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Spencer in Oceanside, California

100 months ago

My name is Spencer Jackson
I am doing a senior research paper regarding my career choice and I need to interview someone in this field. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to ask a film/television editor a few questions?

They are as follow:

1. How did you get started in this field, and what was your educational preparation and training? Where would you recommend a graduating senior go for education/training? Why?
2. What courses beyond high school are most helpful in preparing for this kind of work?
3. What is the beginning salary range for this and other related fields?
4. How many hours do you work per week? What is a typical work schedule? Typical duties?
5. What are the medical or insurance benefits? Paid holidays?
6. Please describe the working environment. How important is working with others in performing day-to-day tasks?
7. How is technology specifically used in this field?
8. What are the opportunities for advancement (salary and promotions)?
9. What are the most important personal characteristics a person should possess in order to be successful in this field?
10. Other than salary, what is the main satisfaction and fulfillment you find in your career? Do you have any regrets about choosing this career?
11. What are the future growth prospects in this field? Will there be positions available in five years?
12. If you had to choose again, would you enter the same field? Why? If not, why not? What would you choose instead? Why?
13. Any tips for new hopefuls in the field?
14. How long do you plan to work in this field?

if possible please answer, here or to my e-mail

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