, and After Effects also. Everyone wants After Effects skills.
You'd probably want to look into some kind kind of degree in the field, or a certification program.
I've been editing for about 10 years now since college, and what makes you better is watching a lot of movies, figuring out what you like, and editing as many projects as you can to sharpen your skills.
Good luck !

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Kira002 in Wichita, Kansas

72 months ago

Sydney, would you be interested in doing some editing work on our weekly video podcast? We've been doing it ourselves, but 1) we're amateurs and 2) we have a lot of other things that we should be spending our time on instead. We don't really have a budget for this, but could give you a percentage of our ad revenue. If you're interested, drop me a line at Kira002 at gmail dot com.

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